Mahlkonig is a well-known name in the grinder industry for creating high-quality grinders and setting a standard for all competitors.

If you’re reading this guide, then you’ve probably discovered two great Mahlkonig grinders – the E65S and the Peak – and you’re not sure which one is best for you.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the similarities and the differences between the two models to make your decision simpler.

Mahlkonig E65S vs PEAK

By the end of this article, you’ll know:

  • Features the Malhkonig E65S and Peak both have (and what those features mean)
  • The differences between the E65S and Peak
  • How to choose the grinder that’s right for you


The Mahlkonig PEAK will better serve higher volume businesses or specialty shops with its ventilation system and precise dosing.

Because of it's ventilation system and precise dosing the Mahlkonig PEAK is better for higher volume businesses.

The Mahlkonig E65S is better suited for smaller operations and home users with its dosing options and easy to use display.



Both the Mahlkonig E65S and the Peak use flat steel burrs. These burrs are great at grinding uniformly, which helps ensure the flavor of your espresso is consistent.


There are two main burr types you’ll see in most espresso grinders: flat and conical.

With flat burr grinders, the beans are crushed and ground between a pair of horizontal discs.

Conical grinders are cone-shaped, and the beans drop down onto the discs vertically for grinding using the force of gravity.

Here’s why the type of burr is important:

Each burr enhances specific notes in the coffee and grinds different particle sizes.

Flat burrs, which excel at grinding unvarying particle sizes, bring out the rich chocolatey tones from the beans.

Conical burrs grind particles of different sizes – these are called bimodal particles. Because of these different sizes, conical burrs highlight bright and zesty flavors in coffee.

Basically, if you enjoy more soothing and sweet flavors, flat burrs are more your style.


In a stepped grind adjustment, grinders have pre-set notches from fine to coarse to choose from. 

The downside of this system is that there can be some gaps between the fineness levels, so not every coffee profile can be accommodated.

This isn’t an issue with stepless grind adjustment, which is used in both the Mahlkonig E65S and the Peak.

Stepless grind adjustment is often preferred by experts because you don’t have to choose between a limited array of notches. 

Instead, you can choose from an endless array for fineness, which allows you a higher degree of accuracy in grinding for each coffee profile.


If you use different portafilter sizes throughout the day at your shop, then you’ll love this feature.

The E65S and the Peak use adjustable spouts, which means you position the spout so it grinds right into the middle of each portafilter. 

This helps guarantee the coffee is evenly distributed for a balanced extraction. It has the added bonus of making sure none of the coffee grounds escape, eliminating waste and mess. 


You’ll want your coffee to be the absolute freshest it can be.

With the on-demand grinding feature used by the E65S and Peak, the days of stale espresso are over.

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Both these grinders grind right into the portafilter as opposed to grinding into containers in advance. This means you get exactly the amount of espresso you need right when you need it.

This serves two purposes: keeping your espresso fresh as it’s ground to-order, and cutting down on waste as you only get exactly the amount you need. 


Both these grinders have clear, simple, and understandable digital displays.

You can easily program doses and manage machine functions all within one convenient location.

Easily navigate the display on the E65S with the turn of a dial. On the Peak, you can control the display with the mere push of a button. 

These displays make both grinders a dream to operate.


You’ve probably heard the loud roar of a grinder before. 

It’s a staple sound in virtually every coffee shop, and can be disruptive as customers have to shout over it to be heard.

This makes the ability to grind quietly in the E65S and the Peak especially remarkable. 

That loud roar is reduced to a quiet hum, preserving your atmosphere and providing customers with a more enjoyable experience.


 example of portafilter holder on peak

Grinding is made effortless with portafilter holders in the Mahlkonig E65S and Peak.

All you need to do is place the portafilter in the holder, and the machines will do the rest.

They’ll hold the portafilter throughout grinding, so you or the baristas are free to focus on other things, such as building relationships with your customers. 


Features aren’t the only similarity between the Mahlkonig E65S and Peak – their cost is also similar.

At Majesty Coffee, you can purchase the PEAK in either Black or White options for $2,375 or the E65S in Black for $2,200.



The size of the burr is important in addition to the type, because larger burrs don’t have to rotate as much to grind beans. 

Lower RPM means beans are kept cooler, protecting them from burning. 

In the E65S, the burrs are 65 mm, while in the Peak, they’re a little bit larger at 80 mm. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean there will be noticeable differences between the two every time they’re used, but burr size is still a quality worth taking note of. 


If you have a large amount of espresso to grind each day, the speed of a grinder may be important to you.

The E65S, with a speed of 1,400 to 1,650 RPM, can grind around 4-7 grams a second. 

On the other hand, the Peak’s RPM of 900 to 1,200 is a bit slower, accommodating a speed of three grams a second.

Remember: a lower RPM means beans are also kept cooler. However, if you allow the E65S anywhere from 15-30 seconds in between grinding, the potential heat from its higher RPM shouldn’t affect you.


The capacity of the hopper influences how many times a day you will need to stop to refill the grinder.

If you’re in the middle of a rush, then you’ll appreciate the capacity in a larger hopper, which allows you to focus on serving each customer without delay.

The E65S comes with a 2.6-pound hopper, while the Peak’s hopper holds 3.3 pounds.

Either one of these hopper sizes is likely sufficient for your average day, and you shouldn’t be interrupted by needing to refill either of them constantly.

At the same time, if you have a very limited amount of counter space, the Peak also comes with a shorter hopper that can shorten it from 21.7 to 17.5 inches. The downside of using this option is that it also means the hopper will have a smaller capacity, but that may be less important to you when you’re considering how much room you have.

The E65S does not have this same option for a more compact hopper.

E65S Espresso Grinder


Have you ever had a cup of coffee that left a burnt taste behind?

It may have been because of the grinder. Keeping coffee beans from overheating as they are ground is essential to preserving their quality.

The E65S and the Peak both have cooling systems to stabilize the temperature of the beans, but between the two grinders, the cooling systems operate differently.

The E65S uses an energy-efficient fan that automatically comes on when you begin using the grinder. Its resistors and coils are also resistant to overheating.

In the Peak, you’ll find a double ventilation system, which allows the fan to run all the time. This can be especially beneficial in shops where beans are constantly being ground.


Making sure you get the right amount of espresso every time for single or double shots is made easier with these grinders through their programmable dosing functions.

The main difference between the E65S and Peak in this regard is the level of customization available.

The Mahlkonig Peak allows you to program doses in .01-second increments, granting the highest possible level of accuracy.

With the E65S, you are able to choose from six different pre-programmed recipes. That’s not as precise as the Peak, but it will still meet the needs of many coffee shops or at-home users.


If you’re concerned about protecting coffee beans from burning, then you’ll be interested in the Peak’s temperature monitoring system.

Through its central OLED display, you can easily watch the grinder’s internal temperature so you can be sure ventilation and cooling are properly working.


If the more limited pre-programmed dosing options were a dealbreaker for you, you’ll be happy to hear that you can easily bypass them through the continuous grinding mode in the E65S.

This allows you to change up the times for dosing whenever you need, granting you the freedom to experiment.


You may still be asking yourself: 

Which one is right for me? 

The answer is, either one of these grinders will excel in medium to large businesses where coffee is offered. With that in mind, it’s true that there are still reasons why you might choose one over the other for specific settings.

If you’re a highly specialized coffee shop or you have customers who like niche drinks, then you may find that the Peak’s precise dosing options will be preferable.

The E65S would be an especially good choice for those looking to make professional quality drinks from home. Home users with more limited counter space may also enjoy the smaller 2.6-pound hopper.

For busier coffee shops, the Peak’s double ventilation system will be beneficial for nonstop grinding. 

The bottom line is:

The Mahlkonig PEAK will better serve higher volume businesses or specialty shops with its ventilation system and precise dosing.

Home users and smaller shops will find that the Mahlkonig E65S is more suitable, especially with its user-friendly display and dosing options.

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Tony Barlow

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