Are you comparing the Franke A400 and Franke A600 superautomatic espresso machines and you’re not sure which to get?

We created this guide to compare the Franke A400 FM CM vs Franke A600 FM CM. We’ll walk you through some of their features and explain what each means to make your decision easier. 

By the end of this guide you’ll know:

  • Similarities the Franke A400 and Franke A600 share
  • Differences between these superautomatic machines
  • Which one you should buy for your particular business needs

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Superautomatic machines like the A400 and A600 bring drink-making into the 21st century.

Whereas semiautomatic and automatic machines require you to grind espresso, place the portafilter, and froth your milk, superautomatic machines perform each step for you.

To begin, your baristas will only need to choose drink options through the touch screen menu. Once all the options have been selected, these machines will handle the rest.

A major advantage to this design is how extraordinarily simple it is to use. Training that would otherwise take days or weeks can be completed in literal minutes. 

In addition, employees won’t have to sit in front of the machine to brew or froth milk. This means that they can work on other duties or focus on providing excellent customer service. 

The perfect drink is really only a push of a button away – or in this case, the touch of a screen away - with this kind of technology.


If espresso drinks were cakes, frothed milk is the icing on top for most of them.

To ensure each beverage is the best it can be, you’ll need milk that has perfect, silky microfoam. Creating this texture by hand takes skill and technique, which can take time to learn.

But the ingenious FoamMaster system utilized by the A400 and A600 turns steaming milk into an effortless experience. This design will steam the milk for you, allowing you to choose from different thicknesses, consistencies, and temperatures so you get the best milk for any drink.

Another great thing about the FoamMaster system is that you’ll be able to use it to put foam on top of cold drinks. This is something many customers request, and now you’ll be able to give it to them with the A400 or A600.


Have you ever found yourself wishing you didn’t have to spend time cleaning equipment after use?

The CleanMaster system used by these machines makes that a reality. 

This automated cleaning design uses an integrated cleaning cartridge to cleanse the A400 and A600 so thoroughly that they meet stringent HACCP hygiene requirements.

You’ve probably heard the old adage that time is money. With just a few steps that can be completed in minutes, you’ll save time by setting up your espresso machine to clean itself at the end of the day.


Pre-infusion is a feature that really takes you espresso flavor up a notch.

How does it work? 

Pre-infusion gently saturates the espresso grounds with a light stream of water before the full pressure of extraction is applied. This helps promote even distribution of the grounds by eliminating any channeling.

That means every single particle of coffee will be reached during the brew cycle, so that your espresso is bursting with flavor in the cup. 

Your customers may not be able to see it, but they’ll taste the difference.


Complete control of the A400 and A600 is done through one convenient touch screen.

You won’t need to worry about fiddling with several different buttons or levers. You won’t have to deal with buttons being worn down or stuck after months of heavy use.


Instead, crafting drinks with a huge amount of customizations is all possible through an intuitive, easy-to-read touch screen. On both of these machines, the touch screens measure at 8 inches, so they won’t be too small to see. 

Even your newest employees will be able to navigate through the menus with ease using these sizable screens.


Keep your customers happy by making sure they have options. 

Right on top of the A400 and A600 are two hoppers. This means you’ll be able to offer your customers two different kinds of coffee all in the same machine. 

Whether it’s decaf or caffeinated, light or dark, or you want to use the second hopper for a specialty blend, you’ll have the ability to easily add these choices to your menu.

Or you can use the hoppers to store the same kind of coffee, if you go through it a lot. 

Either way, it’s just better to have more choices when you need them. 


Most businesses have drinks of different sizes on their menu. 

If you’re one of them, you’ll need a machine that can support small or large cups and every size in between. 

The adjustable beverage spout on the A400 and A600 is easily repositioned so you can fit any cup underneath and pour right in. Your customers can order any size they need, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of transferring it to another cup if they ordered a tall.


If your counter space is restricted, or your business offers services outside of coffee, you’re probably wondering how an espresso machine can fit in.

The A400 and A600 are both reasonably sized and should be easy to incorporate into your business layout.

They’re almost identical in size and weight, but the A600 is just a tiny bit bigger. It’s approximately 2.6 feet tall, a little over 1 foot wide, and a little under 2 feet deep.

In comparison, the A400 is 2.4 feet tall. Its width and depth are the same.

Both machines weigh roughly 84 pounds. 

Regardless of which one you choose, these are not excessively large machines that you’d struggle to find room for.



Output capacity translates to how many drinks a machine can make in a certain period of time.

This becomes a bigger concern in busy commercial settings with numerous waiting customers at the counter. In those kinds of situations, a machine with a greater output capacity is going to serve each customer faster.

It’s true that the A400 and A600 are more alike than they are different, but they do differ from each other in this field.

With the A400, you’ll be able to comfortably create up to 100 cups per day. Smaller coffee shops or businesses that don’t focus on coffee such as convenience stores or offices should be able to meet their needs with this kind of speed.

However, for those where speed is a slightly bigger factor, the A600 is faster. It can accommodate up to 150 cups per day, making it a better choice for medium-sized coffee shops or businesses that go through a little more espresso.


Sweet drinks such as mochas are becoming increasingly popular.

To keep up with this trend, the A400 and A600 are equipped with powder containers that can hold cocoa or even milk powder in them.

The difference here is the number of powder containers each one has.

The A400 comes with one powder container. This will be ample for commercial settings where drinks needing cocoa or dry milk are needed less.

Comparatively, the A600 has two powder containers. Options come into play again in this regard – two powder containers mean you could store two different kinds of cocoa powder, such as normal and dark. 


If you were to walk into just about any coffee shop today, you’d find lists of flavored syrups on the menu.

Many customers want more than just chocolate flavor in their drinks – they may be looking for a variety of flavors, such as vanilla, caramel, or pumpkin. Syrups add that extra touch to a drink that makes them memorable.

With the A600, you have the choice of ordering a flavor station so you can provide three flavored syrup options to your customers. That way, they can get the taste they’re craving from your business, too.


Majesty Coffee’s objective is to make sure our customers get the lowest prices for the highest-quality machines.

franke a400

Our Franke A400 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine is available for $8,789.60.

franke a600

We have the Franke A600 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine in our store for $14,032.


When you’re faced with two machines as similar as the Franke A400 and the A600, it can be difficult to choose between them. 

As alike as they are, though, there are still a few differences that you can look towards to influence your decision. 

A big aspect in your choice, for instance, could be the speed of the machine. If you need a faster machine, then the A600’s 150-cup capacity in a day will meet your needs more so than the A400.

Think about the kinds of drinks your customers tend to gravitate towards. For a clientele with a sweet tooth, you might need the extra powder container and optional flavor station of the A600.

Of course, there’s also budget to think about. There’s a stark difference in the prices between these machines, so if you need something that will be a smaller expenditure, you may want to consider the A400.

The A400 is also a great choice for situations where you just want to offer basic espresso-based drinks, like plain lattes or cappuccinos. In that kind of situation, you won’t necessarily need the bells and whistles of the A600.

Here’s our advice:

Medium-sized businesses that go through more espresso orders or businesses that need additional flavor options should opt for the Franke A600.

Smaller businesses or offices that are looking to provide the basics for a more modest price should consider the Franke A400. 

For more information on the Franke A600 FM CM and the Franke A400 FM CM, take a look at them in the Majesty Coffee Store here: 

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