FRANKE A600 vs A800

Picture this:

Consistently great espresso beverages are only a touchscreen away. Your customers or employees just choose the drink they want, and then the espresso machine does the rest, crafting perfect drinks every time.

If that sounds like the future, you may be surprised to hear that it’s available now with superautomatic espresso machines. 

The Franke A600 FM CM and the Franke A800 FM EC are two such machines. In this guide, we’ll compare the Franke A600 FM CM vs the A800 FM EC so you’ll know which superautomatic machine is best for you.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Similarities between the A600 and the A800
  • Differences between these machines and what they mean
  • Pricing information
  • What to consider before choosing either one 

Let’s jump right in.



One of the first features of any espresso machine is its basic type, which changes its daily use. 

Generally, you’ll run into two types of machine: semiautomatic and automatic.

With semiautomatic machines, the barista has complete control over the brew cycle, and chooses when to begin and end it. In addition, users have to grind the espresso, place the portafilter, and froth milk for drinks on their own.

Automatic machines have the brew cycles programmed into them, so users can start the cycle, but the machine will stop by itself when the espresso is ready. Like with semiautomatic machines, you’ll still need to grind your espresso, put in the portafilter, and froth milk with the steam wand.

Superautomatic machines are the next step above automatic. You can think of them as kind of a one-stop shop.

Rather than having to grind or steam, most superautomatic machines will do the entire process for you from step one. All you need to do is select the drink you need and wait.

This design is outstanding for beginners. They can be trained to use the machine in minutes, and even if they’re brand new to drink-making, they’ll be able to make espresso as well as your most experienced employees.

On top of that, because you’re not standing at your espresso machine frothing or steaming, you’re able to multitask. Employees will be free to attend to other matters, such as building rapport with customers.

Some baristas prefer the ability to personalize drinks that comes with semiautomatic machines, and may not prefer the machine having control over the process. 

However, most superautomatic machines come with so many options, from grind fineness to kinds of espresso shots, that any user familiar with the system can still customize drinks.


Both these machines uses Franke’s brilliant FoamMaster system.

This means the A600 or A800 will be able to foam milk with a flexibility that mimics steaming by hand. You’ll be able to adjust things such as the temperature of the milk and how much foam is being made to enhance or customize different drink profiles.

But it doesn’t stop there: the FoamMaster system makes it possible to add milk foam to cold drinks in addition to hot ones. Many customers like foam on both their warm and cool beverages – and this lets you provide that to them.

Your customers will love how you’re able to customize their drinks, and your employees will love how easy it is do it.


You’ll want your customers to expect the same level of quality every time they visit your business.

iQFlow technology further guards the taste of your espresso. It controls the flow of water through the coffee to ensure the pressure is even. 

This translates to consistently full flavors in every cup time after time – without having to make adjustments to a grinder. 

This is just another measure that grants you the ability to personalize and polish every drink. 


Franke really focused on the flavor of espresso when it designed the A600 and A800 by adding pre-infusion.

What does pre-infusion do for you? 

It helps guarantee a fuller flavor by gently soaking the espresso before extraction. This makes sure the extraction itself is even, and the result is an absolutely indulgent-tasting espresso.


Just as there are so many similar user-friendly systems incorporated into the A600 and A800, they’re also a similar size.

Both these machines are 2.6 feet tall, about 1 foot wide, and a little under 2 feet deep. 

The only difference between their dimensions is their weight. At approximately 128 pounds, the A800 is the heavier of the two, while the A600 is lighter at around 84 pounds. 

Either way, they’ll fit comfortably into most business layouts. 



While both the A600 and A800 come with built-in hoppers to store beans, the number of hoppers they come with is different.

The A600 uses two bean hoppers. This is fantastic for offering your customers two different kinds of blends to choose from, such as caffeinated or decaf.

But the A800 takes your options a little bit further by having three bean hoppers. Having more choices makes it even easier for each customer to get exactly the taste they’re looking for.


Do you often have long lines of customers at your counter?

In that case, you’re probably going to be interested in just how fast an espresso machine is, or how many drinks it can make in a day.

Fortunately, both the A600 and the A800 are lightning-fast. 

With the A600, you’ll see an output of around 150 cups a day. This will get you easily through your rushes, and medium-sized businesses will find that this machine won’t break a sweat through long days of use.

But with an output of 250 cups per day, the A800 is about 67% faster. In smaller businesses, you might not notice this difference, especially if you’re not making espresso drinks as often. 

At the same time, if you’re constantly making back-to-back drinks, this speed could be a game changer for you.


Cleaning up at the end of a long day of work can be exhausting.

That’s why the cleaning systems in either the A600 or A800 are so amazing. With just a few quick steps, you can have these machines cleaned in minutes.

But there’s one key difference in how either of these cleaning systems operate. 

With the A800, you’ll find the ingenious EasyClean system. You’ll need to manually add cleaning liquid yourself, but once you do, the machine will clean itself thoroughly enough to satisfy strict HACCP hygiene standards.

You’ll be able to meet the same high standards with the CleanMaster system in the A600, with one change that smooths the process. Rather than having to add cleaning liquid to the machine yourself, you’ll have the convenience of pre-filled cartridges that you can just pop in.

At the end of the day, your employees won’t have to spend a tiring amount of time cleaning either one of these Franke machines.


These Frankes both use clear and intuitive touch screen displays for their operation.

The difference between these touch screens is their size. 

On the A600, there’s an 8-inch screen. This is a fairly large screen that you or your employees will find easy to read and navigate.

A 10.4-inch screen is on the A800. Those who have a hard time using touch screens may find the increased size on this one makes it simpler to read and use. 

This may look like a small difference initially, but the user-friendliness of a larger screen is also worth considering.


To further make these all-in-one machines, they each have the option of adding a side fridge for you to keep milk stored close by.

You can choose a 1-gallon side fridge for the A600, while you can choose a 2-gallon side fridge with the A800.

The one-gallon difference may not impact you so much if you have a lower volume of espresso orders and don’t go through milk quickly. But if you’re in the middle of a rush, having a second gallon nearby as backup can save your employees the time from having to go to a separate fridge.


Nowadays, customers want more and more products that are personalized for their specific wants and needs.

Of course, this includes the drinks they order, and milk is an important part of most espresso drinks. You may come across customers with different dietary restrictions or simply varying taste preferences that require a specific kind of milk.

The A800 lets you accommodate these customers with the option to add two kinds of milk to the machine. For example, you could offer dairy or non-dairy for lactose-intolerant customers, or you could offer whole or skim.

When you’re able to offer options that welcome all customers, they’ll remember the experience.


We here at Majesty Coffee work hard to combine the best prices with the best equipment in our store.

Our Franke A800 FM EC Superautomatic Coffee Machine is available for $13,888.80

We offer the Franke A600 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine for $14,032.


With so many features in common and a similar price, you’ll have to look carefully at specific factors to make your decision. 

One thing to think about is the amount of espresso drinks you make in a day. 


The A600’s capacity of 150 cups a day will be plenty for medium-sized business or offices looking to provide a coffee machine for employees.

franke a800

However, the A800 is significantly faster, capable of making up to 250 cups a day. If you’re a large coffee shop with a high volume of espresso orders, this may be the machine for you. 

If you’re looking to provide a wider variety of coffee beans, you’ll like the three hoppers on the A800 that you can use to store up to three different kinds. Alternatively, you can use the hoppers as additional storage for the same kind of bean if you find yourself going through a particular kind quickly.

Shops, restaurants, or hotels that cater to customers with diet restrictions will get use out of the second fresh milk option in the A800. You’ll be able to offer two different kinds of milk at the same time. 

Maintenance is also a quality to consider. If you’re concerned about cleaning the machine, the CleanMaster system used by the A600 is a dream to use with its pre-filled cartridges that save your employees from having to manually add cleaning liquid.

Here’s the bottom line:

Both of these machines are extraordinarily simple to learn and suited to a variety of businesses.

But larger businesses with a greater demand for espresso drinks will find the Franke A800 FM EC Superautomatic Coffee Machine more suitable with its increased speed, extra hopper, and additional milk option.

Medium businesses or offices with a smaller volume of espresso orders are a perfect match for the Franke A600 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine, especially with its CleanMaster system that’ll make it a breeze for inexperienced employees to clean.

For the more information on the Franke A800 FM EC and the Franke A600 FM CM, as well as the best deals online, check them out right here at Majesty Coffee:

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