Best Burr Grinder With Doser

Are you thinking of investing in a burr grinder with a doser? This is the list for you. When handling large volumes of coffee in a busy setting, the little details make all the difference. 

Burr grinders already show off their best side by providing consistent grinds with few fines. A doser allows you to bring out the full potential of your coffee by measuring down to the smallest gram. 

Continue reading to narrow down your search for the best burr grinder with doser. For those in a hurry, our top choices are: 

  1. Compak F10 Fresh Espresso Coffee Grinder - This highly subtle burr grinder with doser offers one or two shot settings, ideal for multitasking baristas.
  2. Nuova Simonelli MCF Doser Grinder - Effective, fast, and intelligently designed. Try this burr grinder with doser out if you need accessible coffee equipment. 
  3. Mazzer Mini Doser & Timer Short Hopper Coffee Grinder 2811 - This burr grinder with doser is a peak choice for quality espresso, especially for buyers who need a size-efficient option.
  4. Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser Espresso Grinder 2810E - This stylish burr grinder has a bright and user-friendly interface, perfect for training new hires.

Top 4 Best Burr Grinders With Doser

A quality doser offers you two main features: the ability to customize drinks on-the-fly and the ability to dose separate from the portafilter. 

This feature is usually more in-demand from restaurant, office, and cafe settings. Customers that are constantly seeking out highly unique orders need machines that can keep up with the smaller details.

Compak F10 Fresh Espresso Coffee Grinder

Compak F10 Fresh Espresso Coffee Grinder

Explicitly designed to target the pain points of busy settings, the Compak F10 is your one-stop shop for quality espresso. It has the ability to regulate grinds to a very subtle degree. 

The Compak F10 Fresh Espresso Coffee Grinder is able to multitask, offering one or two-shot espresso settings. It also boasts three grinding modes and incredible precision dosing capabilities. Say farewell to inconsistently pulled shots. 

Other features you’ll enjoy with this burr grinder include:

  • Practical choice for baristas who regularly find themselves multitasking. 
  • Conical 68 mm grinding burrs - These burr grinders are on the larger side, able to support a higher volume of coffee. Expect nothing but smooth, fine grinds for your espresso shots. 
  • Hearty bean hopper - Tired of constantly refilling the coffee grinder? This hopper is able to hold up to three pounds of coffee at a time. 
  • Electronic micrometric adjustment settings - This setting is a feat of modern technology. Not only can you minutely adjust your settings, the convenient electronic interface makes it easier than ever.
  • Password protected settings - No need to worry about previous settings being overwritten. Protect your previous input so you can keep the line running smoothly.
  • Adjustable fork height - Easily tweak how you grind with this adjustable fork height feature. 

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Nuova Simonelli MCF Doser Grinder

Nuova Simonelli MCF Doser Grinder

Specificity is key in a cafe setting. This impressive burr grinder with doser is the equipment of choice for cafes that have large volumes of decaf drinkers, thanks to its adjustable dosing setting.

When just one wrong order can throw an entire day into disarray, it’s essential to have equipment that can keep up with the small details. Nuova Simonelli MCF Doser Grinder is designed to customize multiple drinks at a time. It’s also very user-friendly, offering micrometric adjustments for experienced workers and a straightforward design for beginners.

Small restaurants and busy cafes alike will appreciate the Nuova Simonelli MCF Doser Grinder. Enjoy an array of features such as:

  • Useful choice for a selective customer base or baristas who need extra training.
  • 50 mm stainless steel burrs - This hefty model can grind up to 1,000 pounds of coffee before showing its age. 
  • Fast doser - Combine speed with accuracy with this handy doser. Baristas will easily be able to portion out shots in-between taking orders and answering questions. 
  • Micrometric grind adjustment - While very user-friendly, this grinder still offers fine adjustments for more particular espresso orders.
  • Portafilter rest - No need to babysit the machine. The portafilter rest will hold on tight during the grinding process, freeing your hands for other tasks.
  • 8 ounce transparent bean hopper - Large enough to hold nearly an entire coffee bag, its transparent design means you can quickly tell when it needs refilling. 

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Mazzer Mini Doser & Timer Short Hopper Coffee Grinder 2811

Mazzer Mini Doser & Timer Short Hopper Coffee Grinder 2811

Roaster-cafes and bar owners with a strong coffee portfolio will love this choice. The Mazzer Mini Doser is size-efficient without losing out on quality. 

Espresso is a delicate creation that needs a gentle touch. The dosing levels of this machine can be adjusted between 5.5 to 9 grams, providing a flexible middleground when taking multiple orders. Alongside this handy feature, you’ll also be able to enjoy:

  • Size-efficient option for homebrewers, coffee bars, or very small cafes. 
  • 58 mm burr grinder - Burr grinders ensure you’re not pulling inconsistent shots, creating happier customers and relaxed workers.
  • Stepless micrometric grind adjustment - Adjust your grind to your heart’s content. Instead of preset options, this grind adjustment setting can be minutely tweaked until you’re satisfied. 
  • Low blade speed - This burr grinder with doser has a low speed of 1600 RPM, reducing the risk of overheating (and staying quiet, too!). 
  • Lighter weight - When burr grinders can hit weights of 40 or 50 pounds, this is a relatively lightweight model at 22. 
  • Warranty - Enjoy a one-year warranty on parts when you purchase this burr grinder.

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Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser Espresso Grinder 2810E

Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser Espresso Grinder 2810E

Are you searching for a few more features in your burr grinder with doser? For those hungry for the most advanced options, the Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser is a shoe-in. 

While the Mazzer Mini Doser is simple and straightforward, the Mazzer Super Jolly adds a few more snazzy features. The digital display shot counter is an extremely handy feature, particularly if you run a business that is regularly training new staff members. It provides the ability to enjoy this model in silver, black, or polished versions. 

This burr grinder with doser comes with standout features such as: 

  • Highly accessible and straightforward option for training new hires. 
  • Flat 64 mm grinding burrs - Designed for consistent results, these large and flat burrs will both improve espresso quality and shorten grind time. 
  • Electronic dose adjustment - Dose each shot electronically, providing visible measurements so you don’t have to memorize everything. 
  • Stepless micrometric grind adjustment - For the more meticulous brewers out there, this setting is a must-have. 
  • Large bean hopper - This bean hopper can hold nearly three pounds of coffee at one time.
  • Low blade speed - The lower blade speed results in a quieter machine that’s less prone to overheating.

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What To Consider When Buying a Burr Grinder With Doser

Seeking out a doser means you need extra flexibility when crafting orders. When faced with a long line of customers who want drastically different drinks, it helps to dose and hold large amounts of ground coffee.

Consideration 1: Flexible Shot Settings

Do you find yourself frustrated with grinders that can only execute a certain amount of coffee each time? Multiple shot settings is a solid feature for high-volume settings that need more flexibility. 

The ability to pull one or two shots at a time may not sound like much, but it’s a keen feature that will save you precious seconds. The Compak F10 Fresh Espresso Coffee Grinder provides one or two-shot settings alongside several grinding modes. 

Consideration 2: Precision Dosing

Get the most out of your burr grinder with precision dosing settings. While food and beverage workers train hard to handle busy days, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a break.

Precision dosing allows workers to punch in settings and keep them in place, saving them a few seconds on each order. The Nuova Simonelli MCF Doser Grinder and Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser Espresso Grinder 2810E provide advanced electronic dosing capabilities. 

Wrap Up 

When you want additional flexibility in brewing coffee, a burr grinder with doser will meet your problems head-on. They’re functional additions that let you attend multiple orders at one time.

Got questions or concerns? Send us a message at our live chat or give us a call at our customer support number >>> (888) 978-5224. If you’re not sure which coffee equipment to commit to, we’ll help you narrow down your search and find the best option on the market.

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