2 Group Commercial Espresso Machines

Two group commercial espresso machines are perfect for busy restaurants, and medium coffee shops with medium to high volume output.

These are our most popular commercial machines, and there are several varieties to choose from. It is important to consider dimensions, warranty, energy, programming features, and aesthetic when deciding on a machine.

More expensive espresso machines may have upgraded warranty packages, more expensive internals (copper boilers), better extraction, and heat stability/distribution.

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White Eagle T3 Espresso Machine

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Hard to hear crack. We are still new at this and machine takes some time to get used to

Mahlkonig gh2

This thing is awesome and arrived SUPER quick!

Quick and easy with a little mess.

As advertised, it tamps consistently. Each tamping process is quicker and easier than manual tamping. I like the fact the process requires only one hand, as opposed to two in manual.
The only drawback is that the tamper surface gets dirty with the grind very quickly (because it does not 'twist" as in manual). After 3 or 4 tamps we have to clean it with a rug or a brush, leaving the coffee grind around the device.
Overall, we are happy with the purchase, and my overworked wrist with a tendonitis thanks a lot. I know it is an expensive investment, but loss of my hand will cost a lot more.


Good Service I called to inquire about the PUQ58 and got the answer right away we loved the automatic makes life a little easier for everyone

Fiorenzato Evo Electronic Coffee Grinder F64