What Espresso Machine Does Starbucks Use?

Thinking of recreating the cafe experience from home? Using your espresso machine to recreate Starbucks isn’t a bad place to start. 

Getting off on the right foot means finding similar equipment, coffee beans, and brewing techniques. Does that mean you can copy their formula down to the letter? Not quite. 

What Espresso Machine Does Starbucks Use?

Don’t have time to read the entire article? Here’s a quick answer to your question: 

You can’t buy a Starbucks espresso machine for your home. Starbucks sources their equipment from Mastrena, which specifically manufactures supplies for their cafes. 

Curious to know more? Let’s take a look at the behind-the-scenes of the Starbucks corporation and the quality of their equipment. 

Can You Buy a Starbucks Espresso Machine?

If you’re looking to create your own Starbucks at home, you may be disappointed. Since they purchase their espresso machines from Mastrena, there’s no actual ‘Starbucks espresso machine’ available for home use. 

While other cafes may use Breville or Nuova Simonelli, the Mastrena line-up was explicitly created for the Starbucks corporation. Does that mean there’s no hope for high-quality coffee? Not at all.

We provide commercial espresso machine options for businesses many of which are suited for home use!

Who Makes Starbucks Espresso Machines?

Mastrena creates espresso equipment for Starbucks around the world. Their espresso machines are available for purchase, but keep in mind they’re designed for high-end, high-volume commercial use. 

Mastrena focuses on streamlining the coffee brewing process as much as possible. They have many standard features such as built-in grinders, cup warmers, and automated cleaning procedures to make the barista’s job easier. They’re especially coveted for their accessible LED displays, able to memorize orders and update vital information on-the-fly. 

Keep in mind you can still create high-quality espresso drinks from home with more affordable equipment. In fact, the quality of your beans and your skill will go much further than a price tag!

How Much Is a Mastrena Espresso Machine?

Commercial espresso machines usually don’t dip below a few thousand dollars. The Mastrena espresso machines from Starbucks start at $4,000 and reach as high as $18,000. 

Compare this to home espresso models, which can run as low as $300 and often don’t go beyond a few thousand dollars. 

What Did Starbucks Use Before Mastrena?

Technically, Starbucks never stopped using Mastrena. The Mastrena commercial coffee line-up is an update from their Verismo line-up. 

While they have many of the same features, the Mastrena is more streamlined and space-conscious than its predecessor. 

What Coffee Brand Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks generally sources their coffee from Latin America, though they sometimes dip into African origins. Their coffee is Arabica, a varietal that’s prized for its lower caffeine content and sweeter flavors. 

Their most popular Latin American coffee origins are Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Their African coffee origins include Ethiopia and Kenya. 

Wrap Up

While you won’t be able to fill your kitchen with all the tools Starbucks uses, you can still get pretty close with a home espresso model.

Reach out to our live chat or send us a message with all your coffee equipment questions. We’re ready to help you make the best lattes and cappuccinos you’ve ever tasted.

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Tony Barlow

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