Mahlkonig Tanzania Filter Coffee Grinder

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Who Should Buy The Mahlkonig Tanzania? 

Small to Medium Coffee Shops

A slim design, highly accurate grind adjustments, and built-in motor ventilation come together in the Mahlkonig Tanzania to offer small to medium shops the perfect high-powered filter coffee grinder.

This model provides flexible fineness settings from a fine Turkish-style coffee to coarse French press, giving you and your customers all the options you’re looking for whether you’re grinding into retail bags or coffee filters for in-house brewing.

With a convenient bag clamp, you can walk away while the Tanzania grinds retail bags. Every bit of the coffee will go directly into the bag thanks to the knock-off device and bag shaker eliminating leftover coffee stuck in the chute.

You’ll appreciate this sturdy flat burr grinder’s cool grinding and flavor optimization in addition to residue-free grinding that prevents product loss. More bang for your buck as well as your customer’s.


Counter space can be scarce in restaurants. With its compact structure, the Tanzania won’t clog up your countertop. 

Best of all, its modular construction makes it painless to clean and maintain. The last thing you need is a complicated piece of equipment for coffee service that your employees will struggle to keep up with.

With an easy-turn adjustment knob, getting to the right grind setting for drip coffee or a French press setting is hassle-free—in other words, ideal for a restaurant.


Though a retail coffee grinder like the Tanzania is built for holding bags of coffee, it makes a great filter coffee grinder for the office if you don’t have much room in the kitchen.

Since it can easily go from fine to coarse settings, your employees will have a wide range of brewing methods at their disposal.

Even if you’re just looking for a no-fuss coffee grinder that can be set for basic espresso, drip coffee, or French press, the Tanzania has what you need, plus an unwavering commitment to quality.


Don’t settle for average. The Tanzania certainly won’t.

Beyond its classic style, the Mahlkonig Tanzania features the kind of craftsmanship that helps you excel at making quality coffee with little effort.

The Tanzania’s precision 80mm burrs together with motor ventilation guarantee consistency and superb coffee flavors. Stepless grind adjustment is made easy with a fast-action adjustment handle to move from Turkish-style coffee to French press in one quick motion.

This efficient filter coffee grinder has versatility on its side. It holds retail bags for direct grinding, offers accurate adjustments for your own tailored brewing methods, and keeps maintenance simple for every user.

The compact design of the Tanzania gives you more room to work.

A slender grinder like the Tanzania is the right model for a business trying to make more room for productivity, not less with added equipment.

Just because it’s compact doesn’t mean it’s any less robust than Mahlkonig’s other filter coffee grinders. This model is built for heavy-duty grinding for smaller businesses meeting higher demand.

Mahlkonig helps you achieve high-quality results every time.

There’s no mistaking a Mahlkonig grinder. This company dedicates energy and research to finding innovative ways to serve professionals of the coffee world with diverse needs.

The Tanzania performs on a high level, packing a ton of power and flexibility into a smaller grinder.

Key Features and What They Mean

80mm Flat Burrs

The Tanzania’s large, flat grinding discs achieve a rate of consistency that ensures great-tasting coffee 100% of the time. Keeping heat from building up, the Tanzania grinds quickly, from fine to medium-coarse at a pace of 1.2 to 2 pounds a minute.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Accessed right at the side of the grinder, stepless grind adjustment creates the opportunity to dial in the grind with ideal results. You can fine-tune to your heart’s content and make any type of coffee as good as it can possibly be.

Compact Design

At 8.1 inches wide, 11.6 inches deep, and 24.9 inches high, this grinder is engineered for small to medium businesses. It keeps your work space free of clutter if your counters easily become overcrowded.

1.6 Pound Transparent Bean Hopper

The 1.6 pound bean hopper holds more than enough coffee for standard single-pound retail bags. You can do even more than that with enough room in the hopper to accommodate quantities for other grinding needs.

Bag Clamp and Knock-Off Device

This feature duo assists you in creating a more efficient atmosphere by holding onto retail bags while the Tanzania grinds and quickly clearing the coffee chute. You’ll avoid leftover coffee clumps in the grinder and save your product from being wasted small amounts at a time.

Bag Shaker

The bag shaker gently vibrates to settle the fluffy ground coffee so that you don’t have to spend time doing this manually.

Motor Ventilation

Further increasing temperature control, the motor ventilation system makes this model even more effective at maintaining cool grinding. The coffee will stay at peak quality.

Magnetic Disc Carrier

Holding the grinding discs in place with magnetic disc carriers instead of screws, the Tanzania cuts down on cleaning time and gets every precious gram of coffee into the bag or filter with no residues left behind.

Tanzania Features & Specifications

Hopper Capacity 1.6 lbs
Grinding Capacity - fine to medium 1.2 - 2.0 lbs/min
Voltage 100-115 V
Frequency / Phases 60 Hz / Single-Phase
Grinding Disc Diameter 80 mm
Dimensions (w x d x h) 8.1“ x 11.6“ x 24.9“
Net weight 35.3 lbs
Shipping Weight 40 lbs
Bag Clamping Yes
Bag Shaker Yes
Magnetic Disc Carrier Yes
Motor Ventilation Yes
Real Turkish Fine Grinding Yes
Large Hopper 3.3 lbs
Listings CB


Common Questions and Answers

Q: How is a flat burr grinder like the Tanzania different from a conical burr grinder?

A: With a flat burr grinder like the Tanzania, you’re getting the guarantee of a consistent grind. The coffee particles it produces are of a perfectly uniform size, which ultimately means that the brewed coffee will have a more balanced flavor.

Creating a bimodal particle size distribution, or coffee ground into particles of different sizes, a conical burr grinder typically emphasizes brighter flavors. At the same time, it can be tricky to make sure that the finer particles don’t become over-extracted and lend an unpleasant taste to the coffee.

Among premium retail coffee grinders, flat burr types are not at all uncommon considering their reliable results and applicability to any roast. 

Q: What is stepless grind adjustment and how does it work in the Tanzania?

A: Stepless grind adjustment gives you a lot more freedom to choose any grind setting that you might prefer. But let’s start by breaking down what a stepped grinder looks like for a comparison.

Stepped grinders have preset notches on the adjustment wheels. When you change the coarseness, the dial clicks into place in one of the preset notches. While it’s easy to switch between settings, you don’t have access to any settings in between the notches.

If you want those in-between settings, you want a stepless grinder. The Mahlkonig Tanzania allows you to make more precise changes to the grind that suit your particular taste and brewing methods. This is one way to make your product stand out.

Q: What does grinder heat buildup have to do with coffee quality?

A: Any grinder worth its salt should have some means of limiting heat buildup while it grinds coffee. The reason behind this is that an excess of heat has the real potential to make the coffee taste dull, burned, or otherwise underwhelming.

There are many ways in which a grinder can be designed to prevent this from happening. There may even be a combination of features that work in tandem to control the grinder temperature.

In the Tanzania, the large burrs and motor ventilation team up to keep it cool at all times. Because the large burrs don’t require many rotations to grind the coffee, friction is reduced. When you add in the ventilation system, any heat generated from continuous use can properly escape.

The bottom line is that the Tanzania is built for cool grinding in all environments, which is good news for the quality of your product.



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