La Cimbali vs La Marzocco

The answer to all our dire needs on tiring days is coffee. A cup of brewed goodness, with a bit of cream and almost no milk. That right there solves most (if not all) of our problems.

Undoubtedly, we all have been in the position when we are restless after a long, sleepless night owing to the endless pile of work. In such times a heavenly cup of coffee comes to the rescue!

Espresso machines have become popular recently. They’re easy to use, effective, and instantly turn a pointless, bland morning into an energetic one.

In addition, they bring forward a plethora of coffee options you’ve never explored right at your fingertips. From mochas to lattes to cappuccinos, you have the freedom to try everything and anything without a hassle.

Another plus point when using espresso machines is the fact that they’re sustainable. Who wants to spend 50 dollars per pound on coffee pods? To make your life easier and affordable, these machines are the best investment indeed.

But with so many benefits for espresso machines, there are twice as many options too. And it is truly a task to decide which one to buy.

Moreover, which brand has the best espresso machines to make your work less tedious? We have got you covered with your choices!

Today, we will be looking at two such amazing brands that aren’t just the best in their own capacities at delivering the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted but are also top-notch, modern, and offer impeccable customer service.

La Cimbali



One of the oldest brands in the business, La Cimbali, was established in 1912 in the heart of Milan, where it first started with a boiler, which was usually heated by wood. When the infamous boiler slowly started gaining traction, La Cimbali introduced another machine in 1945.

This new machine was called Albadaro and was well-loved by the buyers because it allowed two boilers and served between three to six coffee groups. After that, there was no stopping.

Soon after, La Cimbali launched several machines, one of which even won the famous and honorable title of Compasso d’Oro. With the advent of better machines, La Cimbali indeed became the answer to all coffee lovers’ wishes.

By 1969, the demand had increased so much that there was a launch of Superbar, a superautomatic coffee machine, especially for bars. Soon after came machines embedded with microprocessors and automatic functions. 

With time and better equipment, by the 2010s, La Cimbali had made its mark and held a celebratory program called MUMAC.

Nowadays, La Cimbali’s products are agile, modern, and, most importantly, easy to use. The company started with simply a boiler mounted up to be one of the founding names in coffee machines, which is an honor within itself, if truth be told. 


The mission of La Cimbali is to be number one in the production of espresso machines while also combining power and efficiency with their products.

They know the value of coffee, as an old tradition to something which becomes a daily need, and they mean to cater to each individual with their technology, passion, and creativity. 



Machines produced by La Cimbali offer a wide range of ergonomic features for both novices and coffee expert baristas equally. Investing in these devices will surely keep you coming back for more!


With La Cimbali products, elegance is always a priority. Whether it’s the first boiler ever produced or the latest S60 espresso machine, all the products have a unique feel to them.

With their easy-to-use buttons, touch sensors, thermal systems, and even the stainless-steel exterior for traditional machines, La Cimbali makes it a priority that when you buy a machine, you buy it for its charm. 

Versatile Products


Ever since La Cimbali was established, machines have had a certain edge to them. If one can buy an individual device and make 50 different recipes using it, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on something so unique? 

With the new and better interface and system, you can offer more and more customizations, making each drink different and as versatile as it could be. 

When La Cimbali released M23 UP and M26, it made sure to make their exteriors pretty. But what was even better was that one machine could be used for several different recipes, allowing baristas to depend on it to make a brewing cup of hot coffee, as per their preference. 

The same is the case with the recently released s60, which provides the option of creating more than 96 recipes in one machine. These vast recipes provide outstanding value for money and time invested in the brand.

Cutting-Edge Technology


If there is one thing that La Cimbali truly prides itself on, it is the company’s highly unique and developed technology.

With integrated temperature sensors to make sure the milk froths perfectly and multi-boiler technology to adjust each coffee group’s temperature individually, the products keep getting better with time.

Moreover, with the latest models, La Cimbali has allowed Wi-Fi integration into their products, making your work as easy as pushing a button. This feature has built a benchmark and has made people look forward to investing in espresso machines. 

With every La Cimbali product comes innovative technology, thermal system, and ergonomics accompanied with intricate details. If anything, this makes the product even better and allows the consumer to be as creative as possible.  

Best-Selling La Cimbali Machines

La Cimbali Casa

La Cimbali DT1 Junior Casa Espresso Machine

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One of the finest machines offered by La Cimbali is the Casa. It is made of a sturdy steel exterior which ensures durability combined with a plethora of unique features. It’s an automatic machine, which is a plus point for business owners. 

With its advanced rotary pumps, the Casa does not whir or make noise, nor does it need a lot of maintenance to last long. It can be used for your workplace but is optimal for use within your home to make the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted.

La Cimbali S60

La Cimbali S60

La Cimbali S60 is one of the best espresso machines introduced by the brand. It’s fully automatic, increasing its appeal alongside having the exterior and appearance of a traditional machine.

Any place where coffee is needed in huge quantities will be perfect for the S60 because it can make up to 260 cups of espresso per hour.

One of the features that make it stand out is the integrated sensor ability which can make the infusion and blending process better, because of which, your coffee is frothy and delicious.  

La Cimbali M23 UP

 La Cimbali M23 UP

Another machine by La Cimbali with outstanding perks appears to be the M23 UP.

This model is ergonomic and versatile with excellent performance that has users grinning with an exemplary shot of espresso. It is made from steel and has a fixed-nozzle system for precision and easier use.

Moreover, it comes with a filter-holder and an easy installation method, unlike other espresso machines. Therefore, this device is apt for use in a house or in a café and can serve palatable coffee with the least effort. 

La Cimbali M100 ATTIVA

La Cimbali M100 ATTIVA HDA 3-Group Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Attiva is definitely the one machine you need to get if you want to give your buyers a taste of authentic Italian brew.

It has three coffee groups to serve many people at once and has an excellent self-cleaning, and thermal system to make sure your effort is minimal and the taste is optimal. 


La Cimbali


Coffee is something sacred all around the world, and we all know how a good cup of coffee can make your morning instantly better. Thus, when we are talking about something so important, why not simply get the best?

With La Cimbali, every sip is appetizing, ensuring fantastic quality and even better taste. Also, with the new and better technology with boilers, a thermal system, and even integrated Wi-Fi technology, your work is going to get ten times easier by simply using the finest products. 

When using La Cimbali products, one need not think about being business-centric because the products offered are not only for businesses or cafes or bars. It can also be used as home equipment, making it much more accessible and giving you the chance to create the best recipes from the ease of your kitchen. 

This also ensures that the brand will always have more versatility. Imagine if they can integrate sensors and Wi-Fi into espresso machines – the sky is the limit for La Cimbali in terms of modern technology.

Consumers will always have a win-win situation with this top-notch brand, soaring to new heights with every passing day.

It’s not just their technology – their sturdy, robust exterior with stainless steel designs also makes your workplace or kitchen counter look presentable in the best way possible.

Their extended, sleek profile and elegantly made edges make the design stand out in the massive world of espresso machines.

La Marzocco

La Marzocco



La Marzocco was established first in 1937 in Florence. The name itself symbolizes a lion of great strength and holds great power in the history of Italy, which is why it was not a surprise to see La Marzocco creating a buzz.

First, with the advent of a top-notch boiler in 1939, La Marzocco had now proved to every other coffee company that it was here to stay. The boiler was improved on, and multiple features were added to the product, all making each variant better than the last one.

The brand also didn’t just stop at espresso machines. They added fruit juicers to their already mounting collection of advanced coffee machines and made sure to experiment with different products, some of which became a huge success in no time.

In the 1950s, it introduced a model with its exterior built like a flying saucer and interior made to leave no spot of the coffee grounds used, which was undoubtedly made it one of their star products.

After that came hydro-compression machines, the Linea series, and then finally, the Swift. All these products, each excellent in their own capacity, made sure La Marzocco became unforgettable in the minds of coffee lovers.

Even today, La Marzocco is a brand that keeps coming up with better, more creative designs that are versatile and modern, and irresistible for anyone who’s a coffee maniac.


La Marzocco’s mission is simple: to enrich and beautify other’s lives and create long-term relationships with their consumers.

To ensure that their mission is fulfilled, they follow a set of pre-decided values of performance, impact, longevity, and reputation, each of which they strive to achieve by ensuring historical and technological developments in their products to date.



La Marzocco products have always created an uproar with their new and advanced technology. Whether it’s their new range or something they created in the 1950s, their focus has always been to create products that make working easy as possible, thus making them stand out.

With their latest products, the technology for dual boiler system and PID controller is alluring. It allows users to make several cups of coffee at once while also optimizing the steam and control temperatures.

Moreover, with features like precision baskets, one could never really go wrong with the consistency of the coffee. With the high-class technology introduced by La Marzocco, there is always room for new upgrades, so consumers never miss out on anything.



Design is something we all look for in our everyday equipment, which is probably why La Marzocco takes the credits for its elegance, making each product to be as grand as possible.

Their products are vintage and classic and can make you imagine a scene from a Jane Eyre movie because of their beautiful exterior any day.  

With their latest variants, La Marzocco has even allowed the feature of no residue left, where the user has to do little to nothing to ensure cleanliness. This feature certainly attracts buyers who do not like cleaning up.

With sleek handles and an elevated exterior, these coffee machines carry an unparalleled grace within them.

Also, most machines by La Marzocco have paddles built along the body, which gives it a traditional look and enriches the process of making coffee, giving the barista enough power to apply pressure and create a perfect blend of mocha or cappuccino.

Best-selling La Marzocco Machines

La Marzocco Linea Mini

Linea Mini

This is one of the finest machines by La Marzocco, especially for usage within the comfort of your home. It has a great thermal system and reduces heat loss due to the internally connected coffee boiler.

Like most La Marzocco products, it has a paddle system to give you complete autonomy over the delivery, infusion, and taste of the espresso shot.  If you are an avid coffee enthusiast, this is the way to go for a top-quality shot.

La Marzocco Linea PB

 Linea PB

This model is suitable for those of you who are running late and want to grab an espresso on the go. The machine is to be used in cafés where the lines seem endless and is the perfect product to store more than 3 liters of coffee for your journeys and road trips.

You can also alter the temperature within a fraction of seconds due to its PID system and fulfill any coffee need that you might desire. This is the machine to opt for when you want to serve several people but also don’t want to give up on the quality.

La Marzocco Strada EE

La Marzocco Strada

This model was created, keeping in mind the hard-working baristas and their needs. To provide you with the perfect cup of coffee with the best ingredients, bar owners must invest in high-end, luxurious models. With the introduction of the Strada, they need not worry!

This model is cost-effective and highly recommended by users all over the world. In addition, the customer service and maintenance record of La Marzocco compels coffee lovers to invest in the variant without giving it a second thought.

It has been integrated with a semi-automatic paddle where brewing is done only by the movement of the paddle to make the infusion of coffee beans better and tastier. It also has touch steam wands and valve technology in it to check the temperature and prepare a warm cup of coffee with minimal effort.

La Marzocco GB5 Auto Volumetric

La Marzocco gb5

This is one of the finest machines to get your hands on if you own a busy café. Its structure with clean and organized lines and smooth curves will make your place look insanely elegant. But the thing which makes it stand out is the in-class temperature stability.

With a PID system, group caps, and a stainless portafilter made from steel, this machine has everything that makes it one of the best out there. Additionally, it’s dependable for use by baristas because of its two steam wands.



Calling La Marzocco vintage would certainly not be an understatement. With the recent surge in people attracted to the classics, this brings an unparalleled appeal. Their sleek design, paddle features, and even the basic, stainless-steel exterior make it hard to resist investing in any model.

La Marzocco products are also particularly known for the distinct, delectable flavor, and incredible taste of their coffee. The brand gives baristas incredible power over any type of coffee to be prepared. Whether it be temperature or infusion, each shot can be as inclusive and different as you want it to be.

La Cimbali Vs La Marzocco, Which Brand Should You Go For? 

Now that we have examined these amazing brands and taken a look at each of their features and benefits, the question arises – which one is better for you?

Where La Cimbali has the best technology, La Marzocco has the best quality of espresso. Where La Cimbali provides affordability, La Marzocco gives the finest exterior.

When both seem so perfect, which one should you choose? Well, considering everything La Cimbali has the upper hand on this.

Not only does La Cimbali has better and more advanced technology, but it is also a thousand times easier to use the brand’s machines because of the above-mentioned technology, making it the best fit for newcomers and pros in the field.

Moreover, we undoubtedly adore La Marzocco’s designs for their espresso machines, but it is quite obvious that their machines are to be used in places where you need several cups of coffee in an hour, rather than for use in houses.

Their variants will look amazing in cafes and bars, but for day-to-day use in the home, La Cimbali is a better fit with its sleek, stainless exterior, innovative technology, and robust build.

Also, when looking at La Cimbali vs La Marzocco comparisons, one cannot deny the fact that the latter is more of a luxury brand with its vintage aesthetic, business-centric exterior, and cleaning technology. We love luxury, but for something reasonable, La Cimbali is the one to opt for.

We have made our choice made for the best espresso machine by choosing La Cimbali as our trusted brand; it’s time you make yours!

Majesty Coffee is the premier destination for all of your espresso machine and coffee equipment needs. We carry products from top brands, including La Cimbali. Check us out!

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