Eureka Atom 75 vs 65

If you’re searching for a quality electric grinder, the Eureka Atom 75 vs 65 is a great place to start. There’s a reason why this brand has cultivated such positive word-of-mouth over the years.

Boasting a well-rounded array of features and enviable espresso results, the Eureka Atom series holds its own against today’s coffee equipment titans. Choosing which one suits you best, however, can be quite a task. There are several entries in the Eureka line, from the Mignon to the Olympus.

Should you purchase the Eureka Atom 75 vs 65? Below we will parse out the differences so you can make the best decision for your home or business.

While both models have many similar features, here are the differences for those in a hurry:

  • The Eureka Atom 75 is the smaller of the two burr grinders, though it has larger flat burrs to round it out. This is well-suited to fast-paced environments that grind constantly.
  • The Eureka Atom 65 is a little larger with slightly smaller burrs. This is a suitable choice for those that have extra space or want a lower price tag. 


Being from the same line-up, there are a few features you’ll be able to enjoy either way.

Sound insulation

If you live in a home or office that needs peace and quiet, you’ll want to invest in the Eureka Atom grinders. 

Both models come with state-of-the-art sound insulation to reduce the irritating whirr of grinding beans: they combine sound-isolating gaskets and motor mounts for silent operation.

Flat Burrs

Flat burrs are prized among espresso lovers for their exceptionally even results, drastically reducing annoying fines that can compromise the cup. The Eureka Atom 75 and Eureka Atom 65 both have high-quality flat burrs that will last a long time.

Programmable Dosing

This practical feature for cafes and restaurants means you can pull one or two shots of espresso with the push of a button. You can also grind custom amounts straight into the portafilter. 

ACE System

Worried about clumps ruining your brew? Both Eureka Atom burr grinders come with their impressive static-reducing anti-clump system. Pairing nicely with their high-quality flat burrs, you’ll enjoy a uniform grind every time you press start.

Bottom-Burr Adjustment System

Do you hate losing your grind settings whenever you need to disassemble your machine for cleaning and repairs? Both Eureka Atom 75 and 65 have this coveted feature to save you some frustration. 

Not only is the adjustment system highly intuitive for subtle grinds, it’s designed below the motor so you won’t agitate it during disassembly. 


Now to whittle down the unique features between the 75 and the 65. While these are only a few, they could make a big difference in your purchase.

Burr Size Difference

Burr size should be a concern if you find yourself grinding large volumes of coffee regularly. Scenarios where this could be a useful feature include busy office environments, high-volume cafes, or large households filled with coffee lovers.

The Eureka Atom 75 is dubbed such for its 75mm flat burrs, while the Eureka Atom 65 has slightly smaller 65mm burrs. Larger burr sizes also result in less overheating, an ideal feature for frequent coffee activity: this is because larger surface areas result in lower heat during the friction-heavy process of grinding.

Slight Size Difference

Both grinders are on the large side, clocking in at 17.25 inches. The Eureka Atom 65 is a little larger than the Eureka Atom 75: while it has the same height, it’s slightly wider depth and width. 

This shouldn’t be a problem if you already have a designated space for your coffee equipment. For those with very small kitchens or offices, however, keep this in mind.

Pricing Information

The Eureka Atom 75 is the more expensive of the two, sitting at $1,399 to the Eureka Atom 65’s $1,099. 

Alongside the price, both the Eureka Atom 65 and the Eureka Atom 75 come with a one-year parts and labor warranty for home use. For commercial use, expect a one-year warranty for parts and a three-month warranty for labor. 

Bottom Line: Which One Should You Choose?

Eureka Atom 65 For Budget-Conscious Homebrewers And Small Cafes

The Eureka Atom 65 is a highly efficient option for small cafes, able to keep up with the lunch rush with its extremely consistent grind capabilities. For those on a budget, this grinder will slot in nicely with other coffee equipment. Just be mindful of its larger size: you might have to clear some space on the counter.

Likewise, homebrewers who want a cost-efficient and quiet grinder for their household will find this model appealing. 

Eureka Atom 75 For Busy Offices, Cafes, And Large Households

Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder

High-volume environments that see regular customers or office workers will benefit more from the Eureka Atom 75. Its larger burrs are less prone to overheating thanks to their size, a perfect solution for a grinder that needs to be on almost 24/7. 

Just like the Eureka Atom 65, it’s silent operation and easy disassembly make it easy to use for busy baristas. Its slightly smaller size is a plus for crowded counters or work desks. 

Wrap Up

It’s easy to get choice fatigue searching for different grinding equipment. What’s most important is you prioritize what makes your brewing experience most enjoyable.

Check out the Eureka Atom 75 and Eureka Atom 65 and finally upgrade your coffee station. If you need help finding the right coffee grinding equipment for your home or business, message us on our live chat. We’re happy to answer all your coffee-related questions so you can make the most accurate purchasing decisions. 

Tony Barlow

Tony Barlow

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Tony Barlow, with over a decade of experience in the coffee industry, is the go-to technical sales expert at Majesty Coffee. He's passionate about helping businesses find the right espresso equipment for their needs.