Mahlkonig x54 vs E65s

The difference between the Mahlkonig x54 vs E65s is immediately apparent: the size! Which one would suit your coffee set-up best? 

It’s tempting to think bigger is better, but that’s far from the case. A larger burr grinder can be frustrating to move from one place to another, nevermind finding a spot to place it. Likewise, a smaller burr grinder can be aggravating for settings that have a lot of brewers. Which is best?

We’ll break down the Mahlkonig x54 vs E65s so you can whittle down which one suits you. For those in a hurry: 


The same line-up is bound to skew more similar than different. If you’ve considering the Mahlkonig x54 vs E65s, you likely know about:

Flat Burrs

Ah, flat burrs! Music to any espresso fan’s ears. While conical burrs have a well-deserved fanbase, flat burrs are coveted for their particularly fine grind level.

Both the Mahlkonig x54 and E65s come equipped with special steel burrs, explicitly designed to provide an even grind and longevity. If you’re constantly worried about maintaining your machine, this feature will put you at ease.

Quiet Grind Level

Shh! No need to wake up the family while making your next great cappuccino. The Mahlkonig line-up is keen to provide unobtrusive coffee grinding equipment for all kinds of brewers.

The x54 has a grind sound no louder than 70 dB(A), which is about as mellow as a modern washing machine or dishwasher. The E65 is no different, remaining low-key thanks to its noise dampening measures. Whether you buy this machine for the home or the office, everyone will be thankful for such thoughtful technology.

Bright Digital Display

No squinting or experimenting with settings here. Both of these burr grinders are straightforward to use with their bright LED display. 

The Mahlkonig x54 offers four timer presets and a manual mode, while the Mahlkonig E65s offers the ability to save up to six custom recipes. Handy, right?


Now for the obvious (and not so obvious) between the Mahlkonig x54 vs E65s. 

Size Difference

Let’s start off with the obvious. 

The Mahlkonig x54 is small and handy, perfect for the kitchen shelf. It stands at a sturdy 42.5 cm, with a modest width of 19 cm. The E65s, to compare, is large and in charge. It’s taller at 58.3 cm, though with a similar width. 

Unique Grind Adjustment

Take a second to consider the function of your burr grinder. Is it going to be operated by experienced brewers? Or is it more frequently going to be used by beginners or baristas-in-training?

The Mahlkonig x54 is a little more simple with its grind adjustment, offering thirty-five pre-selected settings to choose from. This is convenient for beginners just getting their feet wet in the world of coffee while still being highly flexible. Move from fine espresso to coarse cold brew with just a button press.

The Mahlkonig E65s is on the opposite end of the spectrum with stepless grind adjustment. This is a peak feature for the highly experimental brewer, as well as high-volume work settings.

Advanced Resistors and Coils

Upgrades are great because they give you the same results you love...but just a touch better.

The E65s builds upon the previous entries in the Mahlkonig line-up, reducing the risk of overheating by a significant margin. This keeps the machine working steadily and eliminates gross bitterness from your coffee.

Pricing Information 

Here’s one last difference to round out the list! The Mahlkonig x54 is on the lower end of the spectrum at $749, while the Mahlkonig E65s is $2,200. 

Which One Should You Choose?

The Mahlkonig x54 For New Baristas, Homebrewers, And Offices

Mahlkonig X54 Home Espresso and Coffee Grinder

This is the ultimate all-purpose grinder. It’s easy to use, built to last, and comes with a few extra perks to ensure it stays on your shelf for years. 

Its steel flat burrs are designed for both consistency and longevity. Say farewell to constant maintenance and hello to some of the easiest lattes you’ve ever made! Its bright digital display makes it especially easy to navigate for beginners, cementing it an effortless home staple.

The Mahlkonig E65s For Cafes, Restaurants, And Hotels

Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder

Large volume of customers? No problem. The Mahlkonig E65s is built to make coffee frequently, quickly and deliciously.

While the Mahlkonig x54 is well-rounded and straightforward, the E65s is filled to the brim with subtle details. It has advanced resistors and coils to reduce overheating, keeping the machine efficient while simultaneously reducing bitter flavors in espresso. Its grind adjustment is nearly infinite and will be a welcome feature for experienced baristas.

Wrap Up

These burr grinders exist nearly on opposite ends of the spectrum: one is accessible and user-friendly, while the other is aimed at more experienced brewers. 

Check out the Mahlkonig x54 and the Mahlkonig E65s here for the lowest price. If you need extra help deciding which to buy, reach out to our live chat. We help coffee lovers of all backgrounds make smarter purchasing decisions for their home, office, or restaurant. 

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Tony Barlow

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