Uncertain whether you should get the Slayer Espresso 2 Group or the Synesso S200? 

In this guide, we’ll compare and contrast the Slayer Espresso vs Synesso S200. We’ll get to the cores of both machines and clear up some of the basic information about either one.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Similarities shared by the Slayer Espresso and Synesso S200
  • What makes these machines different from each other
  • What to know before you buy


This is the bottom line: 

Pick the Synesso S200 if you’re a business looking for an old-fashioned look on an easier machine that will be simple to teach new employees.

But choose the Slayer Espresso if your business is specialized and wants to create artisan drinks while enjoying greater control over each step of the process. 



The Slayer Espresso 2 Group lives up to its name, with double the groups and steam wands to cut through lines of espresso orders. This is the machine for your business if you’re in need of a unique-looking model that won’t run out of energy in the middle of a rush. 

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A lot of power is packed into the small Synesso S200. It’s renowned for its temperature stability, guarding espresso from unexpected temperature fluctuations. Choose this machine if you’re searching for something you can always depend on.



Multi-boiler systems in both the Slayer and S200 grant them the ability to steam and brew simultaneously.

In a nutshell, what this means is faster drinks. Some machines require you to wait in between steaming or brewing, so if you’re creating a milk-based drink such as a cappuccino, there would be an increased wait.

By allowing baristas to perform both functions at the same time, customers can be served even more quickly.

Your customers will be thankful for the speed of these espresso machines when they find their wait in line is surprisingly short.


The Slayer and S200 each come with a hot water tap that you can use for a variety of purposes.

Hot water is used in a few different drinks, such as teas and Americanos. With taps built onto the faces of both these machines, you can make sure that you have these popular drinks on your menu.

Plus, these taps keep you from having to make an additional expenditure on a hot water tank to keep nearby. This saves you precious countertop space and money. 


Both the Slayer and S200 have rotary pumps that are externally accessible. There are a few reasons why this is a great feature.

For one thing, rotary pumps are known for being both long-lasting and quiet. You won’t need to replace them soon, nor will you need to worry that they’ll disrupt your customers with excessive noise.

Because they’re accessible on the outside of either machine, these rotary pumps are also much simpler to make repairs or replacements on, too. If you ever do need to replace the pump, no one will need to struggle to work on the inside of the machine to do it.


An exceptional shot of espresso is shaped by many factors, but one particularly important factor is the temperature of the water used for brewing.

Brewing your espresso at the wrong temperature can result in bitter or burnt-tasting coffee. A cup of this will have your customers resolving not to order any more from you. 

To guarantee your brewing temperature is constantly ideal, the Slayer and S200 use powerful PID temperature controllers. These systems allow you to make precise adjustments to the temperature so that you can accommodate the optimal brewing conditions for any kind of coffee.

The right temperature will keep your espresso the best it can possibly be, and your customers will remember. 


Do you foresee your baristas having to make back-to-back drinks for extended periods of time?

Then one thing that will be a boon to your business is additional group heads on your espresso machine. The Slayer and the S200 come with two groups, allowing baristas to brew more drinks at once. 

More groups also adds more room for two baristas to work on the machines at the same time. It doesn’t have to be one baristas making multiple drinks – it could be two, taking orders from two different customers, doubling your output.

The Slayer also comes with an optional three-group configuration for an increased price, but in order to make this comparison more even, our focus in this guide is on the two-group version. 


Above each group head on the Slayer and S200, you’ll find paddles that can be moved back and forth to initiate the brewing cycle.

This gives these machines a timelessly vintage look at a glance. It calls to mind old-fashioned machinery, and would be right at home in boutique coffee shops or businesses cultivating a classic image. 



When you don’t have a lot of room open for an espresso machine, its size becomes a big piece of the puzzle.

In this comparison, the Slayer Espresso is just a little larger. It’s 17 inches tall, 30.5 inches wide, and 26.5 inches long.

The Synesso S200 is 14.5 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 23.5 inches long. 

In most cases, this slight size difference may not mean much. But if your layout is cramped, then every single inch matters. 

In that case, the more streamlined size of the S200 may be all the reason you need to choose it. 

Regardless, it’s always a wise idea to measure the space you have available and compare it with the dimensions of your chosen espresso machine to guarantee it will fit in. 


One of the greatest differences between these machines is instantly noticeable: the way they look.

The Slayer Espresso has intriguing cross-shaped legs that raise it up off the surface it stands on. Its handles and paddles are also crafted from wood, adding a touch of warmth to its gleaming metallic face.

Meanwhile, the Synesso S200 comes in a variety of color options form black to white. It has flat, sleek side panels and sits directly on the countertop, resulting in a shorter appearance.

Because they look so drastically different from each other, appearance is a valid consideration when you choose between them. It’s possible that the look of one will complement you or your business’s aesthetic more than another.


If looking at the Slayer’s legs makes you worry it could be easily knocked over or moved, you can rest assured that Slayer incorporated this concern into its design.

The feet at the bottom of its graceful legs are built so that they do not easily slip. Accidental bumps during a busy shift will not send the Slayer toppling to the floor. 

You can safely enjoy the look of the Slayer standing proudly on your countertop.


Working in tight quarters long enough around espresso machines in the past led to a gradual collection of painful burns from their scorching steam wands.

The good news is, these burns are a thing of the past on the Synesso S200. Its steam wands remain pleasantly cool, even during your rush hours. 

Employees won’t learn to dread frothing milk or cleaning the steam wand, because they can safely touch it whenever necessary.

An extra benefit to cool steam wands is that milk won’t burn onto the ends during steaming. This makes cleaning them much quicker and easier. 


The Slayer’s needle valve is a patented technology designed to revolutionize the extraction of espresso.

It limits the flow of the water to the coffee bed, putting ultimate control into the hands of the barista. Baristas can limit the flow of the water using the paddle, and increase the flow at the right time.

This results in a much richer and sweeter-tasting espresso that will no doubt be memorable to your customers. 


While both the Slayer and S200 are operated by moving paddles back and forth, what the paddles do exactly is slightly different between them.

The S200’s paddles give baristas access to four different programmable volumetric profiles – two on each group head. This is a little like telling the S200 in advance how to make the shots for a particular drink.

Sliding the paddle into position for a particular pre-programmed profile will begin the brew cycle for that profile, but then the S200 will stop at the right time rather than you having to make it stop.

This makes the S200 quite user-friendly. Beginners will merely need to grind and tamp the espresso, then choose which profile they need and move the paddle accordingly.

In comparison, the Slayer is more manual. Each head does come with one position that can be programmed in a similar manner to the S200, but the other positions on the paddle are manually operated.


Watching the development of espresso is instrumental to a good drink. To make visual monitoring easier, the Slayer incorporated a slanted shot mirror behind the drip tray that gives you a clear view of the bottom of the portafilter.

This helps baristas know when to move the paddle. They’re able to gauge, based on the amount coming through the portafilter and the color, when to change positions on the paddle, manipulating the needle valve.

A knowledgeable barista using the Slayer Espresso can create a truly awesome drink that will leave customers raving about the taste. 


At Majesty Coffee, our mission is to bring the lowest prices and the best equipment to you.

Our Slayer Espresso Two Group is available in our store for $20,850. 

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Choosing between the Slayer Espresso and the Synesso S200 can be a bit clearer, since there are a few key differences between them that make them each applicable for specific situations.

So which one should you buy? 

You can start with the simplest factors of all: looks.

This can be a matter of personal preference, or you can think about what would complement the appearance of a business best. For instance, the nimble-looking legs and wood accents of the Slayer would bring a lively touch to the countertops of businesses courting old-fashioned aesthetics.

But if you want the paddles with an appearance that’s a little more flexible, you may lean more towards the Synesso S200.

In the same vein as appearance, there’s size. Many businesses have more than one service, and because of this, they have multiple appliances taking up space in their building.

When size is one of your foremost concerns, the slightly more compact frame of the Synesso S200 could swing the balance in its favor. 

Who’s going to be using the machine is another valid consideration. If you or your employees aren’t experts when it comes to espresso, the Synesso S200 may be a better choice because of its programmable volumetric profiles.

If your employees are skilled, however, or you want to have the greatest amount of control possible over each espresso, the Slayer will give you the tools you need to truly hand-craft each drink.

Looking for more information on the Slayer Espresso? Take a look at it in the Majesty Coffee Store here.

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