Rocket Boxer Timer Espresso Machine Volumetric

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Configuration: 1 Group - 120 V

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Who Should Buy The Rocket Boxer Shot Timer Volumetric? 

Small to Medium Coffee Shops

Do long lines form quickly in your shop? The Rocket Espresso Boxer 1 Group Volumetric can handle it, and then some. Its massive 8.3 liter copper boiler is going to help your cafe serve a higher volume of customers fine espresso drinks from flat whites to macchiatos and more. 

Ensuring thermal stability with a thermosiphon and the consistency of programmable dosing, this machine facilitates faster, better customer service. Adding on manual dosing, you can bypass the programmed buttons to pull any type of customized espresso shot for customers upon request.

Serving drinks in tall cups? This model has height adjustability for different drink sizes so you can breeze through orders. Rocket nails the design for cafe service, down to the cool-touch wands.


For many restaurants, a single-group espresso machine is all they need to add elegant espresso drinks to the menu. But quality is in the details, as Rocket machine owners can tell you.

The Boxer 1 Group Volumetric is highly approachable for newcomers to the art of espresso and cappuccino milk steaming. Just pushing a dosing button is all that’s needed for a shot, and with automated cleaning functions, your employees don’t have to be experts to use and maintain the machine.

And of course, let’s not forget the aesthetic appeal. This shiny stainless steel model looks gorgeous on display in front of patrons who can ooh and aah while their lattes are being made. It’s an all-around winner.


Using a volumetric machine like the Boxer 1 Group Volumetric couldn’t be easier for office employees. But on top of that, it’s got enough power to keep churning out drink after drink for a large office staff every day of the week.

Owing to the cool-touch steam wands and easy programmability, it’s an unstoppable combination of precision and user-friendliness for your staff. Incredibly practical, it’s even built with an auto backflush program it performs all by itself to let your staff focus on what’s important.

Home Baristas

This machine is for none other than the home barista obsessed with making killer espresso drinks.

As it’s built to take on a steady stream of drink orders, it’s ideal for a residence with multiple espresso fans and for hosting events. Offering both volumetric and manual dosing, it’s great for prosumers at the beginning of their espresso education or for long-time aficionados.

If you want access to what’s happening inside the machine, the manometers show you both the boiler and brew pressures at all times. This machine makes diving deep into the world of espresso simple (and fun).


The Boxer 1 Group Volumetric packs more power and performance in. A lot more.

A programmable espresso machine with boiler power like this can handle long lines of drink orders like a boss.

Attentively designed with precise microprocessing and thermosiphon tech, the Rocket Espresso Boxer 1 Group Volumetric is designed to produce nothing but exemplary espresso shots. More than your average volumetric machine, it also has a manual switch for when customers ask for longer or shorter shots or you just want to guide extraction by hand.

Placing even more control in the barista’s hands with the boiler and pump pressure gauges and a protective two-way power switch that can fill the boiler without activating the heating element, this model is built for serious espresso artists.

Easy to use and pretty to look at, the Boxer 1 Group Volumetric wins everyone over.

The Boxer 1 Group Volumetric’s clean and simple design allows baristas to program a wide variety of espresso recipes in a flash and pull consistent espresso shots while focusing on enhancing customer service.

Simple, modern, and adhering to the style guidelines of chic minimalism, the Boxer 1 Group Volumetric is striking in high-shine stainless steel. Anywhere you place it, people will take notice.

Sporting an adjustable drip tray height for different cup sizes, an auto-clean cycle that performs backflushing on its own, and two cool-touch steam wands that baristas can switch between as they please, there’s nothing that Rocket hasn’t thought of to make this volumetric machine as intuitive as can be.

Rocket doesn’t mess around when it comes to quality.

Talk to some professionals in the industry about Rocket machines and you’ll discover just why this brand has such a strong, loyal following.

The Rocket Espresso Boxer 1 Group Volumetric is built with the same winning design combo of looks and smarts that the company’s other models are loved for.

Key Features and What They Mean

8.3 Liter Copper Heat Exchange Boiler

There’s so much power to brew and steam at the same time that you’ll never have to worry about running out when the customer line is out the door again. Since the heat exchange boiler is made of copper, it’s antimicrobial—cleanliness is important!

Stainless Steel Body

High-quality, durable, and nice to look at, the stainless steel casing adds a professional touch to your business or home kitchen.

Thermosiphon System

Circulating hot water throughout the brew group, the thermosiphon maintains optimal brewing temperature to help you pull consistent shots.

Programmable Volumetric Dosing

Anyone can make espresso with programmed buttons as easy as these. Once the desired espresso volume is set, the machine will deliver shots at that volume for every barista at the touch of a button.

Manual Dosing Switch

Whether the volumetric buttons aren’t cutting it or you want the prestige of handcrafting the espresso, the manual switch lets you override the programming function and tailor shots to your specifications on demand.

Adjustable Water Temperature

It’s not uncommon for customers to ask for a few ice cubes to be thrown in a piping hot Americano or tea. This machine gives you the option of adjusting the water temperature instead of having to dump in ice cubes that splash scalding water on your hands. 

Boiler and Pump Pressure Gauges

Checking these pressure gauges gives you all the information you need to get the most out of your brewing and steaming.

2 Cool-Touch Steam Wands

Not one, but two steam wands let you switch sides. If you’re a lefty or a righty, you get to choose. Because these wands have cooler surface temperatures, the chance of accidentally burning yourself touching them is greatly reduced, which makes everyone happy.

Auto Backflush Program

Not looking forward to how much time it takes to clean the machine when the day is over? Using the automated backflushing system gives you the chance to walk away from the machine while it self-cleans and wrap up other items that need your attention.

Adjustable Drip Tray Height

Perfect for businesses with tall drink cups, the choice between a longer or shorter distance from the drip tray to the group head goes beyond convenience.

2 Way Power Switch

This power switch allows you to turn on the machine and fill the boiler without activating the heating element to protect it and avoid overheating. Pretty smart.

Roomy Cup Warmer with Rail

There’s a ton of storage space for your cups on top of the machine, and it will warm them up to make hot drinks stay hot. Built with a protective rail, the warming tray also keeps cups safe and sound on top of the machine.


110V Boxer 1 Group

Appropriate for home users as well as a lower volume business like an office with a small staff, the 110V configuration scales down what would otherwise be an unnecessary amount of power. But don’t worry—it sacrifices not one iota of functionality.

220V Boxer 1 Group

The 220V configuration is the way to go for commercial usage and busier locations. If your business can sustain the power requirements, it’s the best version for higher volume use.

Boxer 1 Group Volumetric Features & Specifications

1 Group / 2 Group
Height 18.5" 18.5"
Width 19" 25"
Depth 19.5" 19.5"
Watts 2300W
Volts 110V  220V
Amps 30A 30A
Boiler Volume 8.3 L 13.2L

Warranty Information

What it Covers: Rocket Espresso commercial machines
Length: 1 year parts warranty

Electrical plug information

1 group machine comes pre-installed with a L530 commercial plug. 

2 group machine comes pre-installed with a L630 commercial plug. 

Warranty Contact Information: (888) 978-5224 or email us at

Care and Maintenance

  • Backflush daily according to the manual's instructions. Repeat.
  • Purge steam wands after each use.


    Common Questions and Answers

    Q: What does the thermosiphon in the Boxer 1 Group Volumetric do?

    A: The thermosiphon is part of the machine’s advanced heating system. It works to maintain temperature stability in the group head for perfect espresso shots all day, every day.

    It accomplishes this by keeping hot water circulating in the brew group. This way, when you go to pull a shot, the temperature at the group is optimal, something that doesn’t necessarily occur without a mechanism like the thermosiphon in place.

    As you may already be aware, the right temperature is crucial when it comes to brewing espresso. If it’s not in the correct range, your shots may not come out right or taste the way you want them to.

    Q: What are the pressure gauges on the Boxer 1 Group Volumetric for?

    A: In a big way, the pressure gauges help you use the espresso machine more effectively. They show you the pressure in the boiler and the pressure connected to the pump during the brew process.

    If you want to know exactly when your machine is at temperature to brew espresso and steam milk after you’ve turned it on in the morning, check the boiler pressure gauge. You should see it settle in the green area (just think green for “go”). 

    When you’re pulling a shot, keeping an eye on the pump pressure gauge can give insight into what’s going on if the pressure isn’t building correctly. Often, it has to do with how you’re tamping or an element of your brew ratio.

    If it’s not that you need to tamp with a little more or less pressure, it may be that you need to add more or less ground coffee to the portafilter. By adjusting your levels and rechecking the pump pressure gauge, you can really get your process down.

    Q: What is the difference between manual and volumetric dosing in the Boxer 1 Group Espresso Machine?

    A: The basic difference between the dosing options on the Boxer 1 Group Volumetric is how much control you have over the extraction process.

    Using the volumetric buttons, you won’t need to stop the brew cycle. The machine will intelligently stop it when the correct espresso volume has been reached.

    But with manual dosing, you’ll need to tell the machine when to start and stop brewing. This is great if you have a specific extraction recipe in mind and you want to try it out.

    Between the two different controls, you have your pick of automated consistency and hand-guided extraction anytime you like.

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