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Victoria Arduino Adonis Review

At a glance, the Victoria Arduino Adonis is a stunning espresso machine. With its gracefully curving sides, polished exterior, and sturdy silhouette, it’s easy to see why the Adonis was named after the Greek god of beauty.

Looks can be deceiving, though. You would be perfectly reasonable to question whether the Adonis is truly as good as it appears to be.

We’re here to answer that question in this Victoria Arduino Adonis review. We’ll be diving into the following subjects:

  • The Adonis’s features and how they impact your use of the machine.
  • How the Adonis compares with similar espresso machines.
  • Background info on Victoria Arduino as a brand.
  • Our advice on the situations we think the Adonis would be best for.
  • The prices of the machines discussed in this review.

Let’s get started…

Quick Summary 

Victoria Arduino Adonis

 Victoria Arduino Adonis

The Victoria Arduino Adonis gets its name from Adonis, once revered as the Greek god of beauty. Visually, the Adonis lives up to its namesake with an impressively refined appearance that you’ll love displaying. However, its quality goes deeper than the surface, thanks to its high productivity and soft infusion system that accentuates the flavor of each blend you brew with.

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Important Features and Why They’re Important 

Multiple Groups 

The amount of espresso your business can produce is directly limited by the number of groups your espresso machine has. Groups are the component that your espresso comes out of while it brews. The more group heads you have, the more espresso can be made at one time.

This is why we generally wouldn’t recommend a single-group machine for larger businesses – at the most, it would be able to brew two shots at once, which may not be enough to meet your customers’ demands. A multi-group machine like the Adonis, however, will have no problem meeting the most rigorous espresso demand.

It comes in either two- or three-group configurations. The two-group version already offers you twice the espresso a basic single-group machine can make. Three groups takes this productivity even further, making it into a machine that multiple baristas can work on at the same time comfortably.

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Volumetric Dosing 

Brewing espresso is tricky – and that’s an understatement! From tamping to frothing milk, there are tons of areas where a drink can go wrong. Timing is one of them.

Baristas must carefully time the duration of each brew cycle to cultivate the best flavor. This can be difficult for new hires to learn initially, leading to many shots that are better or worse in quality.

You can eliminate the potential for such inconsistency with the Victoria Arduino Adonis. Its volumetric dosing system will allow you to program up to four different dosing amounts in each group head. For example, you can save the amounts for single and double shots into the group head, so all your employees need to do is pick the proper dose, then let the machine time it for them.

Automatic Cleaning 

After a long shift, your employees are exhausted and eager to go home. They have little energy for cleaning, which unfortunately makes it easy to forget to clean something or to cut corners.

The Adonis can make the final cleanup of the day a little bit easier. It has an automated cleaning system that will rinse the appropriate group head for baristas. When it’s time to clean, all they must do is choose the group head they want cleaned and let the Adonis take care of itself.

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Soft Infusion System 

Tamping is another area in which mistakes can be made. A new barista might press the tamper down at an odd angle, apply too much pressure, or even apply too little pressure.

The results can vary based on the mistake. Failing to apply adequate pressure may leave the grounds so loosely packed, the water is able to run right through it, creating a watery drink. Too much pressure does the opposite, creating something bitter and overly concentrated.

The Adonis’s soft infusion system was made to protect you from some common tamping errors. By releasing a light stream of water prior to extraction, it settles and smooths out the grounds in the basket. This promotes balanced extraction and a full-bodied flavor your customers are sure to love.

Programmable Auto-On and Off 

Espresso machines aren’t ready to start brewing the moment you turn them on. They need time to reach the proper temperature, which you may not be able to spare if your business is slammed with the orders right when the doors open.

That’s why the Victoria Arduino Adonis has programmable on and off times. You can tell the machine when it should turn itself on or off.

Set a time and walk into your business to find it all warmed up and ready to go. Similarly, you can choose an off time, then feel safe to walk out the door at night without the worry of accidentally leaving your espresso machine running.

LCD Display 

A quality display panel on your espresso machine can make all the difference. Imagine how much easier it is to find the proper settings and operate a machine when you can effortlessly tell what you’re doing.

The Adonis’s LCD display is a sight for sore eyes. With its brightly lit panel and clear font, it’s a pleasure to navigate, making the machine feel more welcoming for baristas.

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Reverse Mirror 

The Victoria Arduino Adonis probably catches your eye at first because of its gleaming panels. Those panels are more than just attractive, though.

Because of their polish, the backplate above the machine’s drip tray is also able to function as a mirror. Baristas can use the mirror to carefully watch each brewing espresso from all sides. This allows them to make adjustments right away if they see that an espresso doesn’t look right.

Comparable Alternatives 

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Volumetric

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 

The Appia Life is one of the latest additions to Nuova Simonelli’s collection of luxurious espresso machines. Like its predecessor, the Appia II, it’s an incredibly versatile choice.

For starters, you can get it with anywhere from one to three groups with the price adjusted accordingly. Thus, if you need a more affordable version suitable for a high-end home or small coffee shop, you have the option of choosing the single-group one. On the other hand, if you need something that can keep up with high espresso demand, you can choose the two- or three-group version.

It’s also designed with total thermal stability in mind. Thanks to its Drytex insulation, the temperature in the Appia Life’s boiler is unwavering. Because the machine doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to keep itself up to temperature, it uses 13% less energy than the Appia II.

Here are some other compelling Appia Life features:

  • Three different color options to suit a wider range of settings.
  • Soft infusion system that draws out the best flavors in all your espresso.
  • EasyCream system to make frothing milk easy regardless of your skill.

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La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric 2-Group Machine

 La Pavoni Commercial 2-Group

At a glance, the La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric 2-Group may make you think of a luxury sports car. It’s available in either a fiery red or chic black version that’s sure to impress your customers.

It’s not just looks that make it worthy of comparison with a sports car, though. The machine is also breathtakingly fast. Its powerful heat exchange boiler and dual steam wands give baristas the ability to plow through lines of orders quickly.

Your baristas won’t be slowed down by the occasional milk clog forming in either steam wand. Each one is equipped with an anti-vacuum valve that stops milk from getting sucked back up into the wand.

These are some other reasons you may want to choose this La Pavoni:

  • Easy to move when necessary with its telescopic side handles.
  • Power-saving switch that allows you to put the machine into an energy-efficient mode during your slower periods.
  • Increased thermal stability from the independent radiator hydraulic system that constantly circulates water through the boiler.

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Victoria Arduino Eagle One

 Victoria Arduino Eagle One

You can always turn to other Victoria Arduino machines for alternatives if one isn’t a perfect fit for you. An example of a quality alternative to the Adonis is the new Victoria Arduino Eagle One.

This machine has a similarly modern look with metallic panels and curving sides. It’s one that will undoubtedly appeal to anyone who walks into your establishment the first time and spots it on your counter.

The Eagle One was created to be one of the most efficient espresso machines on the market today. Its optimized engine reduces energy consumption while its Thermal Energy Recovery System works to minimize water waste by using discharged water to heat up fresh, incoming water.

Here are some additional intriguing Eagle One qualities:

  • Ergonomic steam levers that won’t make your wrists sore.
  • Insulated boilers to protect the machine from temperature fluctuations.
  • EasyCream system so all baristas can generate equally silky milk foam.

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About the Brand 

Victoria Arduino is probably best-known today for their ability to produce machines that look like masterpieces. They take daring risks with their visual designs that more often than not make their models more striking than competitors’ offerings.

Bold design choice has been something they’ve continued to do since their inception in 1905. Of course, each of their espresso machines is so much more than meets the eye; beyond their remarkable looks, all models use innovative technology that continuously raises the bar higher and higher.

What Customers Say 

Customers haven’t left us a review for the Victoria Arduino Adonis yet, but we know that it’s a quality machine. Victoria Arduino continues to be one of our most well-loved brands in the Majesty Coffee store, especially among those looking for commercial-quality machines.

Since so many of our commercial customers have adored our Victoria Arduino machines, we feel confident that they’ll also love the Adonis.

Ideal Machine Applications 

Because of its multiple group heads, volumetric dosing, and soft infusion system, the Victoria Arduino Adonis is a machine that deserves to be the star of the show in a business. It’s designed to produce espresso quickly for eager customers.

This machine would likely be a good fit for medium to large coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels with a luxurious feel. It has the right look to complement a high-class atmosphere.

Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee is proud to offer our espresso machines for the most competitive prices you’ll find online. Of course, that statement applies to the espresso machines we discussed in this guide.

For starters, our Victoria Arduino Adonis is available for $14,175-16,425 depending on whether you choose two or three groups. We have the Victoria Arduino Eagle One for $16,650-19,350, the La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric 2-Group for $6,500, and the Nuova Simonelli Appia Life for $4,900-10,150.

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