Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3 Espresso Machine

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Who Should Buy The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3? 

Medium to Large Cafes

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3 is the latest and most exciting addition to the Italian company’s World Barista Championship Aurelia line.

A new Pulse Jet system allows baristas to develop different extraction profiles while T3 technology supplies water temperature control throughout the machine. Together, these trailblazing features will help you create the exact results you want from your coffee with total consistency.

From the touchscreen display to dual manual and volumetric dosing, this model is easy to operate no matter the user’s skill level. Your staff will love making gorgeous lattes with the ergonomic elements and powerful boiler system.

The professional commercial espresso machine even comes with a Remote Control Interface to access functions from dispensing and cleaning to daily statistics to optimize your cafe.

Specialty Coffee Shops

The Aurelia Wave T3 provides a rewarding experience for skilled baristas in specialty coffee shops.

They can leverage the machine’s revolutionary technology to get different flavors from any coffee in brand new ways. 

Optional Smart Water Technology further pushes the limits by adding precise water quality control. And that’s not all you get—soft infusion, automatic group flushing, and boiler pressure programming come standard with the Aurelia Wave T3.

If you want exceptional coffee, having an exceptional espresso machine is key.

Barista Competition Locations

As barista champions anticipated the arrival of the Aurelia Wave, it was no secret that it would have even more exciting high-tech gadgetry than the Aurelia II. And the Aurelia Wave T3 certainly delivers.

Between the T3 system achieving incredible temperature stability and Pulse Jet opening up the extraction possibilities, this model is what barista competitors need to advance their art form.

With the automatic milk light, they’ll be able to see what they’re doing while steaming milk to create award-winning microfoam. Meanwhile, the user-friendly controls ensure that nothing gets in the way of their concentration.

Medium to Large Restaurants

More restaurants are standing out and creating repeat business among coffee lovers by offering high-quality lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos.

Of the many different models out there, the Aurelia Wave T3 is a great asset if you’re looking to serve your customers the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had. 

It’s perfect for any restaurant, from a casual cafe to an establishment with full table service. Training your staff on this machine shouldn’t take too long, either—not with the programmable dosing controls, push-pull steam, and Smart Wands that froth milk all by themselves.

When the shift is over, automatic cleaning cycles reduce the time it takes to wrap up. It couldn’t be easier for restaurant employees to maintain this machine.


The Aurelia Wave T3 is the state-of-the-art espresso machine you’ve always wanted. 

If you thought the World Barista Championship Aurelia II was impressive, wait until you see the upgraded version, the Aurelia Wave.

Cutting-edge technology drives unmatched performance in the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3.  Its groundbreaking Pulse Jet Technology lets you modify multiple extraction stages—you can invent a different coffee profile with every extraction. 

To ensure the ultimate consistency, T3 technology gives you an advanced thermal management system and controllable primary boiler, coffee group boiler, and group head temperatures.

With the easy-to-use touchscreen to navigate the machine’s major functions, you’ve got the dream espresso machine in the Aurelia Wave T3.

It’s all the details of the Aurelia Wave T3: Incredible control, redesigned ergonomics, and sustainability.

This model has it all. Combining the Pulse Jet and T3 systems with soft infusion for powerful extraction performance, the Aurelia Wave T3 adds ergonomic upgrades and user-friendly operation.

Automatic group purging, self-cleaning cycles, and a smart milk light that goes off when you’re finished steaming makes this machine a pleasure to use.  

Packed with innovative technology and boasting a lighter footprint, this extraordinary model is setting the trends for future espresso machines.

Nobody does innovation like Nuova Simonelli.

With over 80 years in the industry, Nuova Simonelli has put in the time to become one of the most recognizable and respected brands among the experts.

The Aurelia Wave T3 is the Ferrari of the Nuova Simonelli espresso machine models. Take it for a spin and see for yourself.

Key Features and What They Mean

Pulse Jet Technology

Pulse Jet makes it possible to start and stop the flow of coffee at customizable intervals. This means that you’ll be getting completely different flavor profiles from the same type of coffee depending on how you program the Pulse Jet system. More choices, more impressive results.

T3 Technology

The T3 technology provides superior thermal stability. Made up of several insulated copper boilers, the T3 system lets baristas independently set the temperature for each group head and control the primary and coffee group boilers. Temperature regulation at multiple points like this creates high accuracy for reliable consistency.

Touchscreen Display

A high-resolution touchscreen display provides intuitive navigation of the menu. Make adjustments quickly without having to fuss with confusing instruments and instructions.

Remote Control Interface

This is the first professional espresso machine featuring a remote control interface. Simple and straightforward, it lets you access extraction profiles, cleaning cycles, and other functions. It can even show you statistics by hour, day, week, and month.

Optional Smart Water Technology

This history-making technology detects basic water parameters and lets the barista know if any quality changes occur. This gives you better consistency, makes the machine much more robust, and cuts down on maintenance costs in the long run.

Soft Infusion System

Nuova Simonelli’s soft infusion system develops impeccable flavor in every espresso. It also prevents wonky tamping from interrupting the extraction process, so human error won’t stop you from making incredible espresso.

Volumetric Dosing Buttons

The green barista’s best friend, programmable volumetric dosing lets you pull a shot just by pressing a button. The machine measures out the correct volume. Thanks to consistency from shot to shot, different baristas can get the exact same results, making a more reliable product for your customers.

Manual Dosing Controls

Pull long shots, ristretto shots, and customized espresso shots with the manual dosing buttons. Anything your customer requests, your baristas will be able to do on demand.

Raised Group Heads

Brew directly into tall cups that fit neatly under the raised group heads instead of brewing into shot glasses. That way, you’ll speed up production and keep the crema perfectly intact for pretty Americanos and drinks with the espresso floated on top. 

Independent Group Head Timers

You can put away your smartphone. The integrated timers on each group head displays shot times so that you don’t need to take up space with external equipment.

Auto-Purge System

Removing the portafilter from the group head triggers the Aurelia Wave T3 to purge the group head on its own. No more dried-up coffee pucks forgotten in the portafilters.

Reverse Mirror

A backplate doubles as a mirror to let you see the espresso in detail as it extracts. Your baristas will be able to see all angles and make sure each espresso is as good as the last without even needing to bend down to check.

Cool Touch Wands

Cool-touch wands make steam wand cleaning burns a thing of the past. The reduced temperature also keeps milk from sticking, so cleaning is much easier.

Push Pull Steam

A long shift making one latte after another can leave your baristas feeling taxed. The push-pull steam levers are comfortable to use and reduce wear and tear on the wrists. Just tap them backwards and forwards to turn them on and off.

Surface LEDs

If your baristas are struggling to see what they’re doing, it might translate to an inferior product served to your customers. LED lights illuminate the production space, letting your baristas pay close attention to their work.

Milk Light

Like the surface LEDs, the milk lights brighten up the work space, but specifically for milk steaming. They’ll activate when the wands are in use and turn off afterward, saving energy. 

Bar Pump Gauge

As the pump creates pressure, the bar pump gauge displays a live pressure reading. Baristas can use this information to help them achieve optimal results.

Automated Cleanings

End-of-day cleaning is important and should never be skipped, but it’s time-consuming. With automated cleanings, save that time for other important tasks and let the machine do the work.

Power Saving Options

Between the T3 technology and the Aurelia Wave T3’s other energy-saving features, the machine’s eco footprint is much smaller. 

Water Level Indicator

Checking boiler water levels is simple with the water level indicator. Make sure everything is in working order with ease.

Machine Options

Smart Wands

If you prefer automatic milk steaming, add a Smart Wand to your Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3. You have your choice of an Auto-Steam, EasyCream, or Gooseneck Wand.

Auto-Steam Wand

Instead of pushing a manual steam handle, you’ll just push a button with the Auto-Steam Wand.

This wand steams milk all by itself. Place the wand in the pitcher of milk and the Auto-Steam Wand turns it into creamy microfoam. This can be especially beneficial to inexperienced baristas, trainees, and restaurant staff.

EasyCream Wand

The EasyCream Wand lets the user set the milk temperature and density while turning milk into smooth microfoam on its own. 

This wand is designed to release an initial mixture of air and steam before emitting a fine vapor to produce a rich texture.

When the right temperature is reached, the EasyCream Wand shuts itself off. Baristas love this automatic steam wand.

Gooseneck Wand

The Gooseneck Wand froths milk automatically as the barista controls the pitcher to create the optimal texture.

It’s temperature-sensitive, so it will shut off when the milk is ready and prevent burned milk flavors from developing.

Custom Colors

Custom colors for the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3 are available. Give us a call to inquire.

Red and White are expected to become available in 2019.


2 Group Aurelia Wave T3

The 2 Group configuration of the Aurelia Wave T3 comes with two brew groups and a 14 liter boiler system that makes back-to-back drinks any day of the week.

This is a great choice for medium-volume cafes and businesses. For large locations with particularly high volume, consider two 2 Group models to set up at different points of service.

3 Group Aurelia Wave T3

Three brew groups and a 17 liter boiler system make the Aurelia Wave T3 the right fit for high-volume locations. 

More than one barista is able to work on the machine at the same time to further increase production and serve customers quickly.

Aurelia Wave T3 Features & Specifications

Standard Features Available
T3 System - 3-4 copper boilers working together allowing the barista to independently set the temperature for each group head.
Volumetric Dosing - Allows the barista or operator to program the dosage. Often allowing for different dosages on different group heads. This means that the barista can start the brewing process knowing the machine will end it automatically at the pre programmed dosage.
Manual Dosing - A single button that begins and ends the brewing process.
LCD Display - Controls doses, boiler pressure, pre-infustion, and even energy savings settings.
Raised Group Heads - Allows for larger cups to be placed directly below the group head.
Cool Touch Wands - This technology significantly reduces the temperature of the wands during the steaming process. This reduces the time it takes to clean the wand and eliminates a safety hazard for baristas.
Surface LEDs- Barista can always see what they're doing with LEDs positioned strategically around the machine.
Push Pull Steam - An ergonomic and more user-friendly upgrade to the turning steam wands.
Soft Infusion System - Reduces the need for proper tamping and leads to more consistent espresso. Eliminates human error.
Automated Cleanings - Machines comes with an automated cleaning process. Barista can use the digital display to select the desired group or groups to be cleaned.
Power Saving Options - T3 technology plus software makes this machine extremely energy efficient.
Reverse Mirror - Backplate acts like a mirror allowing the barista to monitor every aspect of the brewing process.
Bar Pump Gauge - Makes it easier than ever to check pressure profiles.
Water Level Indicator - Easily monitor boiler water levels.


Specs 2

Machine Depth 23" 24"
Machine Height 22" 22"
Machine Width 32" 41"
Machine Weight 200 lbs. 230 lbs.
Boiler Size - In multiboiler systems, this is the total boiler capacity when they are added together. 14 lt 17 lt
Volts 220v 220v
Watts 7000 8250
Amp Draw 32 38
Power Input Nema 6-50 Nema 6-50
Water Connection Required - Drain hoses and water hookup lines are provided with all direct connect machines.
Drain Required - Open gravity drain of 1.25 inch I.D.
AutoSteam Capable - Machine supports some version of autosteam. A system that simplifies the milk steaming process. X X

Warranty and Water

Warranty Info

All of our espresso machines come standard with our 2 year manufacturer warranty.

We also sell additional dealer warranties which can be found above.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends the water and quantity of drinks being made (see estimating calculator here).

Common Questions and Answers

Q: How does the Aurelia Wave T3’s Pulse Jet work?

A: Only the Aurelia Wave T3 sports Nuova Simonelli’s patented Pulse Jet. This revolutionary technology provides control of the extraction in multiple phases, giving baristas a much wider range of flavor profiles to explore.

The barista can program the length of each stage of extraction, from pre-infusion all the way to a post-infusion stage. 

By stopping and starting the coffee flow at various intervals, you’ll allow the coffee to bloom in different ways and enhance different aromas and tasting notes. 

The most simple way to summarize this tech is this way: It gives you essentially infinite options for creating unique variations of the same coffee.

Q: What is the Smart Water Technology option in the Aurelia Wave T3?

A: If you opt for Smart Water Technology, you’ll get a quality management system for the water that no espresso machine has ever offered before. 

Smart Water senses certain water parameters and lets you know if any changes to the water quality are detected. This can have a big impact on the espresso as water is such an important factor.

A bonus is that Smart Water reduces maintenance costs related to filter cartridges. 

Q: What is the soft infusion system in the Aurelia Wave T3 and what does it do?

A: Soft infusion is what Nuova Simonelli calls its pre-infusion system. Pre-infusion is part of the extraction process in many high-performance espresso machine models.

During pre-infusion, the coffee bed is pre-wet to settle the coffee and evenly saturate the entire puck.

The Aurelia Wave T3 first showers the coffee bed with pressure-free water before releasing the pressurized water during extraction. The final result is an espresso with a nicely developed flavor. You’ll notice a richer taste in an espresso made with soft infusion. 

Another thing that soft infusion does is minimize the impact of improper tamping on extraction. It’s like a built-in program to counteract human error.

Q: How do I use the bar pump gauge on the Aurelia Wave T3 to improve my espresso results?

A: The bar pump gauge is much more than an instrument that shows you the pressure built by the pump during extraction. When monitored throughout extraction, this gauge guides you toward better practices. 

Say the pressure gauge is reading too low. It’s typically a sign that you should take a look at your brew ratio, or how much coffee you’re using for a shot versus the total liquid volume.

If your grind fineness isn't the issue, add a little more coffee the next time you pull a shot and see if the pressure is adequate.

Or, you might need to tamp with slightly more pressure. Just be careful when making tamping adjustments. Too hard, and the water will have difficulty reaching the coffee particles.

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