rocket appartamento vs profitec pro 300

Daily trips to your favorite coffee shop can quickly become expensive. 

That’s why dedicated coffee enthusiasts who want to save money while enjoying their drinks of choice are turning to home espresso machines. With an espresso machine out there for any budget, anyone can craft a mouth-watering espresso drink from their own kitchen.

There’s one problem: With all the options out there, how do you know which one is right for your home? 

The Profitec 300 and Rocket Appartamento are both excellent choices. In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed overview of these machines to help you make your decision.

Keep reading and you’ll find the answers to these questions:

  • What similar features do the Profitec 300 and Rocket Appartamento have, and how do they benefit you?
  • What differences are there between these models and how do those differences affect you?
  • How do you know which one is right for your home?

Let’s take a closer look.



Imagine this: 

Through a combination of simple features, you’re able to easily make delicious espresso every time. When you need it, you can make drinks effortlessly, or when your mood calls for it, you can easily trail blaze and add your own personal touches to drinks.

If that sounds appealing to you, then you’ll love the semiautomatic design of the Pro 300 and the Appartamento.

The difference between automatic and semiautomatic machines is that automatic machines handle the majority of the brewing process for you through programming. 

On the other end of the spectrum, semiautomatic machines put control squarely in the hands of their users. You’re able to choose exactly when to start and stop each brew cycle.

The basic operation for either one of these espresso machines is different, however.

The Appartamento is started and stopped with the simple push or pull of a lever. The Pro 300 begins or ends the brew cycle with the easy flip of a switch.

A potential drawback to these kinds of machines is that they do take some time to learn. But at the same time, their ability to customize drinks on the fly helps at-home baristas improve their skills and add a personal spin to every shot.


Is the counter space at your home limited? Do you need to be able to move your appliances for cleaning?

If either of those questions sounds like you, you’ll find a pour-over machine uniquely beneficial.

Both the Pro 300 and the Appartamento are pour-over models. This means that they have water tanks that need to be refilled manually by the user when water levels get too low.

profitec appartamento reservoir water line tip

While this does mean you’ll need to watch your water levels, it also means you’ll have the flexibility to use your espresso machine wherever you need it because it won’t need to be connected to a water supply.


Many people yearn for machines that you don’t need to play any guessing games with.

Fortunately, the bright low water sensors on either the Pro 300 or the Appartamento will take the guesswork out of use by notifying you the moment you need to fill their water tanks.

When water levels drop too low, lights will flash on the machines in an alert you won’t be able to miss.

Not only does this mean you won’t be shocked by your water levels dropping in the middle of brewing or steaming, but it also protects your machine from the harm that can be caused by running dry.

In addition to that, the Appartamento further guards your investment by cutting power if its water level is too low.

At the end of the day, either one of these machines will clearly tell you when they need a refill.


Have you ever found yourself wincing after an accidental burn in the kitchen? 

With some models of espresso machines, baristas have learned to fear touching the steam wands because of their high temperatures. 

You won’t have to worry about this at all with the steam wands on the Pro 300 or Appartamento. 

With thermal insulation, they remain cool to the touch even through heavy use. This makes these machines especially comfortable and safe.

A pleasant bonus to this feature is that milk is naturally prevented from burning into a difficult to clean crust on the wands. As a result, cleaning these machines is a snap.

On top of that, their steam wands can be easily repositioned to allow steaming milk from whichever angle you need.


If you want to craft professional-quality drinks, you’ll need be aware of a few different factors during the drink-making process.

One of those factors is the pressure in your boiler.

Boiler pressure is crucial because if it’s insufficient, you won’t be able to steam or brew as much as you need. 

With espresso machines, there’s a period of time after turning them on where they need to build up to the correct pressure. Using the boiler pressure gauge fixed to the front of the Pro 300 and Appartamento, you’ll know exactly when your espresso machine is ready to go.


When you picture the clean shine of stainless steel appliances, it’s easy to see why so many choose this look for their kitchens.

rocket stainless steel casing

The Pro 300 and the Appartamento will be able to round off a metallic aesthetic with their radiant stainless steel casing.

But looks likely aren’t the only criteria you have. In that case, the steel also makes these machines durable and sturdy. 


Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised by sipping from a lukewarm drink that you could have sworn was hot just minutes ago?

To counteract drinks cooling, baristas in coffee shops sometimes pour hot water into cups to pre-warm them. A warmer cup means the drink will be kept warmer, as well. 

You can achieve this same effect using the cup-warming shelf built on top of the Pro 300 or Appartamento. Long-lived toasty drinks are as simple as putting your favorite mugs on top of your espresso machine.

These cup warmers also double as storage space for your mugs, so if you don’t have room for them, you can keep them in one convenient place.


Many home kitchens are packed full of appliances, and squeezing another one in can be problematic.

The good news is, both these espresso machines are fairly compact and should be easy to fit it just about anywhere.

The Appartamento measures at 14.25 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide, and 17 inches deep. Similar in size, the Pro 300 measures at 15.5 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 16.5 inches deep.

Because of the mere one-inch difference in their size, size alone probably won’t be the deciding factor for you between these machines, but it is still worth noting if space is a concern for you.



If you have a particular decorating scheme in your house, then you’ll want an espresso machine that complements the décor. 

Despite incredibly similar sizes and stainless steel casing, these machines sport drastically different overall looks, so appearance is a valid consideration here.

The Appartamento’s side panels come with intriguing circular cutouts in White or Copper colors that give it an artistic flair. A large and striking R for Rocket is branded on one of the valves on the front.

At the same time, the Pro 300’s square shape with plain side panels gives it a simple look that will allow it to blend seamlessly into many environments.


The heart of any espresso machine is its boiler, and different boilers produce different results.

Within the Appartamento, you’ll find a heat exchange boiler. What does that mean for you?

It means you’ll be able to brew and steam at the same time, so you can enjoy your morning latte that much faster. It works by carrying brewing temperature water in a tube from the boiler to the group, while steaming temperature water is stored separately in the boiler.

The copper construction of the Appartamento’s boiler also means it’s naturally antimicrobial and efficient at conducting heat.

The Pro 300 achieves the same end of simultaneous brewing and steaming by using dual stainless steel boilers. There’s one boiler dedicated for steaming and one for brewing.

A major pro to a dual boiler system is that temperatures are generally more consistent, whereas with heat exchange boilers, you often need to flush the group head before each shot.


Temperature stability is essential for drink-making – you don’t want an unexpected cold pocket to hamper an otherwise perfect espresso.

The Rocket Appartamento’s E-61 commercial group head and the Profitec Pro 300’s saturated group head are both excellent ways for promoting thermal stability.

An E-61 aids in maintaining optimal temperatures by continuously circulating water from the boiler to the brew head whether the machine is actively being used or on standby.

With the Pro 300, the saturated group head is attached right to the boiler, cutting down on heat loss. Another great thing about this setup is that the brew head reaches the correct temperature a little more quickly.


When you’re immersed in the flow of drink-making, you won’t want to be interrupted by frequent stops to refill the water tank.

This is why both these espresso machines incorporate water tanks with a large capacity. You won’t need to drop everything you’re doing to pour water in them too often.

At 3 liters, the capacity of the Pro 300 is absolutely enormous and more than enough for a home espresso machine.

The Appartamento’s 2.25-liter reservoir is a bit smaller, but this is still pretty big for personal use. 

The average person won’t need to replenish low water levels on either one of these machines constantly.


If you invest in an espresso machine, you’ll likely prefer having everything you need to get started once you’ve received your machine.

One thing you’ll need to brew tasty espresso from home is a tamper. If you’ve watched a barista at work on a drink before, you’ll no doubt have seen them tamping down grounds in the portafilter.

The reason they do this is to ensure the grounds are evenly distributed for a balanced extraction during brewing. 

appartamento profitec tamper

You’ll be able to do the same thing with the tampers that come automatically with the Pro 300 or the Appartamento – the difference here is in the tampers themselves.

The Apparatmento comes with sleek branded metal tamper that matches the machine. It has a satisfying weight that will make applying the correct amount of pressure simple.

A plastic tamper comes with the Pro 300. It’s perfectly serviceable to get you started, although many baristas prefer metal tampers for their weight and durability.

In the end, both machines come with tampers so that you can start brewing.


On top of greater thermal stability, the Appartamento’s E-61 group heads come with another advantage: automatic pre-infusion.

If you’re a beginning barista and you’re worried about the quality of your drinks being impacted by your skill level, this feature is for you. 

Automatic pre-infusion gently soaks the coffee grounds before the full pressure for extraction is applied. What this does is eliminate any channeling caused by improper tamping technique, leveling the playing field so that even a beginner can make high-quality drinks every time.


Dual boilers often lead to better steam power than the alternatives, but the Pro 300’s .75-liter steam boiler is on the small side. This means that, in comparison, the Appartamento’s famous steam power is just a little bit greater.

If you’re not making drinks back-to-back, you’re not likely to notice the difference here, but it’s still worth noting how impressive the Appartamento’s steam power can really be.

You’ll be able to make beautiful, silky microfoam quickly and easily on the Appartamento because its non-compression valves make more fluid steam.

A nice extra benefit to the non-compression valves is that they’re inexpensive to replace, if that becomes necessary. 


Circling the top of the machine is a cup guard that keeps your cups from falling should you accidentally bump into it.

If you happen to need extra room on top, however, the cup guard is easily removable, which is a thoughtful touch.


PID temperature controllers heighten your ability to maintain thermal stability by using algorithms that guarantee uniform temperature.

With the Pro 300’s PID controller, you can change the temperature of its two boilers to whatever you need. 

If you need to make any alterations, you’ll be able to see what the temperature is right on the digital screen so you know what adjustments are necessary.


In the morning, you might be craving a quick espresso drink.

When you first turn on your espresso machine, it takes time for it to heat up to an adequate brewing and steaming temperature. Until it gets there, you need to wait.

Here’s the good news:

The Pro 300 has a much quicker heat-up time than the average home espresso machine. Whereas many espresso machines can take up to 25 minutes, the Pro 300 can be ready in as short a time as 10-15 minutes.

You won’t need to wait too long at all before you can begin crafting the perfect espresso to start your day with.


One of the ways to guarantee mouth-watering espresso is to make sure it’s brewed for the optimal amount of time.

The Profitec Pro 300 makes timing a breeze. With its timer built right in, you won’t need to resort to carefully watching a clock or your smart phone and will be free to keep an eye on your espresso.


Our goal at Majesty Coffee is to combine the highest quality with the best deals online. 

We’re bringing the Rocket Appartamento to you with Copper or White cutouts for $1,690.

We do not currently offer the Profitec Pro 300 in our store, and prices may vary among other retailers online. It generally is listed between $1,649 and $1,800.


Here’s the million-dollar question: 

Between the Profitec Pro 300 and the Rocket Appartamento, which one is right for your home? 

Given that the price on these machines is very similar, you’ll need to consider other factors to help you arrive at your final decision.

Style is one difference that may play a part in your choice. 

If you’re wanting an espresso machine with obvious character, the White or Copper circular cutouts on the Rocket Appartamento’s side panels will bring it to you. The R emblazoned on the front lends it clear pride from the manufacturer.

But if you enjoy minimalist designs, you’ll find the Profitec Pro 300 more to your liking.

Those who want great consistency and advanced features will be drawn to the Appartamento for its automatic pre-infusion and steam power. These factors can be especially important if more than one person will be using the espresso machine, such as in an office or small coffee shop.

But those who just want a machine for their own personal use will find the Profitec Pro 300 a good match. The stunningly short heat-up time will be a boon for users who need a quick espresso before work in the morning.

This is our advice:

Both these machines can benefit homes or small offices where the demand for espresso isn’t especially high.

To make a decision that best fits your personal situation, you’ll have to think about which style you like more, how you’re planning on using the machine, and which features you’ll actually use regularly. 

If you want more information on the Rocket Appartamento and the lowest prices online, take a look at it in the Majesty Coffee store here:

Appartamento link: 

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