Is Café Bustelo Espresso

Wondering what Café Bustelo is? Heard of it but never tried it before? We’ve got all the answers below.

What is Cafe Bustelo?

Cafe Bustelo is a brand of coffee nearly a century old, currently acquired and owned by J.M. Smucker Corporation. They are known for their rich, strong-bodied coffees and Cuban influence. Their coffees come pre-ground in a bright yellow can.

Is Café Bustelo actually Espresso?

No, Café Bustelo is not technically espresso. It is primarily brewed in drip makers, pour overs, moka pots, or as instant coffee. You would not normally see Bustelo used on an espresso machine.

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Is Café Bustelo Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

It has a very strong flavor profile and a high caffeine content as well. 

Is Café Bustelo High in Caffeine?

Yes, Bustelo has about the same or more caffeine than a cup of drip coffee.

What kind of Coffee is Café Bustelo?

Generally South American coffee. It can be brewed as drip, french press, pour over, cold brew, moka pot espresso, or even instant coffee.

Why is Café Bustelo so Cheap?

They source inexpensive beans from large farms in South America.

That’s the general overview of Café Bustelo if you’ve never tried it before, now you know! It is a unique coffee that many people enjoy.

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