What Is A Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Should you invest in a superautomatic espresso machine? For some brewers the hands-off approach is very appealing, particularly if they lead a frenetic lifestyle.

Espresso machines come in a few varieties: automatic, semi-automatic, and superautomatic. Let’s take a look at the major differences below so you can pick the most appropriate one for your lifestyle.

What is a Superautomatic Espresso Machine?

Don’t have time for the full article? Here’s a quick answer to your question:

When you’re low on time or not yet confident in your espresso-making abilities, a superautomatic espresso machine is a great purchase. It’s a hybrid espresso and coffee maker that allows you to create several types of coffee at the press of a button. It takes out a lot of the guesswork of brewing coffee and provides several time-saving features, such as programmable settings and automated cleaning. 

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To compare, a semi-automatic espresso machine gives you greater control over the coffee you’re making. It provides you with the ability to choose a wider variety of settings, as well as programmable dosing times. These machines are better choices for more experimental homebrewers or baristas-in-training. 

How Does a Superautomatic Espresso Machine Work?

A superautomatic espresso machine is a popular choice among multiple demographics. Its straightforward approach and flexible brewing methods make it ideal for beginning home brewers, large families, and office environments.

A superautomatic espresso machine comes with all the gadgets you need to make cafe au laits, lattes, and cappuccinos. 

Bean Grinder

No need to buy separate equipment with a superautomatic espresso machine. You’ll have a bean grinder already built in, often with the capacity to store a few pounds of coffee at a time. This is a wonderful feature for brewers who want to make coffee for the whole family.

Milk Steamer

Not sure if you can create the creamy, whipped results of your local cafe? Superautomatic espresso machines come with milk steamers that take the uncertainty out of your latte. 

Just turn it on, wait a few seconds, then pour your frothed milk into your mug.

Easy Cleaning Features

While all espresso machines provide straightforward maintenance, superautomatic espresso machines are the easiest 

Do Superautomatic Espresso Machines Make Good Espresso?

Good espresso is a pretty subjective term, but it’s often used to describe aromatic and flavorful espresso shots. If you’ve ever had a bland or sour-tasting latte, you’re already aware of what bad espresso tastes like.

Superautomatic espresso machines are designed for convenience first. The downside to this means you won’t have much wiggle room to experiment with details such as grind adjustment or pressure change. That said, you might still enjoy features such as dose or temperature adjustment.

How Long Does a Superautomatic Espresso Machine Last?

The longevity of your purchase depends on the brand and how often you use it. 

A superautomatic espresso machine used on a daily basis should last between five to seven years, provided you don’t drop it or damage it in any way. If you use it semi-regularly – such as a few times per week – you can expect to enjoy a decade of tasty, convenient coffee.

Is a Semi-automatic Espresso Machine Worth It?

A semi-automatic espresso machine offers a finer level of control than its superautomatic counterpart. If you’re training to become a barista – or greatly enjoy experimenting with your coffee – it’s a wise investment.

Semi-automatic espresso machines sometimes come with a bean grinder and/or steam wand attached. While having more features will make your machine more expensive, this combo allows you the full range of coffee brewing at your fingertips. 

Handy features you should consider looking for include:

Different Basket Options

Some semiautomatic espresso machines come with pressurized and non-pressurized basket options. This allows you to swap out the baskets in your portafilter to experiment with your brew. 

Pressurized portafilters are good choices for beginner homebrewers who want less complexity in their cup. Non-pressurized portafilters are a commercial standard and make for a very delicious, creamy espresso. 

Heat Exchange 

If you like to brew and steam milk simultaneously, this is a must-have feature. It ensures that heat is evenly distributed without being wasted. 

Boiler Insulation

Boiler insulation is frequently paired with heat exchange technology. This feature goes a long way to prolong the lifespan of your espresso machine’s boiler.

Plumbable Technology

Do you prefer to pull from your home’s water when brewing? Some semiautomatic machines allow you to hook up your equipment to an outside supply.


This is a coveted feature for many experienced homebrewers: pre-wetting wets your coffee grounds before extraction, ensuring water pulls much more consistently.

Wrap Up

A superautomatic espresso machine is highly convenient and user-friendly. You can do it all with just the press of a few buttons.

Wondering which superautomatic espresso machines suit you best? Reach out to our live chat or send us a message: we’ll help you narrow down your search.

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