CLASSE 5 1 Group
CLASSE 5 1 Group USB
CLASSE 5 1 Group
CLASSE 5 1 Group USB


Rancilio Classe 5 1 Group - Automatic or Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine


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Rancilio Classe 5 1 Group - Automatic or Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Experience hand-made Italian excellence without sacrificing on your budget.

rancilio classe 5 usb

The Classe 5 distills the most essential technology developed by Rancilio into a high-performance, approachable espresso machine. Its modern, Italian styling is easy to clean and built for years of heavy use. This machine is ready to be put to work.

Every setup is different, and your espresso machine needs to meet those needs, too. The Classe 5 is offered with manual (S) or automatic (USB) dosing control and automatic steaming options (iSteam). And with availability in 1-3 groups, you can choose an option that works best for your cafe or espresso bar.

Learn how the Classe 5 can be the engine for your cafe.

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Discover why so many coffee shops have grown to rely on Rancilio’s performance and craftsmanship. With the innovative Steady Brew system, your staff can experience class-leading precision, cup after cup.

With customizable features, you can easily find the right fit for your bar needs, from manual to automatic dosing and milk steaming.

Product Summary

The redesigned Classe 5 is as easy to use and approachable as ever.

  • Available in 1-3 group configurations with manual (S) or automatic (USB) operation
  • Ergonomic controls that are easy to use
  • Durable stainless steel and ABS construction
  • Specialized, best-in-class heat exchanger technology
  • LED work area lighting
  • Available in black, white, or gray

Operating Interface

USB OPERATING INTERFACE - Soft touch keypad with volumetric dosing

S/ST OPERATING INTERFACE - Rocker button with manual dosing


- Hot water outlet with manual valve knob control
- One C-lever manual steam wand

- Includes pour-over 2 liter water reservoir and drain basin

Standard Features 

standard features

Product Specifications

TitleUSB/S/ST 1 Group/Tall
Dimensions (inches)16 x 21 x 21
Boiler (L)4
Voltage (v)110
Element (w)1600
Amerpage (a)20

Water must remain at 2-3 GPG or warranty will be voided - a dedicated water softener/filter is required. Water must be maintained in accordance with the Rancilio Group NA water quality statement.

More Details

Helpful Resources

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  • User Manual