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La Pavoni Europiccola Review

There’s no denying the classiness of a manual espresso machine. Nowhere will a barista look more skilled than when they’re pressing down on the lever of a gleaming metal manual model.

For that reason, you may have been drawn to the vintage-looking La Pavoni Europiccola. Before you buy it, though, there are some important considerations to make.

In this La Pavoni Europiccola review, we’ll take a close look at the machine to ensure it’s a good fit for you. Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Important Europiccola features and how they affect you.
  • Various configurations the Europiccola is available in and what makes them different.
  • Potential alternative machines to the Europiccola.
  • Background information on La Pavoni.
  • Prices for the machines mentioned in this post.

Quick Summary

La Pavoni Europiccola 

La Pavoni Europiccola

What sets the Europiccola apart from so many other espresso machines these days is that it’s still in touch with its traditional espresso roots. Rather than being automated from top to bottom like most of its competitors, this machine is operated through pure elbow grease. Aside from its manual operation, this handmade machine is unmistakably a work of art that will impress your guests.

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Key Features and Why They Matter 

Manual Machine Type 

If you’ve seen many other espresso machines, you’ll notice something different about the Europiccola immediately: its lever. Most modern espresso machines have buttons or switches as opposed to large levers for operation. Some even have touchscreen controls.

The reason the Europiccola has a lever is that it’s a manual espresso machine. These days, manual espresso machines are quite rare because they rely on their users to generate pressure by pressing the lever at the right time.

It takes skill and patience to learn to use a lever-operated manual machine. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll be pleased by how impressive it looks every time you pull a shot of espresso.

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Stainless Steel Heating Elements

When you spend a lot of money on a new appliance, you expect it to be made to last. Too many things are made out of flimsy plastic these days, after all.

One great thing about the La Pavoni Europiccola is that it was clearly made to last. Inside, it has heating elements that are made from stainless steel. Metallic construction ensures its components will survive the strain of heating and cooling, withstanding years of regular use.

Boiler Capacity 

An espresso machine’s boiler is undoubtedly at the top of the list when it comes to most important components. It generates the pressure you need to extract espresso and froth milk.

Boilers also hold water. The more they can hold, the more drinks they can prepare in one session.

The main Europiccola we chose for this review, the Home Single-Cup version, has a 20-ounce boiler capacity.

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Water Level Sight Glass 

Just like your basic drip coffee maker at home, an espresso machine must have water in order to produce your favorite energizing beverages. In manual machines like the Europiccola, the design often relies on you to pour more water into them when necessary.

But how do you know when it’s time to add more water? The Europiccola makes this easy. On the side of the machine, you’ll have a water level sight glass that tells you at a glance what the water level inside the machine is.

Indicator Light 

Most variations of the Europiccola have an indicator light on the side of the base. It takes time for the machine to warm up enough that it can be used to brew or steam milk.

These indicator lights take the guesswork out of the warmup by communicating to you when the machine has had enough time to warm up. The lights go on while the machine is heating up and turn off when the machine is ready.

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Different Configurations 

La Pavoni Europiccola Home Single-Cup Espresso Machine 

La Pavoni Europiccola

We chose the Europiccola Home Single-Cup espresso machine as the basis for this review. This is likely what the average person thinks of when they imagine a manual, lever-operated espresso machine.

It’s the machine for you if you want a manual machine to provide espresso for one or two people in your household. As the name implies, it’s designed to produce a single beverage at a time.

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La Pavoni Europiccola Chrome with Wood 8-Cup Espresso Machine 

Europiccola Chrome with Wood

The main benefit of this Europiccola is that you get gorgeous wooden accents on the machine. As you can see, the handles and knobs have all been crafted from wood. It gives the machine a touch of warmth that may be sorely missed in all-metal alternatives.

Despite the name, it still makes one or two shots of espresso at a time. It has a similar 20-ounce boiler capacity that allows it to brew up to 8 2-ounce espresso shots in a row before needing a refill.

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La Pavoni Stradivari Europiccola 8-Cup Espresso Machine with Wood 

Europiccola Stradivari with Wood

The Stradivari Europiccola models were each inspired by the legendary violin maker, Antonio Stradivari. As such, machines like this one are a sight for sore eyes.

Like the machine above, this Stradivari Europiccola has real wooden accents. Not only do they look good, but they won’t transfer heat to the same degree that metal does, so it’s easier to handle them.

Upgrades to the Europiccola design made in the Stradivari models include durable nickel plating and a recessed power switch that keeps it out of the way.

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La Pavoni Stradivari Europiccola 8-Cup Espresso Machine 

Stradivari Europiccola without Wood

If you like the look of the previous Stradivari model but would prefer a slightly discounted price, this Europiccola Stradivari may be preferable for you. It’s exactly the same as the former, except that the wooden accents have been removed.

Aside from the lack of wood, it still has the same benefits as the former machine, including the nickel plating and recessed power switch.

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Comparable Alternatives

Elektra Micro Casa 

Elektra Micro Casa

Do you want a manual espresso machine that you can be truly proud of? Are you looking for a manual machine that guests will stop and stare at?

Look no further than the Elektra Micro Casa. This machine is unmistakably a masterpiece, with its gleaming metallic exterior and eagle topper.

Looks aren’t all you’re getting here, though. The Micro Casa has a range of top-notch features, such as the following:

  • A long-lasting brass boiler you’ll be able to depend on for years.
  • Boiler pressure relief valve which will protect the machine from dangerous pressure buildup.
  • An external pressure gauge you can use to monitor the pressure at all times.
  • A safety thermostat that will safeguard your investment by preventing meltdown if the machine is left on without water.

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Quick Mill Achille

Quick Mill Achille

The problem with many metallic manual machines is that they can get dangerously hot during use. Brushing up against one accidentally can result in nasty burns, especially if you happen to touch the steam or hot water wands.

That’s why the Quick Mill Achille has no-burn steam and hot water wands. Should you accidentally touch them or need to handle them for cleaning, you won’t need to worry about painful burns as a result.

As an added bonus, the machine also has a built-in cup warming shelf on top. You can free up some of your cupboard space by keeping a couple of your favorite mugs toasty on top of the machine.

Here are some additional noteworthy features:

  • Durable stainless steel exterior that matches with just about any decorating style.
  • A large-capacity three-liter water tank you won’t need to refill too often.
  • Hinged cover that makes it easier to access the water tank.
  • A rotary pump that’s quiet and tough.

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About the Brand 

Italian-made espresso machines are always in high demand. Companies like La Pavoni, which have over a hundred years of experience crafting espresso machines in Italy, are a testament to the country’s dedication to the art of brewing espresso.

Some of our bestselling products are La Pavoni espresso machines. Given how popular they are, we wouldn’t hesitate to say that these are top-notch machines you’ll love.

Ideal Machine Applications 

For the most part, we can’t recommend a manual machine like the La Pavoni Europiccola for commercial settings like coffee shops and restaurants. It takes precision and proper timing to use them, which translates to slower production.

Machines like this are best for home use. If you’re a home barista looking for a challenging and graceful way to make café-quality espresso, this is the machine for you.

What Customers Say 

Majesty Coffee has received some feedback regarding our Europiccola espresso machines. Fortunately, the feedback has been great, indicating what we already knew: that these are quality machines skilled baristas love to use.

We can guarantee you’ll love the look and feel of the machines themselves, in addition to the espresso they produce.

Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee’s goal is to provide our customers the most competitively priced espresso machines online. That includes our La Pavoni models.

There’s a lot of ground to cover here in terms of prices, so let’s start by looking all the Europiccola models we mentioned.

We offer our La Pavoni Europiccola Home Single-Cup model for $829, the La Pavoni Europiccola Chrome with Wood 8-Cup model for $969, the La Pavoni Stradivari Europiccola 8-Cup with wood model for $1,029, and the La Pavoni Stradivari Europiccola without wood for $959.

In addition to these La Pavoni models, we have the Elektra Micro Casa in chrome for $1,695 and the Quick Mill Achille for $2,595.

You can learn more about any of the aforementioned machines by clicking the links below:

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