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Concerned about the potential health risks of plastic in your coffee maker? You're not alone! In this post, we'll explore your options for an automatic drip coffee maker without plastic parts, so you can enjoy your morning brew with peace of mind.

Health Concerns of Plastic in Coffee Makers

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When it comes to using automatic drip coffee makers, health-conscious consumers often raise concerns about the potential presence of plastic components in these appliances. Many common plastics contain a chemical compound known as bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to various health issues.

As an endocrine disruptor, BPA has the potential to interfere with the body's hormone systems, leading to a range of health problems. These may include reproductive disorders, heart disease, hypertension, insulin resistance, diabetes, asthma, obesity, and certain cancers.

The primary concern with plastic in coffee makers is the process of leaching, which occurs when plastic materials come into contact with hot and acidic liquids, such as coffee. Since coffee makers often feature interior parts made of plastic and are used daily, it's important to be aware of the potential health risks associated with repeated exposure to BPA and other toxic chemicals.

For those interested in reducing their exposure to harmful plastics, it's essential to look for coffee makers with little or no plastic components, particularly in the interior parts that come into direct contact with hot liquids. In recent years, there has been a push towards non-toxic and plastic-free coffee makers to accommodate the growing demand for healthier options.

Types of Non-Plastic Coffee Makers

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When searching for a coffee maker without plastic parts, there are several options in the market. These coffee makers come in various designs and functionality, helping you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without worrying about potential toxins seeping into your drink.

French Presses

French presses are popular due to their simple design and ability to produce rich, flavorful coffee. With a stainless steel or glass body, they are both plastic-free and environmentally friendly. Stainless steel options, like the Frieling French Press, offer durability and excellent heat retention.

Chemex Pour-Over

The Chemex Pour-Over is a glass coffee maker that combines style and functionality. With its unique design, it is ideal for those seeking a plastic-free option that provides a clean and smooth taste with every brew.

Stainless Steel Coffee Makers

Stainless steel coffee makers come in various styles, from stovetop espresso makers to drip machines. These coffee makers, such as the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Maker, offer excellent durability, easy maintenance, and are BPA-free.

Glass Coffee Makers

Glass coffee makers are an excellent choice for people who prefer a more elegant and classic design. These coffee makers, often used in pour-over setups, are durable, visually appealing, and free of plastic.

Moka Pot

Moka pots, also known as stovetop espresso makers, are a popular choice for those who enjoy strong, espresso-like coffee without plastic parts. These coffee makers are often made from aluminum or stainless steel and can be used on a gas or electric stove.


Percolators, like the Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, enjoy a long history and remain relevant due to their ability to deliver robust, full-bodied coffee. These brewers, typically made from stainless steel or glass, offer a plastic-free option for individuals who appreciate a traditional brewing method.

Ceramic Coffee Makers

Ceramic coffee makers bring a touch of artistry and elegance to the brewing process. Often used in pour-overs, these coffee makers are visually appealing, durable, and free of plastic.

Stovetop Espresso Makers

Stovetop espresso makers, similar to Moka pots, allow individuals to make espresso-like coffee without a complex setup. These coffee makers are often made from stainless steel or aluminum, offering a sturdy, plastic-free option for espresso enthusiasts.

Popular Plastic-Free Coffee Maker Options

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For those seeking a plastic-free coffee maker, several options have emerged as popular alternatives to the common automatic drip coffee makers. One of the top choices is the Technivorm Moccamaster. This premium coffee maker boasts a sturdy metal housing and a glass carafe, ensuring minimal contact with plastic components during the brewing process.

Another excellent choice is the Farb coffee maker, which features a stainless steel exterior and a BPA-free water reservoir, providing peace of mind for coffee lovers and reducing overall plastic exposure. Similarly, the Bunn VP17-1 and BUNN VP17-1SS are designed as commercial-grade, low-profile pourover coffee makers with minimal plastic content. These machines are both known for their efficiency and quick brewing capabilities.

The Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is a popular choice and widely recognized as an almost entirely plastic-free option. With its stainless steel construction, this coffee maker can brew anywhere between 2 to 12 cups of coffee as fast as a cup a minute, and it keeps the coffee hot automatically.

For espresso lovers, the Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker is a great plastic-free option. Made from high-quality aluminum or stainless steel, it offers a safe way to enjoy a rich and full-bodied espresso without worrying about plastic contamination. Additionally, the Frieling Stainless Steel French Press is an example of a premium manual coffee maker, featuring a dual-wall stainless steel construction that eliminates any contact with plastic.

Lastly, the Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker stands out as another excellent plastic-free alternative. Its double-walled stainless steel design helps to retain heat and ensure durability, while completely avoiding the use of plastic materials during the brewing process.

With these options, consumers can find a plastic-free coffee maker that suits their preferences while prioritizing health and environmental concerns.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Accessories

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Eco-friendly coffee accessories can significantly enhance the overall environmental impact and sustainability of your daily coffee routine. Considering non-toxic and plastic-free options for your automatic drip coffee maker ensures that you not only contribute to a greener environment, but also enjoy coffee produced with safe materials.

When choosing coffee filters, opt for those made from unbleached, organic, or reusable materials. These eco-friendly filters reduce waste and prevent harmful chemicals like chlorine from leaching into your coffee. For instance, reusable stainless steel or organic cotton filters can be a great alternative to traditional disposable filters.

In addition to filters, choosing eco-friendly coffee pods can also have a positive impact on the environment. Many traditional coffee pods contribute to large amounts of plastic waste. Consider refillable or biodegradable coffee pods, which are compatible with several automatic drip coffee makers. These pods not only help minimize plastic and aluminum waste, but they also often support the use of healthier and fresher coffee grounds.

Another aspect to consider is the non-toxic materials used in coffee makers. Stainless steel components, such as carafes, filters, and brewing chambers, are preferred over plastic parts, as they eliminate the risk of harmful chemicals like BPA leaching into your coffee. Some automatic drip coffee makers, like the Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, use a majority of stainless steel components, minimizing any contact with plastic.

To summarize, incorporating eco-friendly coffee accessories into your daily routine is a step towards achieving a healthier and greener coffee experience. By opting for non-toxic materials, reusable filters, and eco-friendly coffee pods, you can contribute to environmental conservation while enjoying great-tasting coffee.

Additional Considerations and Features


When searching for the ideal plastic-free coffee maker, it is crucial to consider various factors and features that ensure the best brewing experience. A primary consideration is the materials used in the construction of the coffee maker, particularly the parts that come into contact with hot water and coffee. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for a body, water reservoir, and filter baskets, as it is resistant to the heat of hot liquids, while being non-toxic and plastic-free.

Another important factor to note is whether the coffee maker is made of BPA-free plastic, as BPA substances can potentially leach into the drinking water when heated materials are involved. Although a complete plastic-free coffee maker might be challenging to find, BPA-free coffee makers offer a less-toxic alternative to regular plastic devices. Consumers should also check the availability of replacement parts in case it becomes necessary to repair or maintain the appliance over time.

Various features can significantly enhance the user's brewing experience. For instance, a thermal carafe can help maintain your coffee's temperature for prolonged periods without the need for a heating plate, reducing energy consumption and contributing to an eco-friendly experience. Similarly, a pause and serve feature offers convenience by allowing the user to remove the carafe mid-brew, pour a cup, and resume brewing without spilling coffee on the warming plate or counter.

Lastly, single-serve brewers can cater to individual demands, allowing for a quick cup of coffee without the need to brew a full pot. However, it's vital to ensure these machines have minimal plastic parts at crucial points, such as the pour spout and handle, as hot liquids may interact with the plastic.

In conclusion, every component coming into contact with hot water and coffee in the appliance’s interior should ideally be plastic-free. Assessing these factors and features will ensure you invest in a reliable and long-lasting automatic drip coffee maker that meets your requirements for a pleasurable brewing experience.

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