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Victoria Arduino Mythos 2

Some of the highest-quality coffee and espresso gear proudly bears the name Victoria Arduino on it. This includes both high-end grinders and top-notch espresso machines.

One grinder that truly stands out from its competitors is the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2. This grinder is the culmination of Victoria Arduino’s technology and design, with an appealing aesthetic and powerful features.

In this Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 review, we’ll be taking a closer look at this grinder, so you’ll know if it’s a good fit for you. Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Some of the Mythos 2’s most impressive features.
  • The other versions of the Mythos 2 that are available.
  • Alternative options to the Mythos 2.
  • Background information about the brand behind it all, Victoria Arduino.
  • Where we think the grinder would work best.

Let’s jump right in…

Quick Summary 

Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Gravimetric

 Victoria Arduino Mythos 2

There are multiple versions of the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2, but the one we’re choosing to highlight is the Mythos 2 Gravimetric. It is by far the most advanced in the line, with humongous 85mm burrs and a ventilation system to keep the machine cool even under the most intense espresso demand. This grinder is as luxurious as grinders can get, with the capacity to easily address lines of drink orders.

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Important Features and Why They Matter 

Flat Titanium Burrs 

The Mythos 2’s burrs are one of its most impressive features. They’re a gargantuan 85mm in diameter, and they’re also made from titanium. Why does any of this matter?

There are a few areas these burrs will impact. For one thing, their size will have an influence on your grinding speed, as larger burrs can grind more coffee beans faster.

As far as the material goes, titanium is unbelievably durable. It’s estimated that these burrs can last up to twice as long as your standard burrs, so you won’t need to replace them too soon.

There’s also the shape of the burrs to consider. The Mythos 2 uses flat burrs, which create evenly sized coffee particles. This leads to a balanced extraction and well-rounded flavor.

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On-Demand Grinding 

All versions of the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 are designed to deliver you the freshest possible coffee. They do this with an on-demand grinding system that dispenses coffee grounds directly into your portafilter.

Because you can only grind single servings of coffee or espresso at a time, you make all drinks to-order. The result is the most potent and aromatic beverages you can possibly make.

Your customers will notice the difference between a drink from your establishment and something made from stale pre-ground coffee.

Color Options 

It’s a small touch, but it’s still nice nonetheless that the Mythos 2 comes in either black or white versions. Think about it: your customers are judging everything about your business from the moment they walk in the door, including how it looks.

If you have a bunch of mismatched appliances, your establishment may look disorganized and unappealing. Having the ability to choose the color of your espresso grinder allows you to refine the overall look of your business that much more.

It just may make the difference between making a good first impression or a lackluster one.

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Gravimetric Dosing 

You need to measure out precise amounts of coffee whenever you use the grinder. Baristas typically do this either by timing how long the grinder runs for or weighing the grounds.

While both methods work, timing the dose is a little less accurate. Different grinders produce different amounts of grounds in the same amount of time, so you can’t always guarantee you’re getting exactly as much as you need this way.

The Victoria Arduino Mythos 2, on the other hand, uses a weight-based grinding system if you choose the Gravimetric configuration. This method of measuring your coffee grounds is as accurate as you can get and promotes consistency in all your drinks.

LED Illumination 

Most of a barista’s work is all about accuracy. You need to get the correct grind texture, the right amount of coffee, the best duration for your extraction, and of course, the perfect milk foam.

You can’t achieve any of this without the ability to see what you’re doing. This is why the Mythos 2 has built-in LED lights. Not only do the lights look good, but they provide light for your employees to work by, allowing them to get fluffy, freshly ground coffee even in dim environments.

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Portafilter Holder 

Precision isn’t the only important quality to a barista’s work. They must also be concerned about multitasking constantly, building relationships with your customers while also producing high-quality beverages.

If your baristas are forced to hold a portafilter in place while using the grinder, their hands are essentially tied. They can only attend to the task of grinding coffee beans.

The Mythos 2 gets around this by incorporating a portafilter holder on the front. It will hold your portafilter in place for you, freeing up your hands for other tasks.

Clump Crusher Technology 

In order to ensure that extraction is balanced, you need smooth, fluffy grounds. Any clumps can create an uneven extraction that tampers with the flavor of your drinks.

This isn’t something you’ll need to worry about with the Mythos 2. It has integrated clump-crushing technology that ensures all doses are free of clumps.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment System 

What does a stepless grind adjustment system mean? In short, it means total control.

To understand what we mean, we’ll compare it to a stepped system. A stepped grinder has a limited number of fineness levels to choose from. Although this setup is easier to learn, it does leave some gaps, occasionally forcing you to choose the closest fineness to the one you actually need.

Grind texture is crucial to good espresso. To allow you complete control over the fineness, the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 removes any premade notches for settings and lets you adjust to any point from fine to coarse.

Different Configurations 

Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Premium 

If you like the look of the Mythos 2 but find that it’s out of your budget, the Mythos 2 Premium configuration could be more fitting for you. For the most part, it has all the same features as the Mythos 2 Gravimetric, but with one difference: it doesn’t have a built-in scale for weighing out doses.

The lack of a scale makes a sizable difference in the cost. You’ll need to time your doses rather than weighing them out, but baristas all over the world use this method successfully.

Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Pure 

You’ll get an even lower price if you choose the Mythos 2 Pure. Again, it has most of the same features as the Gravimetric, but with a couple removed to make it more economical.

It doesn’t have a scale for weighing doses and it also doesn’t have the variable motor that both the Premium and Gravimetric versions enjoy. The variable speed motor simply allows baristas to pull shots at slower or quicker speeds whenever necessary.

If you don’t absolutely need those features but still want the Mythos 2, the Pure could be the perfect option for you.

Comparable Alternatives 

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme

 Mahlkonig E80 Supreme

Victoria Arduino is far from the only luxury espresso grinder manufacturer out there – Mahlkonig is also near the top of the grinder hierarchy. This is a well-known brand that baristas everywhere have come to rely upon.

Their sleek Mahlkonig E80 Supreme is one of their latest models. Just like the Mythos 2, it has absolutely massive burrs, although they are slightly smaller and measure at 80mm. These burrs are also made from specialized steel for increased durability.

You’ll also get an illuminated spout when you choose the E80 Supreme. This lighting is perfect for dark settings, as it makes it possible for baristas to clearly see their workspace.

Here are some other things we love about the E80 Supreme:

  • Disc Distance Detection system that allows you to make even more accurate changes to fineness levels.
  • Quiet grinding design that won’t disrupt your customers.
  • A high-resolution display panel that makes it easy to navigate the grinder’s settings.

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About the Brand 

Victoria Arduino is an acclaimed company. They’ve been around for well over a hundred years, and in that time, they’ve worked consistently to produce luxury coffee and espresso gear.

Each machine they produce espouses two ideas: the most cutting-edge technology and the most beautiful appearances. Look at any of their grinders and espresso machines, and you’ll notice that they all look refined.

This is a brand you can depend on. We’re proud to offer a collection of their machines in our store.

What Customers Say 

We don’t currently have any reviews from customers regarding the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2. Regardless of that fact, we’re still confident in the machine’s quality.

Why? Because our commercial customers have loved their Victoria Arduino machines consistently. We hear many great things about the machines in our Victoria Arduino collection, so we feel like the Mythos 2 will easily exceed your expectations.


Ideal Grinder Applications 

The Mythos 2 is a grinder that was born to be in medium to large coffee shops, restaurants, or even hotels. It has the power and speed to fulfill a high volume of espresso demand. Get this one if you need a grinder that can go virtually nonstop without overheating or putting your beans at risk of burns.

This is also an excellent choice for specialty coffee shops. Its stepless grind adjustment system is perfect for giving your most talented baristas total control over the grind process.

Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee carefully considers a range of budgets before we price any of the machines in our store. This same process is applied to our high-end espresso grinders like the Mythos 2.

We offer the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 for anywhere from $4,050-5,040 depending on whether you choose the Gravimetric, Premium, or Pure version. You can also find the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme in our store for $3,350. These are the best prices online, so don’t pass them up if you’re interested in either of these grinders.

If neither of these grinders feels like a good fit for you, we can assist you in finding the right one. Reach out to us at 888-978-5224 or through our store chat to work with our knowledgeable team on finding the best espresso grinder for your home or business.

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