Is Blonde Espresso Strong

Wondering how strong blonde espresso is? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re explaining everything you need to know about the strength, flavor profile and caffeine content of blonde espresso.

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Is Blonde Espresso Strong?

Blonde, or lighter-roasted espresso, is still considered strong. It is a concentrated amount of coffee, therefore it will inherently be stronger than most drip or cold brew coffees we are used to. However, in comparison to a darker roast, the blonde roast may seem lighter and less strong. Though it will still contain a higher acidity than a darker roast.

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How is Blonde Espresso Made?

Blonde espresso is made during the actual coffee roasting process. The unroasted beans go through a coffee roaster which applies heat, and the coffee roaster chooses to roast them for less time than a darker roast. The beans will be lighter in color than a darker roast.

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Is Blonde or Regular Espresso Stronger?

In terms of caffeine content, a blonde roast will have more caffeine. Some people tend to associate strength with the roast profile however, so they may consider the flavor of a darker roast to be stronger.

Is Blonde Espresso Stronger Than Dark?

Blonde espresso has more caffeine than a dark roast.

What Does Blonde Espresso Taste like?

Blonde espresso tends to be lighter, sweeter, and have more body than a darker roast. It can also contain fruity or nutty notes.

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