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Eureka Mignon Silenzio Review

If you’ve ever spent time in a coffee shop, then you’ve heard the loud sound of an espresso grinder before. The high-pitched roar of a grinder can be off-putting and disruptive, especially when you’re trying to relax.

Here’s the good news: not all espresso grinders need to be deafeningly loud. Grinders like the Eureka Mignon Silenzio have been specifically designed to run far more quietly than their competitors.

Is the Silenzio worth it, though? In this Eureka Mignon Silenzio review, we’ll discover the answer by discussing these topics:

  • The Silenzio’s most important features and how they affect you.
  • Various Mignon configurations and how they differ from each other.
  • Alternative grinders for your consideration.
  • Information on the history of Eureka, the manufacturer.
  • Our recommendations for the best settings for the Silenzio.
  • The prices of the grinders mentioned in this review.

Let’s jump right in.

Quick Summary 

Eureka Mignon Silenzio 

Eureka Mignon Silenzio

The Eureka Mignon Silenzio’s key selling point is in its name. Like the word “Silenzio” implies, this whisper-quiet grinder is ideal for those who enjoy their peace and quiet uninterrupted. Its insulation is what enables it to run so quietly. Insulation aside, it’s also a budget-friendly, reliable grinder that’s a great pick for beginners.

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Key Features and Why They’re Important 

Flat Steel Burrs 

Undoubtedly, a coffee or espresso grinder’s most vital feature is its burrs. In fact, your grinder is basically built to house and turn the burrs in order to grind beans. That’s why we’re starting this review with an examination of the Silenzio’s burrs.

The first thing we’ll look at is shape. The Silenzio’s burrs are flat, so they consistently produce coffee particles that are all the same size. Because of this, extraction is more balanced and the flavor of each drink is rounded out nicely.

Second, there’s the material. These burrs are made from steel, which translates to longevity and durability. You won’t need to worry about them breaking if you drop them.

Finally, we should mention size. At 50mm in diameter, the Silenzio’s burrs are modestly sized. You’ll find that the grinder is easily fast enough for any household’s demands.

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Dialing in the grind refers to how you adjust the texture of your grinds in your grinder. With the Eureka Mignon Silenzio, you’ll use a stepless grind adjustment system.

This is a design that’s infinitely more flexible than the alternative, a stepped system. You’ll be able to adjust the fineness to any point on the spectrum from fine to coarse by twisting the dial left or right.

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Sound Insulation 

One of the best features of the Silenzio is its sound insulation. This is the whole reason the grinder is called “Silenzio,” after all.

Because of increased thickness and rubber components, the grinder is able to reduce its noise output. While it may not be totally soundless, there’s no denying that this Eureka model is significantly quieter than most options on the market today.

Bottom Burr Adjustment 

When you adjust your grind fineness on the Silenzio, the grinder moves the bottom burr up or down to go from fine to coarse or vice versa. You might be wondering why this is important.

It comes down to consistency. If you need to remove the top burr for maintenance, you won’t lose your chosen fineness setting since this grinder goes from the bottom in order to adjust fineness.

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Timed Dosing 

Do you know the proper timing for the dose of coffee or espresso you require? If so, there’s no need to use your phone to time the grinder – you can rely on the Silenzio to time itself.

Simply enter the proper time on the timer built into the side of the grinder. The grinder will then keep track of the time for you.

New Chute Design 

With the Silenzio comes some necessary changes to Eureka’s chute design. The chute has been widened and has integrated anti-clumping technology so your grounds will always be light and fluffy.

Additionally, insulation has been built into the chute. This contributes to the sound-dampening qualities of the Silenzio, helping it run quietly.

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Compact Size 

Many people who are searching for a budget grinder are also searching for one that doesn’t need a lot of space. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a grinder, wait for it to arrive, and then find that you don’t have the room for it on your counter.

Fortunately, the Silenzio is not only quiet – it’s also compact. Its exact measurements are 5 inches wide, 5.6 inches deep, and 13.8 inches tall. This is one of the most petite grinders you’ll find.

Different Configurations

Eureka Mignon Silenzio 


If you’re searching for a grinder that won’t wake up everyone in your household whenever you use it, the Silenzio is likely a great fit for you. Thanks to its insulated case, this might just be one of the quietest grinders you’ll ever own.

To ensure it fits into a variety of settings, it’s also available in two different colors. You’ll have the ability to choose a refined black version or a polished chrome version for your kitchen or business.

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Eureka Mignon Specialita 

Eureka Mignon Specialita

The Mignon Specialita is one of the more advanced models in the Mignon line of grinders. It has larger burrs than the Silenzio, which translates to a slightly faster grinding speed.

Of course, it also incorporates many of the Silenzio’s best features, such as the improved chute design, bottom burr adjustment, and sound-dampening technology.

The Specialita has a number of other important qualities:

  • Touchscreen controls for increased user-friendliness.
  • A compact size that will fit in virtually anywhere.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel burrs.

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Eureka Mignon Perfetto 

Eureka Mignon Perfetto

Taking the Mignon line to new heights, the Perfetto adds even more amazing features to this family of grinders. If you’re looking for one of the best Mignon grinders out there, you just might want to go for the Perfetto.

On top of the new chute design shared by the Mignon line grinders, the Perfetto has added a clump crusher. As you may have guessed, the crusher stops clumps from forming, guaranteeing that you get fluffy grounds time after time.

Here are additional Perfetto highlights:

  • Bottom burr adjustment, so your fineness setting is kept in place during maintenance.
  • Touchscreen operation that beginners will love.
  • An easy, color-coded fineness dial that makes dialing in the grind simpler than ever.

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Comparable Alternatives 

Baratza Vario 

Baratza Vario

There are so many coffee and espresso options out there. Regardless of what your budget is, we can guarantee there’s a grinder that matches your needs.

The Baratza Vario, like the Silenzio, is another example of how inexpensive quality grinders can get. Despite a bargain price, it’s designed with top-tier features that you’re sure to love.

From its beginner-friendly grind adjustment system to its programmable grinding buttons, this handy little grinder is perfect for home baristas looking to step up their game.

There are even more attractive qualities to this grinder, such as the following:

  • An included grounds bin for you to grind larger batches of coffee into.
  • Adjustable portafilter brackets, so you can fit portafilters of any size.
  • Quiet grinding that might just rival the Silenzio.
  • Long-lasting ceramic burrs that also keep cool during grinding.

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About the Brand 

Eureka might be one of the most experienced grinder manufacturers on the market today. This historic brand has been around since 1920, when they were founded in Italy with the express purpose of making cutting-edge machines.

Since their creation, Eureka has consistently produced high-quality coffee and espresso grinders. They span a wide range of budgets, too, making this trustworthy brand accessible to everyone.

Ideal Grinder Applications 

The Eureka Mignon Silenzio is a smaller grinder. Everything from its hopper size to its burr size would perhaps be a little too small for large, bustling businesses.

However, we feel that the Silenzio would be an excellent home espresso grinder. Given its quiet design, it might also be a good fit for offices or small, peaceful coffee shops.

What Customers Say 

We currently don’t have any feedback specifically on the Silenzio, but don’t let that deter you. Our other Eureka grinders have been well-received by our customers.

Since the company is so experienced and their other models have done exceedingly well, we’re certain that the Silenzio is simply another excellent grinder.

Pricing Information 

Wondering how much the grinders in this guide would cost? We’ll take a look at the prices of each grinder in this review now, so you know exactly what to expect.

Majesty Coffee carefully calculates the price of each of our grinders, ensuring that we have something for just about everyone. That same care went into pricing the grinders we mentioned here.

The Eureka Mignon is listed in our store for $479. We have the Eureka Mignon Perfetto for $679 and the Eureka Mignon Specialita for $699. Last but certainly not least, we have the Baratza Vario for $479.

Click the links below to confirm the prices and see more about the grinders:

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