Are you looking for some of the best grinders in the industry? You can’t go wrong with a Mahlkonig

The issue is that Malkhonig has so many good grinders, it’s hard to choose just one. The new Mahlkonig E80 Supreme and the classic EK43 are just two prime examples of Mahlkonig’s quality. Deciding between them can be quite hard.

If you’re torn between them, we’ve written this Mahlkonig E80 Supreme vs EK43 comparison to make your decision easier. To ensure you’re equipped with all the knowledge you’ll need to choose, we’ll tell you about the following aspects:

  • How the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme and EK43 are alike.
  • Features that are unique to either grinder in this comparison.
  • What factors to consider to ensure you end up with the best grinder for your business.

Quick Summary

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme On-Demand Espresso Grinder

Is yours a bustling business with queues of orders all day long? Then you’ll love the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme’s jaw-dropping speed. Able to grind up to 7 grams of espresso per second, busy coffee shops will undoubtedly meet their match with this grinder.

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Mahlkonig EK43

Mahlkonig EK43 Filter Coffee Grinder

If you often sell bulk coffee in bags to customers, you need a special kind of grinder. The Mahlkonig EK43 will check all your boxes. Consider its bag clamp, which will hold bags in place for you to grind coffee directly into. On top of that, its knock-off device will ensure all coffee ends up in the bag rather than being wasted. 

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Burr Type

Inside both the E80 Supreme and the EK43, you’d find flat burrs. This is the standard with commercial-level grinders these days for a few reasons.

The first reason is consistency. Flat burrs are famous for their ability to grind perfectly uniform coffee particles.

Additionally, flat burrs produce an amazing flavor in your drinks. Experts describe the flavor as being rich and chocolatey, which is ideal for businesses selling trendy favorites like mochas. 

Stepless Grind Adjustment

If you want the maximum amount of control over your grinder, then you’re looking for one with stepless grind adjustment. Instead of having a number of fineness settings made by the manufacturer, you have a sliding scale that you can choose any setting on.

This is ideal for tweaking your fineness settings. You’ll have virtually unlimited options, which means you can grind the perfect texture for just about any blend. 

Stepless grinders are often the preference in commercial environments with skilled baristas. If you’d like to see some more grinders suitable for those settings, try looking at our list of the best commercial grinders.

Short or Standard Hoppers

Worried you won’t have enough room on your counter for a grinder? Either one of these grinders gives you the option of choosing a standard or short hopper.

The standard hopper has a greater capacity. Because it can hold more beans in it, you’ll be able to go for longer periods of time without refills. At the same time, its larger capacity leads to a greater height that can sometimes be difficult to find space for.

In situations where room is especially limited, you can always choose the short hopper. 

Cool Grinding

Like any other appliance, your grinder can start to overheat when it’s used for extended periods. With grinders, however, this overheating is especially risky because it can burn your coffee beans.

The last thing you want is for your customers to end up with drinks that taste subpar. Burnt coffee beans will lead to exactly that scenario.

To protect your coffee beans from burning, the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme and EK43 are designed to keep cool while they grind. You’ll never need to worry about your customers’ orders tasting singed.


Burr Size

One of the largest differences between these grinders is one you can’t immediately see: their burrs. While they both have flat burrs, their size is not the same in this comparison.

The Mahlkonig EK43 has burrs that are 98 millimeters in diameter. In comparison, the burrs inside the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme are 18mm smaller. 

How does that affect you? It influences the grinding speed and even the temperature. 

Burrs with a greater surface area like those in the EK43 don’t need to turn as much to grind large amounts of coffee or espresso. Not only does this mean they produce less heat from friction, but it means they grind quickly. 


The next difference between the E80 Supreme and EK43 is one you can see right away. Their overall dimensions are different from each other.

Of the two grinders, the EK43 is the larger. Its dimensions measure at 9 inches wide, about 16 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. To put that into perspective, the E80 Supreme is 9.5 inches wide, 13.4 inches deep, and 24.8 inches tall. 

You can certainly choose the short hopper to reduce the size of the EK43 a little. But if you need the appliance that takes up the least amount of space, the E80 Supreme will be the better pick for you. 

Hopper Capacity

Aside from the fact you can choose short hoppers with these grinders, it’s worth noting that their standard hoppers are not the same size. 

Given that the EK43 is the larger of the two grinders, you might expect it to have a bigger hopper. Surprisingly, this is not true – the more petite E80 Supreme wins in this regard. Its standard hopper can hold up to just under four pounds of coffee beans. In comparison, the EK43’s standard hopper holds a little over two pounds.

This could make all the difference in situations where you’re grinding constantly. If you have a larger hopper, you can go for longer periods of time before you need to stop for a refill. 

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Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Disc Distance Detection

Precision matters when it comes to making high-quality specialty espresso drinks. With the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme, you’re getting the ultimate level of precision due to its Disc Distance Detection technology.

What it does is sense and calculate the distance between the burrs. It’s so accurate, it can detect the distance down to .001 millimeters. With this degree of precision, you can be sure you’re grinding the ideal texture for any kind of blend you have. 

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Mahlkonig EK43 Bag Clamp

It’s abundantly apparent that the EK43 was designed for retailers who are selling batches of grounds for customers to take home. One way you can tell is the EK43’s convenient built-in bag clamp.

Imagine if your employees had to sit in front of the grinder, holding a bag in place for minutes at a time while they prepared a customer’s order. This is far from ideal, as it prevents them from taking care of other things like talking to customers.

The bag clamp frees up your employees to work on other tasks. Whenever they need to grind a bag of coffee, they can just set the bag in place and walk away.

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme High-Resolution Display

A high-resolution central display gives the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme a refreshing modern appearance. Baristas operating the grinder will be able to access all the information they need from this one central screen.

Measuring at 3.5 inches, it’s easy to see it from any angle, too. It’s just another twenty-first century touch that makes it a breeze to operate this Mahlkonig.

Mahlkonig EK43 Knock-Off Device

If you’re grinding bags of coffee, one drawback can be retention. This occurs when coffee grounds get left in the grinder. 

For some, it’s not necessarily a big deal. But if you’re frequently grinding bags of different blends for customers, these retained grounds can get mixed in your new orders. 

It’s easy to see how this is far from ideal. The last thing you want is for old, stale grounds or the remains of a different blend to get mixed into other bags. That’s why the EK43 has a knock-off device.

Just like a doorknocker, you tap the knock-off device against the chute. Do this after grinding each bag to make sure you get all the grounds in, both reducing waste and preventing them from getting mixed into future orders.

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Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Quiet Grinding

Want your customers to be able to work, study, or relax in peace in your business? Then you probably don’t want a grinder that shatters the peace with excessive noise.

The good news is, the Mahlkonig E80 is built to operate more quietly than the average grinder. That means you can grind fresh coffee for your customers without disturbing anyone else in your establishment. 

Mahlkonig EK43 Color Choices

Although looks should never be the only factor you consider when purchasing appliances, it would be futile to deny their importance entirely. If you have a particular color scheme or aesthetic, the appearance of your grinder could be crucial.

For that reason, the Mahlkonig EK43 comes in two colors: black or white. This gives you a little wiggle room when it comes to the appearance of your grinder, as you’ll have a bit more versatility with the color scheme.

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Shot Counter

Part of running a business is maintaining a thorough understanding of your expenses. Being able to quickly determine how much coffee or espresso you’re grinding is vital.

With the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme, this is not just possible – it’s simple. It has a built-in electronic shot counter that will show you how many shots you’ve made. Using this information, you can calculate approximately how much you’ve espresso you’ve served.

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme Spout Illumination

You’d never want your employees to handle a grinder in poor lighting. Not only does this increase the odds of mistakes in drink preparation, but it puts them at risk of injury.

Fortunately, the E80 Supreme comes with built-in spout illumination. The light on the spout provides your baristas with plenty of illumination to work by, even in low-light conditions. 

Pricing Information

At Majesty Coffee, our personal goal is to bring you the best coffee and espresso gear for the most competitive prices online.

With that in mind, we’re offering our Mahlkonig E80 Supreme for $3,250 and our Mahlkonig EK43 for $2,700.

Which Should you Buy? 

The good thing about this comparison is that the E80 Supreme and EK43 were clearly intended for different purposes. Because of this, it’s markedly easier to choose which one you should buy for your business as opposed to trying to decide between two virtually identical grinders.

Let’s start by factoring in the types of orders you’ll be preparing. Are you going to make single drinks more often? Then the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme is better designed for that purpose due to its portafilter holder and Disc Distance Detection.

On the flipside, if you’re selling bags of coffee grounds to customers, you’re better off with the Mahlkonig EK43. Its bag clamp and knock-off device are tailor-made for businesses that sell coffee grounds in bulk.

Of course, you can think about their sizes, too. The E80 Supreme, due to its smaller size, is the superior choice for shops with limited counterspace. 

Here’s the bottom line:

Get the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme if you’re a coffee shop or restaurant that mostly sells individual specialty drinks. Its portafilter holder makes it ideal for preparing double or single shots.

However, you should go with the Mahlkonig EK43 if you’re selling coffee grounds in bulk. Its bag clamp will free up your employees to attend to other matters every time a customer orders a bag.

To learn more about either grinder, check them out in our store:

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme

Mahlkonig EK43
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