For at-home baristas or smaller businesses, certain espresso machines are better fits than others. 

The Rocket Appartamento and the Giotto Evoluzione R are two such examples of machines that are uniquely suited for home kitchens or professional settings with a low volume of espresso orders.

But between the two of them, which one is perfect for you? 

In this guide, we’ll clear things up for you so you can decide which model to choose.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Similar and different features between the Appartamento and Evoluzione R and what these features mean 
  • What you should think about so you choose a machine that’s tuned to your personal needs


The Giotto Evoluzione R adds to the commercial features of the Appartamento by having PID temperature control, plumbing capabilities, and the height adjustable feet. It's definitely the more advanced and higher-end of the two models.

However, the Rocket Appartamento is still a fantastic machine with it's E-61 commercial group and no burn steam wands. It's an excellent choice if you don't have the budget for the Evoluzione R and still great in a small restaurant, in the home of a prosumer, or in office setting.



Typically, semiautomatic espresso machines are operated by pushing buttons that start and stop brew cycles. 

The Appartamento and the Evoluzione R truly set themselves apart with their levers. To begin brewing, users push the lever into the on position, then pull it back when they’re done.

semiautomatic machine tip appartamento and giotto

Semiautomatic machines are popular among those with a lot of experience, because they allow maximum control over the brewing process. By being able to pull shots as long or as short as desired, baristas using semiautomatic machines are completely free to customize.

One thing to keep in mind is that this freedom does mean that users will need to learn how to properly use the machines to guarantee the best-tasting shots. However, semiautomatic machines are still the preference among many espresso experts.


Depending on your situation, you might want to be concerned about how quickly your machine can make drinks.

Although this likely won’t be as much of an issue for home users, an espresso machine’s output capacity may come into play in professional settings like coffee shops or restaurants.

Both the Appartamento and the Evoluzione R can whip through up to 20 espressos in an hour. What that means is that, although they are especially well-suited for home use, they can hold their own in small businesses, too.


Whether you’re a home user with a particular décor scheme or a business looking to promote a certain mood, the appearance of an espresso machine is a trait worth considering.

What these machines have in common is a stainless steel construction that gives them a sleek and shiny allure. 

stainless steel demo appartamento

You’ll notice the striking circular side panel cutouts on the Appartamento, which are available in copper or white color options. 

The Evoluzione R, on the other hand, has simple, angled sides that look clean in their minimalism.

If a modern look is something that you find attractive, then either one of these models will catch your eye.

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A consistent temperature is integral in enhancing the best flavor possible in your espresso.

The Appartamento and the Evoluzione R are members of the E-61 group, which means they come with features to help promote thermal stability.

They both circulate water continuously from the boiler to the group, which keeps the heat level of the water consistent and prevents the formation of cold pockets. 

Temperature is not the only thing protected by the E-61 commercial group – machines in this group utilize an advanced feature called pre-infusion. What pre-infusion does it protect your espresso from uneven extraction by soaking the grounds with a slight stream of water before applying full pressure. 

This smooths any channels that may have been created in the grounds from improper tamping, leading to a balanced extraction that truly helps the flavor of the espresso shine.

Here’s another thing that makes the Appartamento and the Evoluzione R utterly exceptional:

In a traditional single boiler setup, the boiler can only brew or steam – it cannot do both at the same time. Users have to wait after doing one for a period of time before they can do the other.

In heat exchange boilers, there are separate compartments for brewing temperature and steaming temperature. A copper tube carries the right temperature water for brewing to the group head, while steaming temperature water is stored separately. 

With a heat exchange boiler system, either one of these machines can brew and steam simultaneously. You won’t need to wait to finish brewing or steaming, allowing you to build drinks faster.

In a home setting, this means you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your drink that much sooner. In a professional setting, customers will be pleased with the reduced wait time – without a sacrifice in quality. 


Running out of water while serving a customer or brewing espresso for yourself is frustrating. 

If you’re serving a line of customers, or if you are focusing on other matters at home, you may not notice when the reservoir is running low on water.

With the Appartamento and Evoluzione R, you’ll never get caught off guard by a low water supply, because they have power lights right on the front that will flash when you need to refill the tank.


Using your espresso machine should never be painful. 

Most baristas know what it’s like to accidentally touch a blazing hot water spigot or searing steam wand, only to be rewarded with an unpleasant burn. 

cool to the touch steam wand tip

In both the Appartamento and the Evoluzione R, Rocket used a thermally insulated hot water spigot and steam wand, so that they’re always cool to the touch. 

Not only can you say good-bye to these burns, but the cool surface of the steam wand prevents milk from caking onto it, which makes cleaning it a breeze.


Do you like the polished look and feel of a metal tamper?

If that’s the case, then you’ll enjoy the fact that either one of these Rocket models comes with a metal tamper. 

Appearance aside, many find metal tampers preferable to the usual plastic tampers that come with home machines because they make it easier to provide the right amount of pressure for tamping with their weight.

It may not seem like much, but you’ll notice the difference when you or your baristas use a metal tamper.



Both the Appartamento and Evoluzione R come with a boiler pressure gauge.

A boiler pressure gauge allows you to keep an eye on the pressure of the boiler. This can tell you when your machine is ready for brewing or steaming. 

The difference is that the Evoluzione R comes with the addition of a group pressure gauge. 

By monitoring the pressure in the group, you can make any adjustments necessary to your brew ratio to support the quality of your drinks.


Type of pump can have an effect on the size and noise-level of the espresso machine.

The Evoluzione R uses a rotary pump. Rotary pumps are quieter and longer-lived than the alternative – vibratory pumps – but they also require a larger motor to use, which means the espresso machine is usually a little bigger.

A vibratory pump is used in the Appartamento, which does mean that it’s a little louder, but this may not be noticeable in professional settings with other background noise. Vibratory pumps also can contribute to a somewhat reduced price in the espresso machine.

Again, the difference in noise level between the two won’t likely be drastic if they’re being used in naturally louder business settings. However, if you are concerned about how loud your espresso machine is, then you may find the Evoluzione R preferable.


The larger the reservoir, the less often you need to stop what you’re doing to refill it. 

A 2.25-liter water tank is built into the Appartamento. For a single-group machine, this is a fairly large size and allows you to not be concerned with frequently refilling it.

water reservoir tip

The Evoluzione R has a slightly larger reservoir, though, at 2.9 liters. As you can imagine, if 2.25 liters means you won’t need to refill constantly, 2.9 liters means you’ll have even more time in between refills.

If you’re in a busier setting or need to make more drinks, a greater reservoir capacity is going to be something to look out for.


Flexibility is a desirable trait to have in just about every piece of equipment.

The Evoluzione R’s ability to convert from a pour-over to a direct-connect machine is added flexibility that might also factor into your decision.

What it means for you is that, rather than having to refill the water tank yourself, you have the option to hook the machine up to a water line so the tank will automatically replenish its supply. 

This completely eliminates the need to worry about refills at all, freeing you or your staff to focus on other tasks or get through that line of customers more quickly. 

But if you enjoy the mobility of a pour-over machine, which doesn’t need to be near a water line, then you’re able to take advantage of the Evoluzione R’s pour-over option. 

You can’t always anticipate what your future needs may be, however, so the flexibility to switch between pour-over and direct-connect is undoubtedly an asset.


Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller technology is just another luxurious convenience that the Evoluzione R brings to its users.

how pid works appartamento and evoluzione

The PID system works by using an algorithm that helps the machine detect variables and calculate the perfect temperature itself. There’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of this feature – it happens automatically.

At the same time, you are able to alter the temperature settings whenever you need. The PID system simply grants you enhanced accuracy and thermal stability.


Make the Evoluzione R fit comfortably in your workspace with feet that are easily adjustable.

You can increase or decrease the height of the machine to accommodate your space through its adjustable feet, which can make it much easier to fit onto your counter.

To further reduce its height, the cup guard is removable, bringing the Evoluzione R down to about a 14.25-inch height – equal to the height of the especially compact Appartamento.


While both these models are pretty affordable, the Rocket Appartamento is slightly more economical, with a price of $1,700 for the model with white circular accents and $1,750 for model with copper circular accents.

The Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R, available in stainless steel, is $2,550. 


If, after learning about the features of these models, you’re still not sure which one is perfect for you, now is the time to pause and define what your own needs are.

After all, price is just one of the many things you should consider when you choose a machine that’s the greatest fit for you.

One thing to think about is what kind of setting you are buying an espresso machine for. If you’re looking for a professional setting such as restaurant, small coffee shop, or office, then the additional features that the Giotto Evoluzione R comes packed with will be beneficial to you, especially the direct-connect option.

As an at-home user, you can still benefit from a direct-connect machine, though.

Direct-connect machines make maintenance famously easy, since they’re simpler to install water filters and softeners in. This promotes your machine’s longevity by removing harmful metals and reducing scaling.

Another aspect to think about is how important control is in the making of your drinks, and whether you want extra room to experiment or customize. 

This might be a weightier consideration for aficionados and experienced baristas. If that sounds like you, then you’ll appreciate the PID controller and the combination of group and pressure gauges on the Evoluzione R. 

A greener barista or beginner at home may not need those features. If you’re looking for something more basic, then you’ll find the Appartamento will be perfectly sufficient.

Of course, budget can also factor high on your list of priorities. In that situation, the Appartamento will be more to your liking. This is especially true if you feel the additional advanced features of the Evoluzione R are not vital for you.

Here’s the deal: The Giotto Evoluzione R is the more advanced machine, making it fantastic for commercial use. In the end, though, you’ll need to look at your own needs, budget, and personal preferences to make the choice that will be perfect for you.

For the best prices online and more information, check out the listing page of each machine:

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