Bentwood Grinder vs EK43

Are you torn between choosing the Bentwood Grinder vs EK43? We know having several high-quality options makes the final decision harder, so we’ll make it easier on you.

Narrowing down the best grinder for your business starts with choosing what’s most important to you. Are you looking for a value purchase for your budget or are you trying to increase your grind consistency? We’ll help you narrow down your options to find the most suitable purchase for your business.

For those in a hurry, here is our brief summary of the Bentwood Grinder vs EK43:

  • The Bentwood Grinder is ideal for medium-sized restaurants, motels, or hotels that serve coffee occasionally. 
  • The EK43 is best suited for high-volume coffee shops or large restaurants that face regular morning and lunch rushes.

Similarities Between the Bentwood Grinder vs EK43

The Bentwood Grinder vs EK43 isn’t immediately apparent. Both grinders are well-suited to high-volume coffee environments that see regular weekday customers.

Flat Burrs

Both models use flat burrs, a popular choice for coffee shops that want the most consistent grind level possible. These burrs ensure each cup of coffee will taste the same as the last, an essential feature for repeat customers.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

If you want your baristas to have a fine level of control over the coffee grind, you’ll be happy to know both models offer stepless grind adjustment. This fine level of control ensures you can meet the precise specifications of every customer.

Cool Grinding Features

Both grinders provide the much-needed feature of cool grinding mechanisms, such as the EK43’s large burrs and the Bentwood Grinder’s double ventilation. These handy details prevent your beans from becoming burnt, protecting their flavor and aroma while they’re ground.

These features also keep your machine from overheating and shutting down.

Both Models Have a Portafilter Holder

Do your baristas have to go through intense breakfast and lunch rushes during the weekday? If your store is consistently high-volume, you’ll want the these grinders’ portafilter holders.

This simple addition holds the portafilter in place while the grounds fall, freeing your barista’s hands to multitask. 

Both Models Are Blissfully Quiet

The Bentwood Grinder and EK43 are both very quiet grinders that won’t disturb the atmosphere of your shop. 

Differences Between the Bentwood Grinder vs EK43

The differences between the Bentwood Grinder vs EK43 are small, yet notable. 

Each Model Has Different Color Options

Do you want your grinders to match your decor? The Bentwood Grinder offers different wood types and colors upon request, while the EK43 comes in classic shades.

The Bentwood Grinder offers:

  • Black
  • Additional colors upon request
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Walnut
  • Other woods upon request

The EK43 comes with a simpler range:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White

Both Grinders Have a Notable Size Difference

The Bentwood Grinder comes in one size that’s well-suited to small or medium-sized restaurants, hotels, and motels. The EK43 has more variety, gearing it toward more coffee-focused businesses. 

The EK44 offers three grinder sizes: standard, short, and mini. It also has larger 98mm flat burrs compared to the Bentwood Grinder’s 63mm flat burrs.

The EK43’s Larger Burrs Create a Cooler Result

Not only does the EK43 have a design that reduces heat, the larger burrs also have more surface area to expel even more heat. As such, your coffee quality will be the highest it's ever been.

The EK43 Has More Hopper Features

To contrast, the EK43 has more hopper features than the Bentwood Grinder. Its locking mechanism gives you the ability to switch hoppers even when they’re full of beans.

Additionally, the EK43 comes with hopper magnets that protect the inner mechanisms if objects accidentally fall inside.

Which One Should You Choose?

Now that you’re more familiar with each grinder’s similar and unique qualities, it’s time to make a final decision. Here are the business models the Bentwood Grinder and EK43 are best suited for.

Bentwood Vertical 63 Coffee Grinder

The Bentwood Grinder For Medium Sized Hotels, Motels, or Restaurants

Do you have a medium-sized coffee shop, restaurant, or motel that serves coffee occasionally? The Bentwood Grinder’s smaller 63mm burrs create high-quality coffee at lower volumes, ideal for slower environments. 

This grinder still has handy features like a portafilter holder and stepless grind adjustment to give your baristas more control. For businessowners who want their equipment to seamlessly slot into their decor, the gorgeous wood colors of the Bentwood Grinder will be another plus.

Mahlkonig EK43 Filter Coffee Grinder

The EK43 For Large Coffee Shops or Restaurants

If you face a huge volume of customers on a regular basis, you need a powerhouse grinder to match. The EK43’s 98mm burrs and significant hopper size make it a peak choice for large businesses. 

The combination of portafilter holders, hopper locking mechanisms, and a cooling design ensure great coffee is made with less effort.

Wrap Up

Both of these grinders are explicitly designed to reduce the amount of work your barista needs to make high-quality cups of coffee. Where they differ is what kind of business model you run.

The Bentwood Grinder’s smaller size is better suited to medium-sized coffee shops and restaurants that serve coffee occasionally. The EK43’s larger burrs and hopper locking mechanism is better suited to very high-volume coffee environments.

Check out the Bentwood Grinder and EK43 here to get the lowest price. If you’re still not sure which one to buy, reach out to our live chat for assistance. We’re happy to help businessowners choose the best coffee equipment.
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