Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machines

Super automatic espresso machines are the pinnacle of espresso technology and ease of use. Most machines will grind beans, extract espresso, steam milk, and make drinks with the push of a button. 

These machines are great for offices since multiple types of coffee drinks can be made with no espresso experience necessary. 

Also, most superautomatic espresso machines come with the option for free installation, maintenance training, and more!

We're dedicated to making sure that our commercial clients get the best possible espresso machine for their specific needs. Give our experts a call at (888) 978-5224 so we can learn more about your capacity and requirements.

We've helped hundreds of large and small businesses and are eager to partner with you on your next project.

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I work from a shared space, my business address is my home, but you were unable to deliver to my home a piece of equipment that was neither heavy nor big. Was very complicate to arrange the pick up from a fedex location 1.5 hours from my home.
Other than that equipment works very well.
Andrea G. NY

Hi Andrea, Very sorry you had issues with Fedex. We don't see any emails from you regarding this situation, but we would have been happy help. If you ever encounter any machine or shipping issues in the future, let us know and we'll get it resolved quickly.
Exceeded my high expectations!

I’ve owned high end espresso machines for the last 25 years. La Speziale Dream is the best!
Beautiful design, fast heating and endless ability to produce consistent high quality espresso, lattes, etc.


My order was promptly processed. I was kept advised of its progress. Shipping was fine. My questions were answered by customer service with absolutely no delay. Highly recommended! Roaster works really well. There are two's difficult to hear cracks, and the volume on the shut off warning needs to be increased.

Machine Didn’t Function

Attempted to get the issue resolved within Majesty Coffee, but they transferred me to the manufacturer (Gene). Manufacturing company hasn’t done anything to resolve the issue. Waited months to get this roaster only to receive a defective one.

Hi Kyle, Very sorry about your roaster having issues. Gene Cafe does handle the warranty and unfortunately they've been short staffed due to the COVID-19 situation. We've already contacted the owner of Gene Cafe USA for you to get this fixed quickly.

Gene Cafe One Half Pound Coffee Roaster CBR-101