What Coffee To Use For An Espresso Machine

Wondering what kind of coffee to use for an espresso machine? You’re in the right place. We’ve got all of the answers you’re looking for.

What Coffee to Use For An Espresso Machine?

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All coffee can be used for an espresso machine, provided it has the right fine grind. That said, many prefer to use dark roasted coffee due to its stronger flavor. 

In fact, you can sometimes find coffee labelled ‘espresso’ due to its darker roast. If you just bought a professional or commercial-grade espresso machine and want to learn the basics, keep reading. We’re going to answer common questions on espresso machine coffee so you can make the most delicious shots around. 

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What Kind Of Ground Coffee For Espresso Machines?

Your coffee grind should be what’s known as a ‘fine grind’. It should have the appearance and texture of flour. If it’s too coarse, the coffee won’t extract properly and will leave your shot tasting dull. 

Understanding how coffee extraction works will help you remember your grind types. Extraction is a term denoting water moving through coffee grounds to extract flavor chemicals. This water doesn’t even need to be hot! Cold brew is one of the most popular methods of making coffee and involves soaking coarse grounds in cold, filtered water.

Coarse grounds are also used for the French Press. They should appear like little wood chips. If they’re too fine, they’ll pass through the filter and fill your cup with annoying coffee bits. Medium-coarse to medium-fine grinds are used for the pour over or a classic coffee maker. This coffee grind’s texture appears and feels very sandy. 

Does that mean you can’t experiment with your espresso grinds? Far from it. Espresso machines still come with different settings to let you change the temperature or pressure. 

Should I Use Pre Ground Coffee For Espresso Machines?

You can use pre ground coffee for espresso machines as long as it’s a fine grind. This is a little difficult to find in the grocery store, but you can order fine pre-ground coffee from your local roaster.

Keep in mind that the fresher the grind, the better tasting your coffee. This is because coffee starts losing its flavor the second it’s ground and releases CO2. Ideally, you should use up your pre ground coffee within the next two weeks to maintain its flavor. 

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Can You Use Dark Roast Coffee In Place of Espresso?

If you don’t have an espresso machine, it’s possible to get a similar flavor with dark roasted espresso-grade coffee. It still won’t be quite the same, since the coffee will be less concentrated and lack the signature crema.

Is Espresso Roast And Dark Roast The Same?

Yes, espresso roast and dark roast are the same thing. Darker roasted coffee beans are favored in espresso methods due to the sharper, bolder flavors. Lighter roasted coffee beans are considered better for pour over or French Press methods.

Can You Use French Roast For Espresso?

You can use French Roast coffee for espresso methods, but the flavor won’t be quite as distinct. Espresso roasted coffee is prized for its robust flavor notes and more oily mouthfeel. French Roasts have toasted flavors, but still lean toward the milder side by comparison.

Can You Use Blonde Roast For Espresso?

This delicious roast style was crafted by Starbucks several years back. It leans toward gentle and sweet flavor notes for drinkers who don’t like the bitterness of espresso roasts. 

Blonde roasts make a fantastic espresso shot, so have fun experimenting with your machine until you find the ideal result. 

Wrap Up

Do you miss your morning espresso, but don’t miss the long lines or the commute? A home espresso machine is a slice of perfection on your kitchen counter. 

Reach out to our live chat or send us a message: we’re ready to answer your coffee-related questions so you can start making lattes from the comfort of your home.

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