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Victoria Arduino Venus Review

Victoria Arduino specializes in creating many gorgeous espresso machines. Their “average” model is anything but, usually the end result of detailed planning and design.

Even among the high quality that this company consistently produces, however, the Victoria Arduino Venus stands out. Its distinct tower shape, topped by a soaring eagle, is enough to draw anyone’s attention.

Wondering what this espresso machine is all about? You’re in the right place, then. In this Victoria Arduino Venus review, we’ll be taking a close look at these topics:

  • Which Venus features are the most important and why they matter.
  • Other versions of the Venus that are available.
  • Alternative espresso machine options to the Venus.
  • Background information on the brand.
  • Our recommendations on where the Venus would fit best.

Let’s get started…

Quick Summary 

Victoria Arduino Venus Bar

 Victoria Arduino Venus

Right away, you can tell that the Victoria Arduino Venus Bar is something special. Made by hand, the machine has an undeniable artisanal air that simply radiates quality. This is the machine for you if you have a specialty coffee shop and you’re looking for the most unique way to pull shots of espresso.

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Important Features and Why They’re Important 

Multiple Group Heads 

With many manual lever-operated espresso machines, it’s more common to see a single group head. This is because these machines are notoriously tricky to learn at first, and it’s simply easier to work with one group at a time.

However, a single group head can be restrictive in a commercial environment. When you need to be producing as much espresso as possible to get through a line of customers, you’ll want more group heads to brew with.

That’s one aspect that makes the Venus different from many other manual lever-operated machines. This machine is available in two- or three-group configurations, giving you the speed you need to supply your customers with espresso fast.

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Color Options 

Don’t like the look of the Venus in brass? That’s no problem, because this machine is available in a total of three different colors: brass, copper, or chrome.

It’s not every day that you find an espresso machine available in multiple colors. It’s even less common with handmade espresso machines like the Victoria Arduino Venus.

If color doesn’t seem important at all, take a moment to consider how your business looks from your customer’s standpoint. An attractive business provides customers a welcoming atmosphere, tempting them to return again and again. Choosing an espresso machine with the right look can help complete your aesthetic.

Manual Dosing 

The version of the Venus we selected for this review is a manual machine. In short, that just means that you are in charge of choosing when to start and stop the brew cycle.

Timing is everything when it comes to espresso. A novice barista may find it dangerously easy to over- or under-extract each shot, so it’s crucial that they learn when to stop brewing.

Some espresso machines will handle this timing for you. This version of the Venus does not, so it will take a little more effort to learn initially. However, once your baristas master use of the Venus, it will make them look that much more impressive as they work.

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Unique Design 

The first thing you undoubtedly notice about the Victoria Arduino Venus is how it looks. Like the goddess after which it is named, the espresso machine is breathtakingly beautiful.

To start with, it has a tall, tower-like shape that allows it stand up straight over your countertop or table. At the top of the machine, there’s an impressive eagle motif that perches with its wings outspread over the rest.

More goes into crafting this striking appearance than you might expect. Each individual Venus unit is handcrafted and then coated with a scratchproof finish so you can continue to enjoy its beauty for years.

Bar Pump Gauge 

The internal pressure of your espresso machine can tell you a lot. For starters, your espresso machine needs to reach a certain pressure to brew, so being able to see the pressure will tell you when you can start brewing on your machine.

Additionally, if your espresso machine consistently fails to reach a certain pressure, you’ll know that something is wrong or that you need to make adjustments. It’s important to be able to confirm what the level of pressure is somehow.

That’s why the Victoria Arduino Venus has a bar pump pressure gauge right on the front. All you need to do is look at the front of the machine to see where your pressure is at.

Built-in Cup Shelf 

One of the Venus’s most convenient features is its integrated cup shelf. If you’ve got packed cupboards or shelves, you know what it’s like to have little room to spare for more coffee mugs.

This is precisely what makes the Venus’s shelf so useful. You can free up a little of your space elsewhere by storing a small selection of mugs inside the machine. As a bonus, the machine may get warm during use, allowing it to passively preheat your mugs so that drinks poured into them stay warm even longer.

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Cool Touch Steam Wands 

It may be useful if your machine’s shelf is able to get hot enough to preheat your mugs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want every part to get hot. Baristas all over the world are familiar with the pain of a burn from a superheated steam wand.

The Victoria Arduino Venus will protect you and your employees from such burns. Its steam wand is designed to stay cool during use, so you can safely touch it at any time.

Another benefit to this design is that milk foam doesn’t get burnt onto the end of the wand. That means less time spent cleaning off the steam wand, allowing you to focus on providing drinks for customers.

Direct-Connect Plumbing 

If you’re searching for an espresso machine to use in a business, then you’ll want something that streamlines your employees’ workflow as much as possible. The absolute last thing you want is a model that frequently interrupts your work with maintenance.

A machine with direct-connect plumbing like the Venus is perfect for minimizing interruptions. Since it hooks up to your waterline, the machine can refill itself with water as necessary. This saves your employees time and makes it more user-friendly, since you don’t have to train new hires how to refill the water tank.

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Different Configurations 

Victoria Arduino Venus Bar Volumetric

 Victoria Arduino Venus Volumetric

The version of the Venus we chose to feature in this review is a semiautomatic machine, which means that you must start and stop the brew cycle manually. As we mentioned near the beginning of this review, it can be a little tricky to master machines with manual dosing like this.

Fortunately, the Venus comes in a volumetric alternative version. Instead of having to time doses manually, baristas just need to push a button to start brewing. The volumetric version of the Venus will stop the cycle itself at the appropriate time.

This is much easier for beginners, so this version of the Venus may be ideal in locations with a high rate of employee turnover. It also helps ensure consistency from shot to shot, since you don’t have to anticipate human error in the timing of each dose.

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Comparable Alternatives 

La Pavoni 3-Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine

La Pavoni 3-Group Commercial Lever Machine

The main reason you’d choose a machine like the Victoria Arduino Venus is that it has a classic appeal to it. If what you’re looking for is a machine with a traditional appearance, then you can get something similar from the La Pavoni 3-Group lever machine for a smaller price.

As you can see, the machine has groups that are operated with levers. To make a shot, baristas must pull the lever down. This method of operation is a loving homage to the earliest days of espresso machines and looks impressive when done by a skilled barista.

Here are some other reasons you might choose this La Pavoni:

  • Anti-vacuum valve that prevents the steam wand from getting clogged with milk.
  • Groups made from durable press-forged brass with chrome plating.
  • Built-in handles so you can easily move the machine whenever necessary.

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Victoria Arduino Athena Leva

 Victoria Arduino Athena Leva

Victoria Arduino offers other classic-looking espresso machines, if the Venus isn’t quite to your taste. Consider the beautiful Athena Leva as a potential alternative.

This is another lever-operated espresso machine that’s perfect for small specialty coffee shops that want to really impress their customers. Plus, the tactile sensation of pulling a lever to brew a shot truly makes your baristas feel like a part of the process.

You also have the option of getting this machine in two- or three-group configurations. That gives you a little flexibility to determine your output if you’re concerned about it being slow.

These are some other tempting Athena Leva features:

  • Available in two beautiful colors: copper or chrome.
  • Cool-touch steam wands that will never burn you or your employees.
  • Reflective backplate above the drip tray that you can use to watch your espresso from all angles.

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About the Brand

If there was one word or phrase you could use to describe Victoria Arduino, it would be “cutting-edge.” Since their birth in 1905, this long-lived Italian manufacturer has continuously pushed themselves to produce espresso machines that incorporate state-of-the-art technology.

But it’s not just innovative features that matter to this company. Victoria Arduino understands that appearances matter, especially in businesses, so they also produce some of the best-looking machines on the market today.

What Customers Say 

We have yet to receive feedback specifically for the Victoria Arduino Venus, but we can say that our Victoria Arduino collection in general receives high praise from our customers.

Businesses especially seem to love these machines. Victoria Arduino consistently produces long-lasting machines with a sleek look that customers adore. That’s why we feel comfortable saying the Venus is simply another excellent machine.


Ideal Machine Applications 

We wouldn’t always recommend classic-looking espresso machines for businesses because they have a tendency to be slower, but that’s not the case with the Victoria Arduino Venus. Despite its traditional design, the machine was created to produce espresso fairly quickly.

For that reason, we think it would be a great fit for small to medium specialty coffee shops, bars, or hotels. If you’re looking for an especially memorable machine to fit into luxurious settings, it’s a great choice.

Pricing Information 

The Majesty Coffee store includes a selection of the finest espresso machines for the lowest prices online. We’re pleased to include the espresso machines mentioned here in that statement. Let’s take a look at their prices now.

We offer the Victoria Arduino Venus Semiautomatic for $14,625-17,550 and the Victoria Arduino Venus Volumetric for $18,550. We also have the Victoria Arduino Athena Leva for $8,995.50-10,935 and the La Pavoni 3-Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine for $7,100.

Prices can vary depending on the number of group heads you choose. If you have any additional questions about these machines, do not hesitate to call us at 888-978-5224.

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