Compak E10 vs F10

Unable to decide between the Compak E10 and F10? Both are cutting-edge and high-end grinders, so it’s understandable to be confused about them – especially with the similarity in their names.

We’ll shed some light on these grinders. In this Compak E10 vs F10 comparison, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • Which features are the same between these grinders.
  • The features that set them apart from each other.
  • Pricing information for both the E10 and F10.
  • Which considerations to make before you choose one or the other.

Quick Summary 

Compak E10


The Compak E10 is one of the latest grinders in a whole line called the Compak Essential On Demand Line. Its stepless grind adjustment allows baristas maximum control over the grind, and its cooling system makes it possible to grind all day with it. Get this one if you’re a high-volume coffee shop or coffee-centric business that needs a fast grinder.

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Compak F10

 Compak F10

With its generously sized grinding burrs and robust motor, the Compak F10 is equally as capable of leaving other grinders in the dust. To prevent it from overheating under high demand, it also has a fan cooling system. This grinder would be an excellent choice for high-volume businesses or those with a high rate of turnover due to its user-friendliness.

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Conical Burrs

Maybe the most important similarity between the Compak E10 and F10 is their burr shape. Conical and flat are the two burr shapes used in high-end espresso grinders today. Either shape has its own benefits and its drawbacks.

Conical burrs are beloved by many for their ability to produce a light flavor. This is because they create bimodal coffee particles, or particles of different sizes.

Furthermore, they tend to be more affordable than flat burrs. Some also feel that grinders with conical burrs run more quietly than those with flat burrs.

Burr Size 

Size is important in the world of grinding burrs. As a general rule of thumb, larger burrs are able to grind faster and stay cooler while grinding.

The Compak E10 and F10 both have 68mm grinding burrs. These are not the largest burrs even among Compak grinders, but they are still generously sized.

Thanks to the size of the burrs on these grinders, either one should be able to grind a shot within a couple seconds.

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Burr Change Warning

Out of all the parts in your grinder, the burrs probably see the most strain in the course of day-to-day use. It’s not surprising that their serrated edges wear down in time, just like with other blades.

As the burrs get dull, productivity in your grinder drops. If you’re not paying close attention, you might not notice that it’s grinding much more slowly or struggling to crush your coffee beans.

On the Compak E10 and F10, it’s impossible to forget to replace your burrs. They both have a burr replacement warning notice that will come up on the screen when you need to change them.

With the F10, you can even customize this burr warning. It’s a small but thoughtful touch.

Adjustable Portafilter Holder 

There’s isn’t necessarily a uniform portafilter size. Because portafilter baskets come in all shapes and sizes, it’s important that your grinder is flexible enough to contain them all.

That’s why these Compak grinders both have an adjustable portafilter holder. You can tweak the height of the fork so that you can fit any size beneath the grounds dispenser.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Dialing in the grind is a vital aspect of using a grinder. You can’t use the same fineness setting for every single type of coffee, so you’ll have to be able to control the fineness somehow.

On these Compak grinders, you’ll have access to the grind settings through a stepless grind adjustment system. This gives you the ultimate degree of control over the texture of the grind by removing any preset notches like you might have in a stepped system.

Because you won’t be limited to a small number of fineness options, you’ll be able to make the most accurate adjustments possible to your grind texture.

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Color Options 

Want to make a memorable first impression on every single customer that walks through your door? In that case, every single visual component of your business matters. You’ll need to have an overall aesthetic that comes together well.

Even your espresso grinder can factor into your appearance. To accommodate a larger array of decoration styles, the E10 and F10 are both available in two different colors: black and polished aluminum.

If you need something that will match with other stainless steel appliances, grab the polished aluminum version of these grinders. On the other hand, if you want something that will fit in virtually anywhere, the black version is a good choice.

Doserless Grinding 

Both the Compak E10 and F10 share the same way of dispensing your coffee grounds, which is called doserless grinding. What exactly does that mean?

Let’s compare it to a doser grinder. In a doser grinder, you have an extra stage before the coffee grounds actually reach your portafilter. You grind into a container called a doser hopper, and then you dispense the grounds from that container into your basket.

This can be a useful design in extremely busy establishments where that espresso will be used almost immediately. Because the grounds will grow stale fast, though, it can lead to waste if you’re not going to empty that doser hopper rapidly.

Instead of grounds being dispensed into a holding container, the E10 and F10 dispense the doses directly into your portafilter. This reduces your waste and guarantees the utmost freshness to your customers because you’re grinding every single shot to-order.

Cooling System 

Do you foresee your baristas having to use the grinder nearly constantly? Not every grinder can handle running for long periods of time – many will overheat, burning your coffee beans in the process.

Fortunately, either Compak in this comparison is equipped to handle your rushes handily. Thanks to their cooling fan systems, they can run nonstop with minimal risk of overheating.


Motor Power 

The first difference between these grinders is the strength of their motors. In the Compak E10, you’ll find the more powerful motor in this comparison at 825 watts. On the other hand, the Compak F10 has an 800-watt motor.

Truthfully, the motors in both these grinders are powerful. Either one will be able to rapidly grind a shot of espresso for you.

With so many other similarities, though, the E10’s slightly increased motor power will give it a very small edge in terms of speed.

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Compak E10 Barista Lights 

Making espresso is an extremely precise practice. You need to be able to visually monitor it every step of the way, or you might end up with a subpar beverage.

The Compak E10 is prepared to make life a little easier for your baristas with its barista lights. As the name implies, these lights illuminate the workspace, allowing baristas to clearly see what they’re doing at all times around the grinder.

Compak F10 Password Protection 

It happens to the best of us: a new employee, in a panic, accidentally alters a setting on a piece of equipment. Trying desperately to fix it, they dive deeper into the settings, tinkering with qualities they don’t yet understand.

If you want to avoid this scenario, you’ll want the Compak F10’s password protection. It allows you to hide some settings behind password access, ensuring that the grinder’s optimal settings are left alone.

Then, as employees gain more experience, you can share the password with them. Alternatively, you can just reserve it for the most senior members of your staff.

Compak F10 Customizable Promotion Message 

Chances are, your store has promotions or sales to draw in the crowds. If so, you probably at least partially rely on your customer-facing staff to remind customers of the deals you have for them.

Unfortunately, in the middle of your busiest times, it can be difficult to remember to remind customers of these things. You can make sure this never slips your employees’ minds with the F10’s customizable promotion messages.

Simply program a message you want to pop up on the grinder’s screen. That way, your employees will never be able to forget to tell customers about your exciting new promotions.

Pricing Information 

All of Majesty Coffee’s espresso grinders, including the Compak ones in this guide, are available in our store for some of the best prices online.

Our Compak E10 is available for $2,222.50 in black and $2,257.50 in polished aluminum. Our Compak F10 is in the store for $2,678.50 in black and $2,713.20 in polished aluminum.

Which Grinder Should You Purchase? 

Now to answer the most important question: which grinder should you purchase? Since there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all grinder,” there are reasons to choose either grinder in this comparison.

Let’s start by saying that the Compak E10 and Compak F10 are both quality grinders for high-volume establishments. They both have powerful motors and generously sized burrs, as well as large bean hoppers.

However, you may prefer the Compak F10 if you frequently have new hires to train. We think its customizable burr replacement and promotional messages could serve as clear reminders for inexperienced staff.

If you often have dim lighting in your establishment, then you may want to consider the Compak E10. It has built-in barista lighting that will ensure your employees can always clearly see what they are doing.

Here is our advice:

Buy the Compak F10 if you’re a high-volume coffee shop or restaurant with a high rate of turnover. Its programmable burr replacement and promotional messages as well as password-protected settings are perfect for beginners.

We’d recommend the Compak E10 for specialty coffee shops that need the utmost degree of accuracy. Its barista lights will guarantee your baristas have clear visuals on the espresso at all times.


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