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La Pavoni Napolitana Review

Trips to coffee shops quickly become an expensive luxury. That latte tailored to your unique preferences that you grab every day on the way to work can cost several dollars. If you usually pick up more than one drink at a time, well, the costs are downright exorbitant.

This is why so many people have begun researching ways to scratch their itch for high-quality espresso drinks at home. An all-in-one espresso machine like the La Pavoni Napolitana is perfect for this situation.

It has everything you need to make a good espresso: a built-in grinder, espresso machine, and milk frother. But is it really right for you?

We’ll help you determine that answer in our La Pavoni Napolitana review. Here is what we’ll talk about:

  • The Napolitana’s most important features and why they matter.
  • How the machine compares to other alternative options.
  • Background information on the brand, La Pavoni.
  • The prices of machines included in this guide.

Settle in with a cup of your favorite coffee, and let’s get started…

Quick Summary 

La Pavoni Napolitana 

The Napolitana’s greatest selling point is that it combines everything you need to brew a delicious latte or creamy cappuccino in one convenient, polished package. It has a high-quality conical burr grinder, espresso machine, and milk frother all included. It brings all these features together in a compact shell, so it won’t even take up much space on your counter.

Key Features and Why They’re Important 

Conical Burr Grinder 

Every barista knows that good coffee starts in the grinder.

Every barista knows that good coffee starts in the grinder. Although pre-ground bags are convenient, they will never give you the potency of flavor that comes from freshly ground coffee.

To meet your goal of having coffee shop-level drinks at home, the Napolitana has an integrated conical burr grinder right on top. The machine will allow you to freshly grind your own choice of beans every time, then brew with them immediately after grinding.

We should also take some time to discuss the makeup of the grinder itself. The grinder has many features that you’d only see in more expensive models, such as conical burrs that stay cool and produce bimodal coffee particles with a fruitier flavor.

Because of its low RPM, the grinder also protects your beans from burning during grinding. Everything comes together to guarantee the best-tasting espresso right in your home’s kitchen.

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Stainless Steel Exterior 

Stainless steel doesn’t just make an appliance look attractive. A solid stainless steel construction also makes that same appliance more durable.

This is precisely how you know you can rely on the La Pavoni Napolitana. Its exterior is made from stainless steel that has been polished to a luxuriously gleaming finish.

You’ll be able to admire the machine and simultaneously trust that it will last you for years.

Semiautomatic Machine Type 

One of the first ways you can describe the Napolitana is semiautomatic. Semiautomatic and automatic are the two main types of espresso machines you’ll see these days, whether at home or in a commercial setting.

So, what exactly does semiautomatic mean? An easy way to answer that is to compare the Napolitana to an automatic machine.

On an automatic espresso machine, the duration of the brew cycle is entirely managed by the machine. You just press the start button, and then the machine will stop itself when it has brewed enough espresso.

Semiautomatic machines like the Napolitana put the duration of the brew step fully in your hands. You will have to both start and end it at the proper times, which will require you to learn how long to extract espresso for.

It’s more challenging, to be sure, but it also gives you more flexibility to produce espresso that’s perfectly customized to your unique tastes.

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Marine Grade Brass Boiler

An espresso machine is the sum of all its parts. If some of those parts are subpar, the resulting espresso may also be disappointing in quality. 

An espresso machine is the sum of all its parts. If some of those parts are subpar, the resulting espresso may also be disappointing in quality.

Easily one of the most important parts in your espresso machine is its boiler. It heats your water and helps provide the pressure for both brewing and steaming. You can see why it’s important for it to be well-built.

The La Pavoni Napolitana’s marine-grade brass boiler is indeed sturdily built. Not only will it last you for a long time, but it heats up quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to start brewing your first espresso when you turn it on.

Ulka Pump 

Another crucial part of any espresso machine is the pump. This is the driving force behind the water pressure that’s necessary to properly extract each shot.

In this case, the Napolitana has an Ulka pump. Aside from being specifically designed to generate ample pressure for brewing, the pump is created to operate much more quietly than other espresso machines.

In other words, the Napolitana will be an espresso machine you can use without worrying about disrupting everyone in your home.

Three Way Solenoid Valve

There are a surprising number of components in the average espresso machine that can be outright dangerous. Since espresso machines are designed to create both heat and pressure, it only makes sense that they often put you at risk of being burnt.

Baristas around the world are familiar with the pain of getting splattered with wet coffee grounds when removing the portafilter immediately after brewing. It’s enough to leave anyone flinching away from their machine after pulling a shot.

The La Pavoni Napolitana has a built-in safety measure to prevent this from happening. With its three-way solenoid valve, the portafilter chamber is depressurized and the puck dried out prior to you removing the portafilter. No more messy and painful splatters.

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Compact Design 

The Napolitana is blessedly compact. Measuring at a mere 12 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 13 inches tall, this is one of the smallest espresso machines you’ll find anywhere.

If you’re living in a small apartment or otherwise just don’t have much room to spare on your counters, you don’t need to feel as if an espresso machine is hopelessly out of reach. The Napolitana is proof that even the most crowded spaces can accommodate an espresso machine.

Comparable Alternatives 

La Pavoni Domus Bar 

La Pavoni Domus Bar Review

If you’re looking for something that’s like an improved version of the La Pavoni Napolitana, La Pavoni’s Domus Bar should fulfill your requirements. It has many of the same features of the Napolitana, such as the integrated grinder and stainless steel housing, but it makes some noteworthy upgrades to the design.

For one thing, it has a steam wand that comes with an interchangeable attachment called the Turbo Cappuccino. This attachment is designed to deliver effortlessly creamy microfoam, which is perfect, of course, for cappuccinos.

Here are some other important Domus Bar features:

  • Stainless steel body that lends the machine durability and beauty.
  • A durable brass boiler with pump overheat protection to safeguard the machine from damage.
  • Visible water level, so you’ll always know when you need to refill the water tank.
  • Coffee and steam thermostats to monitor internal temperatures with.

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Quick Mill Monza Deluxe 

Quick Mill Monza Deluxe

Do you want the easiest drink-making experience ever? Would you prefer the convenience of a machine that will completely prepare a drink from start to finish for you at the push of a button?

It sounds like what you’re looking for, then, is a superautomatic espresso machine like the Quick Mill Monza Deluxe. Machines like this are often called “bean to cup,” because they will address all aspects of drink-building for you, from grinding your beans to foaming your milk.

It’s true that you won’t have quite as much control over the brewing step as with the Napolitana on this machine. However, the trade-off is that you’ll get drinks effortlessly made at the touch of a button, freeing you up to focus on other tasks while the machine prepares a refreshing coffee for you.

These are additional important Quick Mill Monza Deluxe qualities:

  • An easy-to-read LED display.
  • Four different languages to set the machine to, making it accessible to a wider range of people.
  • Auto shut-off that will turn the machine off after a specific amount of inactivity.
  • Automatic frothing that will give you consistently creamy milk foam every time. 

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About the Brand 

La Pavoni is one of the world’s oldest espresso machine manufacturers. They’ve been around for over a century, giving them plenty of time to perfect their techniques.

If you’re looking for a quality brand, they’re an excellent starting point. Some of their machines are our bestselling models, and we’re pleased to have them in our store.

Ideal Machine Applications 

Based on our careful review of the machine, we believe the Napolitana is best for home use. It isn’t designed to produce the volume of espresso necessary for coffee shops or restaurants.

It’s possible that you could use it in a small office to share with a few coworkers, but it was primarily created to be used at home.

What Customers Say 

We do not currently have the La Pavoni Napolitana in our store, although we have other La Pavoni machines. Because it’s not actively listed in our store, we don’t have any feedback regarding the machine, but we can say that feedback for our other La Pavoni models has largely been good.

Customers love this brand. Many say La Pavoni machines produce some of the best-tasting espresso and last for a long time, as well.

Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee works to bring our customers the best prices online for the best espresso machines. As we just mentioned above, however, we do not currently have the Napolitana in our store, so you will need to check prices with other online sellers.

We do have the La Pavoni Domus Bar, though, for $959. We also have the Quick Mill Monza Deluxe for $2,695.

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