Mahlkonig x54 vs Df64 - Which One Should You Buy

Should you get the Mahlkonig x54 or the Df64? When so many burr grinders on the market are extremely high-quality, it’s hard to know where to begin narrowing things down.

Consider the function your burr grinders serve. Are you trying to keep a busy household caffeinated with daily morning lattes? How about providing your office with a better-quality grinder to boost employee morale?

We’re going to dive into the form and function of both of these burr grinders so you can make a better purchasing decision. For those in a hurry:

  • Mahlkonig x54 Home Espresso And Coffee Grinder: A sturdy, all-purpose burr grinder with high-quality burrs and a handy LED display. Great for baristas-in-training and newer homebrewers.
  • Df64: Minimalistic and cutting-edge, this is a prime burr grinder for experienced homebrewers who want to step up their game.


This is likely the part tripping you up. The Mahlkonig x54 vs Df64 have a few industry-standard similarities that make them contenders for your next cup of joe. 

Single Dose

These aren’t burr grinders designed for high-volume settings. They’re small and efficient, perfect for a small group of people who crave a snazzy latte. 

Both the Mahlkonig x54 and the Df64 make fast, high-quality espresso shots designed to pull every last ounce of flavor from your coffee. They’ll add some pep to office coffee breaks or revolutionize the way you look at homebrewing. 

Flat Burrs

Come one, come all, espresso lovers! Flat burrs are beloved in the coffee space for a reason. 

The Mahlkonig x54 boasts 54mm flat steel burrs that are built to last, crafting very even grain particles to keep your espresso as flavorful as possible. The Df64 is not to be outdone, the Df64 provides larger 64mm flat burrs. 

Size difference can be an important factor in high-volume settings that grind coffee regularly, as larger surface area reduces excess heat build-up. This means better tasting espresso that lacks those frustrating burnt or stale flavors from overly toasted coffee grounds.

Large Grind Variety

Do you frequently bounce between different brewing methods? Both grinders will give you the ability to meet changing tastes at the press of a button.

The Mahlkonig x54 offers thirty-five grind settings that range between fine espresso to very coarse French Press. The Df64 is also highly variable and is designed to meet any coffee need, with a special emphasis on cold brew. 


There are an impressive range of differences between these two models. 

Swappable Front

Do you need an easier time changing out the front of your grinder between brewing methods? The Mahlkonig x54 wins a point in this area for its more flexible design. 

This feature is handy for brewers who bounce between brewing methods frequently and don’t like fumbling around with parts and pieces.

No Retention

Now for the Df64 to strut its stuff. If you loathe constant maintenance requirements -- as well as lackluster espresso -- this will be a must-have feature.

The Df64 provides a no retention design that keeps coffee grounds from piling up in the nooks and crannies of the machine. Ever had to smack the sides of your grinder to loosen up spare coffee? Say goodbye to that infuriating habit and enjoy a machine that keeps things running neatly at all times. 

Not only does this save you money on coffee, but it makes your final cup taste better by eliminating stale bits. 

LED Display

The already simple Mahlkonig x54 looks downright complex compared to the Df64: it offers an LED display with several commands you can punch in when brewing.

The commands available to you include timer presets and a manual mode for tinkering. The Df64, on the other hand, is incredibly straightforward. Just pour in the coffee, adjust, and grind. This can be appealing for brewers who want as little fuss as possible between them and their latte, though it could be a drawback for baristas-in-training. 

Size Difference

Do you struggle with organizing your coffee equipment and supplies? Both grinders are rather unique in their size, so this will be very hit-or-miss. 

The Mahlkonig x54 comes in a larger height, but shorter width. The Df64 is the opposite, favoring a shorter height and a wider body. Take a moment to visualize your burr grinder on your kitchen shelf: you might find both of them perfectly suitable. 

Pricing Information 

Both of these burr grinders are on the affordable end of things: the Mahlkonig x54 clocks in at $749, while the Df64 retails at $600. 

Which One Should You Choose?

The Mahlkonig x54 For Training Baristas And New Homebrewers

Mahlkonig X54 Home Espresso and Coffee Grinder

There’s nothing like a sturdy, all-around grinder to get you in that brewing mood. The Mahlkonig x54 is proudly unpretentious, suiting the needs of all kinds of brewers. 

With a solid set of flat steel burrs and a swappable front, this is a very convenient burr grinder to use for new homebrewers eager for tasty coffee. Its programmable LED display allows baristas to practice 

The Df64 For Experienced Homebrewers And Minimalism Fans

If you’re an experienced homebrewer that doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, the Df64 is a great upgrade. 

Its no frills design is delightfully deceptive, lacking large displays or visible hoppers. It’s still able to grind incredible coffee lightning fast, whether it’s fine espresso or medium-fine pour over. 

Wrap Up

Sturdy all-star or minimalist and cutting-edge? Both the Mahlkonig x54 vs Df64 make great additions to several brewing set-ups. 

Get the lowest price for the Mahlkonig x54 here. If you’re unsure where to begin upgrading your coffee set-up, reach out to our live chat. We’re happy to answer your coffee questions and get you started on the path to better-tasting coffee.

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