Mahlkonig E65S GBW Review

Are you wondering if the new Mahlkonig E65S GBW is the right grinder for your business? Given that Mahlkonig has consistently created quality grinders, that’s an excellent question to ask.

Our goal in this Mahlkonig E65S GBW review is to answer that question. Here are the topics we’ll examine to uncover the answer:

  • Noteworthy features of the E65S GBW and why they’re important.
  • A few similar espresso grinders that may be suitable alternative options.
  • Background information on the manufacturer.
  • Pricing information for the Mahlkonig and its alternatives.

Let’s begin.

Quick Summary 

Mahlkonig E65S GBW 

Mahlkonig E65S GBW

Mahlkonig often specializes in making powerful, fast, and commercial-scale espresso grinders. The E65S GBW is no exception, capable of grinding up to seven grams per second. Furthermore, its specialized steel burrs and upgraded resistors make this one sturdy grinder that you’ll be able to rely on for years to come.

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Important Features and Why They Matter

Flat Burrs 

Burrs are high-quality grinding discs that you’ll find in more expensive grinders. Burrs can be divided into two different types, conical and flat.

The E65S GBW specifically has flat burrs. Flat burrs are well-known for their ability to produce coffee grounds of a uniform size. Because all grounds are consistent in size, the extraction is balanced and the flavor of your drinks will be full-bodied.

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There are some drawbacks to flat burrs, however. For instance, flat burrs usually need to turn more quickly to grind coffee beans, which can lead to a higher temperature from the increased friction. Furthermore, some feel that they are louder than conical burrs.

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Metal Burrs 

Burr shape is not the only quality you should discuss when you mention a grinder’s burrs. We’ll also touch on the burrs’ material, which is specialized steel for this Mahlkonig.

Metal burrs are used in countless professional espresso and coffee grinders around the world. They’re quite durable, so you don’t need to worry about them breaking or chipping over time, which is a flaw that some ceramic alternatives have.

Like with shape, there are some disadvantages to steel burrs. These disadvantages are similar to those of flat burrs – noise level and heat generation.

Programmable Icon Menu 

You’ve probably used an appliance at least once in your life that had confusing symbols on its buttons or in its menus. This is obviously not convenient, as you’ll find yourself frequently needing to consult a manual.

Fortunately, you won’t be confused by the Mahlkonig E65S’s menu. It has icons on it that clearly show you what each setting and option mean.

Additionally, you can program up to six different recipes into the menu. After you’ve saved the doses for various drinks into the menu, all your employees need to do is choose the right recipe whenever they make a drink. It increases your consistency and makes using the grinder easier even for total beginners.

Cooling Fan 

Grinders that are going to be in operation nonstop, such as those in coffee shops, need to be able to withstand the duress of high-volume demand. A grinder ill-suited for a business setting would quickly overheat, damaging itself and burning your coffee beans.

We know that’s not something you want to worry about. The good news is you won’t have to, since the E65S GBW has a built-in cooling fan.

While the grinder is in use, its fan will kick in and keep it cool. You can use it for as long as you need to without the fear of it reaching dangerously high temperatures.

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Adjustable Spout 

Chances are, you offer your customers drinks of different sizes. After all, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cup of coffee. Everyone has unique cravings at varying times.

Not all espresso grinders are designed to accommodate these sizes, though. Some have chutes that are stuck in place, which means you can only use portafilters of a particular size.

That’s not true for the E65S GBW. Its adjustable spout can be adjusted by height, so you can dispense grounds into portafilters of just about any size.

Universal Portafilter Holder 

The spout isn’t the only part of the Mahlkonig E65S GBW that allows it to accommodate all of your portafilters. It also has a universal portafilter holder.

The benefit to this portafilter holder is immediately obvious: it can keep your portafilter in place for your employees, freeing them up to focus on other tasks while the grinder is in use. Since they won’t have to hold the portafilter up themselves, your employees’ productivity can be increased.

Resistor and Coil Improvements 

Mahlkonig couldn’t stay on top of the grinder industry if all they ever did was release the same grinder without any improvements every year. Customers would quickly see right through that.

So even if some Mahlkonig grinders look similar, there’s no doubt that improvements have been made to the design in newer models. That includes the E65S GBW, which has upgraded resistors and coils.

The upgrades were designed to prevent the grinder from overheating. Not only is it protected by a fan, then, but it’s also protected by its part upgrades, making it one of the coolest grinders around.

Speedy Grinding 

When you’re looking for a grinder for a business, one of the first things you’ll wonder is how fast it can grind. A grinder that takes a long time to produce a single shot of espresso isn’t exactly desirable for a coffee shop or restaurant.

Rest assured that the E65S GBW is fast. It can grind anywhere from 4-7 grams of coffee per second, which translates to a fresh, fluffy shot of espresso in as little as a single second.

The grinder’s speed leads to happier customers, since they won’t have had to wait as long.

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Slim Build 

The average business has a huge array of appliances necessary to keep it up and running. Because of this, finding room for another appliance can be difficult.

If that’s something you’re worried about, you’ll be pleased by how compact the E65S GBW is. It has been created to be thin enough to slide between other appliances on your counters.

Comparable Alternatives 

Mahlkonig Peak 

Mahlkonig Peak

What’s the best match for a Mahlkonig grinder? Here’s the unsurprising answer: another Mahlkonig grinder.

We chose the Mahlkonig Peak specifically because it’s a classic example of what this manufacturer can do. Just like the GBW, it was clearly created to thrive in busy commercial environments.

For one thing, it also has a built-in cooling system. No matter how tough the grinding gets, the Peak can withstand your customers’ demands.

Beyond its fan, further evidence of the Peak’s commercial-scale ability can be found in its large 80mm burrs. Burrs of this size are perfect for quickly dispensing fresh shots of espresso in little time at all.

These are some other important Mahlkonig Peak features:

  • An adjustable spout tube that can be adjusted for portafilters of any size.
  • Spout illumination so baristas can always see what they’re doing.
  • Precise stepless grind adjustment that will give your employees total control over the grind.
  • Cast steel burrs that will last you for years.

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Mahlkonig E80 Supreme 

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme

We couldn’t help including the newer Mahlkonig E80 Supreme in our list of alternatives. Like the E65S GBW, it’s one of Mahlkonig’s more recent models, and it has numerous high-volume similarities for large businesses.

For starters, the E80 Supreme has large specialized steel burrs. These burrs are not only fast, but durable, translating to replacements that are blessedly few and far between.

The E80 Supreme also utilizes Mahlkonig’s new Disc Distance Detection technology, which monitors the distance between your grinding burrs. This accurate readout of the distance helps baristas to make the most accurate adjustments to the fineness possible.

Here are some other intriguing E80 Supreme qualities:

  • An illuminated spout which provides ample workspace lighting for baristas.
  • Quiet grinding that won’t disrupt you or your customers.
  • A large capacity hopper that can hold up to 3.9 pounds of coffee beans.
  • Built-in shot counter to keep track of your espresso usage.

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Nuova Simonelli MDXS 

Nuova Simonelli MDXS

Mahlkonig is far from the only quality espresso grinder manufacturer out there. Nuova Simonelli can often give Mahlkonig a run for their money, thanks to their beautiful and functional models.

The Nuova Simonelli MDXS is an example of Nuova Simonelli’s competence in design. Its gracefully curving hopper conveys an impression of speed and beauty.

It goes far beyond looks, though. This impressive-looking grinder has a die-cast aluminum body that you can trust to last for years.

Additionally, it has 65mm stainless steel burrs. These are sizable burrs that will grind quickly and endure daily wear and tear.

These are a few other notable MDXS qualities:

  • LED illumination that gives employees plenty of light to work by.
  • A clear LCD display that’s easy to navigate and control.
  • Stepless grind adjustment that allows baristas to make minute adjustments to fineness.
  • Silent grinding technology that won’t give you a headache every time you use the grinder.

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About the Brand 

We’ve mentioned a couple times throughout this review that Mahlkonig is one of the most desirable espresso grinder brands out there. Why is that?

Well, you can find the answer by tracing the company’s roots. Mahlkonig is a manufacturer with around a century of experience in the industry.

Since their inception, they’ve sought to continuously innovate what we think an espresso grinder should be. They’ve raised the bar again and again, earning them a well-deserved place as one of the leaders in the market.

Ideal Grinder Applications 

To see where a grinder belongs, you should factor in its grinding speed and ability to control its internal temperature. Because the Mahlkonig E65S GBW is a fast and cool grinder, you can infer that it’s a good fit for places where espresso and coffee are in high demand.

We recommend this grinder for medium to large cafes, restaurants, or hotels. Of course, you could get it for your home, too, if you wanted a high-end grinder, but it would likely exceed the average home’s needs.

What Customers Say 

At this point in time, we do not have any feedback from customers on the Mahlkonig E65S GBW. However, given Mahlkonig’s consistent quality and the fact that our E65S GBW supply often quickly sells out, we’re fairly confident in this grinder.

Rest assured that you’re buying something sturdy, fast, and reliable when you choose the E65S GBW.

Pricing Information 

How much can you expect the grinders in this review to cost? Fortunately, Majesty Coffee works to provide our customers the best prices, so all the grinders in this guide are available in our store for the lowest costs you’ll find online.

Our Mahlkonig E65S GBW is in the store for $2,950. You can find our Mahlkonig Peak in the store for $2,299, our Nuova Simonelli MDXS for $1,327.50, and our Mahlkonig E80 Supreme for $3,350.



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