Rocket Boxer 2 Group Espresso Machine Volumetric RC032A5A51 (Standard Height)

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Who Should Buy The Rocket Espresso Boxer 2 Group Espresso Machine? 

Medium to Large Coffee Shops

When it gets busy—really busy—you’ll come to depend on the Rocket Espresso Boxer 2 Group Volumetric for its ability to knock out a line of drinks before it gets backed up. 

This two-group machine contains a giant 13.2 liter copper heat exchange boiler that won’t let you down during the highest volume hours, days, and seasons. You’re going to love the volumetric dosing buttons—they’re programmable for fast usage and consistent espresso.

Sustaining internal temperatures with high accuracy with a thermosiphon, quality espresso is what this machine promises. And with an internal layout that makes it easy to find, repair, or replace components, you can keep this machine in tip-top shape and running smoothly for years to come.

If you’re looking for a mega powerful but easygoing machine, you found a match in the Boxer 2 Group Volumetric.


Charming with its sleek minimalist exterior, there’s more to this machine than meets the eye. Underneath the shiny stainless steel is a high-test boiler and microprocessing technology to deliver quality espresso drinks one after another, helping your staff serve customers quickly and efficiently. 

If your staff has never touched a professional commercial espresso machine
before, they’ll have no trouble with this machine’s programmed delivery of espresso shots, cool-touch steam wands, and automatic backflushing system.

Because it’s such a gorgeous machine, you can place it somewhere where customers will see their lattes made right before their eyes. It’s not hard to impress with this model.


Avoiding overcomplicated processes, this volumetric machine offers a large office straightforward operation and maintenance. In other words, exactly what employees lacking barista expertise need.

It takes the bare minimum of training to make cafe-style espresso and velvety steamed milk on this machine. Effortlessly producing a steady stream of high-quality drinks, it will even perform its own backflushing at the end of the day so that employees don’t have to divert much attention to machine cleaning.

Between the no-burn steam wands and intuitive controls, your staff will have no trouble making coffee right at the office and skipping trips to the coffee shop that can eat into productivity time.


Unlock unbeatable power and performance with the Boxer 2 Group Volumetric.

The Rocket Espresso Boxer 2 Group Volumetric is Rocket’s answer to the need for espresso uniformity and consistency in high-volume locations. It’s a workhorse of a machine, powering through drink after drink with an inexhaustible 13.2 liter heat exchange boiler.

With a temperature-regulating thermosiphon and robust steam wands, every latte is prepared with lush espresso and oh-so creamy and delicate microfoam. 

Adding a manual switch to the volumetric design allows baristas to choose automated shot consistency or vary extraction on demand per customer requests. Together with the dual pressure gauge and adjustable water temperature, the machine offers real control to baristas dedicated to their craft.

The Boxer 2 Group Volumetric is easy to use—and easy on the eyes, too.

Talk about brains and beauty. Rocket built this machine to be seen. Constructed with clean lines and a sophisticated minimalist exterior, it’s the kind of machine that reinforces the artistry of espresso making.

Few companies take this kind of simplified approach to advanced technology. Built to support the busy barista providing exceptional customer service, the machine comes with all the fixings: an auto backflush system, cool-touch steam wands, and an optional tall cup drip tray clearance.

Underneath the hood, the machine is set up for ease of long-term maintenance. Impeccable drink quality, user-friendliness, simple upkeep—it’s everything a business owner could want.

Rocket is in the business of making high-quality espresso machines the standard.

What every Rocket espresso machine shares is a melding of power, reliability, and style every espresso enthusiast dreams about.

If that’s what you’re in the market for, the Rocket Espresso Boxer 2 Group Volumetric certainly won’t let you down.

Key Features and What They Mean

13.2 Liter Copper Heat Exchange Boiler

Ready, set, go! The 13.2 liter boiler supplies more than enough brewing and steaming power to take on the most challenging high-volume days. Constructed from copper, this boiler system is naturally antimicrobial!

Stainless Steel Body

That mirror shine charms customers and baristas alike. The stainless steel casing adds durability and style.

Thermosiphon System

With a thermosiphon keeping hot water flowing through the group, the machine achieves temperature stability for excellent performance, shot after shot.

Programmable Volumetric Dosing

Program your preferred espresso volumes and let the machine dispense perfect espressos every time, for every user. Quality doesn’t get much easier.

Manual Dosing Switch

Anytime you want to bypass the volumetric buttons, switch to manual dosing. That way, it’s easier to meet customer expectations when they ask for something you haven’t programmed, be it a lungo or ristretto.

Adjustable Water Temperature

Instead of having to drop ice cubes into a burning-hot Americano for your customer, you can simply change the water temperature with the cold water mixing system. 

Boiler and Group Pressure Gauges

Complete with two pressure gauges to monitor the inner workings of the machine, you’ll have detailed information to leverage when you’re brewing espresso and steaming milk.

Cool Touch Steam Wands

These wands are insulated, so they stay cool enough to touch without burning yourself when you’re frothing milk for a latte. Another nice thing about them is that they don’t encourage the dreaded layer of milk crust that’s difficult to scrape off.

Auto Backflush Program

Instead of manually backflushing, use the automatic backflush program and dedicate your energy to other priorities and get them taken care of faster.

Adjustable Drip Tray Height

You have a choice between different drip tray heights, allowing you to opt for a version that accommodates tall cups. Definitely a benefit for cafes serving coffee in different sizes.

2 Way Power Switch

You don’t have to turn on the heating element to fill the boiler with the two-way power switch. This way, it’s protected from overheating.

Roomy Cup Warmer with Rail

Not sure where to put porcelain cups for cappuccinos? Storing them on top of the cup warmer preheats them so that your drinks stay hot for longer. Sit back, relax, and enjoy sipping your latte.

Boxer 2 Group Features & Specifications


    Height 18.5"
    Width 25"
    Depth 19.5"
    Watts 4300W
    Volts 220V
    Amps 30A
    Boiler Volume 13.2L


    What it Covers: Rocket Espresso commercial machines
    Length: 1-year parts, 3 months labor
    Warranty Contact Information: (888) 978-5224 or email us at

    Care & Maintenance

    • Backflush daily according to the manual's instructions. Repeat.
    • Purge steam wands after each use.

      Common Questions and Answers

      Q: What does the thermosiphon in the Boxer 2 Group Volumetric do?

      A: In practical terms, the thermosiphon is there to keep the brewing temperature stable. The more thermal stability, the more reliable the results. 

      Inside the machine, the thermosiphon is circulating hot water through the brew group, even when you’re not using the machine. This is great for you, the barista, as you’ll be able to pull espresso shots throughout the day that are more consistent from one to the next. 

      Because temperatures can fluctuate significantly in an espresso machine with varied usage and as water travels from one area to another, having a thermal regulation unit like a thermosiphon cuts down on the variability.

      Q: What are the pressure gauges on the Boxer 2 Group Volumetric for?

      A: The pressure gauges on the Boxer 2 Group Volumetric show you the group and boiler pressure. But it’s what you do with this information that makes them so useful.

      After you turn on the machine, looking for a pressure reading settling in the green area of the boiler gauge tells you that you can now make yourself an espresso or steam milk. If not, it’s still heating up.

      If you’re brewing espresso, checking the group pressure gauge tells you how much pressure the pump is generating. If it’s off, your espresso is probably not turning out right, so evaluating the steps in your process will likely assist you in fixing it.

      Too little pressure can indicate that you need to add a little more ground coffee to your dose. If that’s not the issue, try tamping with a little more pressure if you’re tamping very lightly (but be careful not to go the other way and tamp too hard).

      Making changes like these and then rechecking the group pressure gauge will guide you toward the best process for making espresso. In that way, it’s like a little assessment meter of your barista skills.

      Q: What is the difference between manual and volumetric dosing in the Boxer 2 Group Volumetric?

      A: How much manual control you have of the extraction cycle is the key difference between the dosing options.

      When using the volumetric buttons, you’re initiating extraction but letting the machine take it from there. It automatically stops at the correct espresso volume, which can be tremendously beneficial in a busy cafe or office with multiple users as it helps to keep everyone’s results basically uniform.

      Now with manual dosing, you’ll start and stop the brew cycle when you feel that it’s finished. It helps to have a decent understanding of extraction and what kinds of results you want, but manual dosing gives you the freedom to get creative.

      Bottom line: With the two brewing options in the Boxer 2 Group Volumetric, you’re not limited to the functionality of a standard volumetric or semiautomatic espresso machine.

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