Nuova Simonelli Musica Volumetric Espresso Machine (Open Box)

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Special Musica Warranty Offer

Standard Gold

-2-year Parts Warranty

-No Labor Warranty

-Single Point of Contact for all Service Needs

-Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage

-Bench Test Machine

-Installation Coordination of Facilities

-Water Quality/Clarity Test-Professional Installation*

-Equipment Maintenance Training-24 Hour Business Day Response

-Automatic Warranty Claim Processing

-Free Installation of Water Softening System

-Guaranteed No Freight Damage

-Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers

-1 Year Labor Warranty

-1 Courtesy/Nuisance Call

**Panini Grills, Grinders, Oscar, Musica PO & Venus Family -
Installation and setup services are not included; Parts & Labor Offsite

* Beyond Point Charges: If Nuova Distribution USA does not have a service technician within 3 hours driving time of the install location, extra travel charges will apply.

Overtime charges: Installation must occur during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM). 

Additional charges will apply for installations outside of regular business hours.

Who Should Buy The Nuova Simonelli Musica? 

Home User

This prosumer espresso machine doesn’t just simulate a professional experience—it is the professional experience.

The Nuova Simonelli Musica is packed with commercial features and functions like dual volumetric and manual dosing, pre-infusion, indicator lights, and a boiler pressure gauge.

An energy-efficient heat exchanger system means fast warm-ups, making a shorter wait time for your morning latte. 

Bring the cafe to your kitchen with the Musica.

Small Cafe

Small coffee shops are getting the best of automatic and semiautomatic models in the Musica with combined volumetric and manual dosing.

Baristas can pull espresso shots with the programmable volumetric single and double buttons for greater efficiency and consistency. 

But if a customer requests a custom espresso shot, baristas have the power to accommodate with the manual button.

Temperature stability, flexible extraction controls, and optional LED accents make the Musica the perfect choice for small cafes looking for high performance and a visually striking machine for their customers to admire.

Small Restaurant

The beauty of the Musica is not just in its outer shell. It’s also in its simplicity for the user.

If your restaurant staff lacks barista training, the Musica is an ideal solution. The volumetric controls are straightforward and easy to learn for total beginners.

Meanwhile, the manual button provides more advanced functionality for those special drink orders to really wow your customers.

The right size with the perfect capacity for a small restaurant, the Musica takes up little counter space while offering top quality espresso drinks with simplified operation.

Mobile Location

Need a portable espresso machine for your mobile business? 

Whether you’re catering an event, setting up a food truck, or making lattes at the farmers market, the Pour-Over Musica is the answer.

Since this version of the Musica doesn’t need to be hooked up to a water line, it can go anywhere.

Give your customers commercial-quality results wherever you go.


Office employees have serious caffeine requirements. Provide them with a coffee shop experience right at their desks.

The Musica is so easy to use, anyone can learn how to make a cappuccino or Americano. 

Save those expensive trips to the coffee shop (they add up, don’t they?) and supply all the espresso drinks right in the office.


The Musica proves that elegance and quality go hand-in-hand.

Refined beauty, compact size, and professional quality define the Nuova Simonelli Musica.

With unique styling and versatile options, the Musica comes in a variety of configurations tailored to every coffee enthusiast’s needs.

The Musica is the barista’s espresso machine.

Producing high-quality espresso and silky microfoam with powerful steaming, the Musica is a small machine delivering big-league results.

This model’s sophisticated features give anyone the opportunity to become a true barista and make excellent espressos and creamy cappuccinos.

Nuova Simonelli is a top name in the industry.

Having been named an official brand of the World Barista Championship, Nuova Simonelli is associated with quality and innovation.

The Musica carries the company’s reputation for excellence—and it delivers.

*Grinder in picture not included.

Key Features and What They Mean

Button Pad with Backlit Soft-Touch Buttons

This elegant button pad features backlit volumetric and manual dosing buttons with adjustable brightness levels. The volumetric dosing system stores up to three different dose settings for speedy selection and variety (and increased efficiency in a cafe setting).

Indicator Lights

The Musica’s indicator lights relay information about the water level and heating element to the user. They’ll light up when the water level is too low and the heating element is on to help you perform maintenance tasks and use the machine safely.

Thermo-Compensated Group

The thermo-compensated group creates temperature stability for optimal brewing. Continuously circulating the hot water creates the perfect thermal environment for shot after shot with consistent quality.

Insulated 2 Liter Copper Heat Exchange Boiler

The 2 liter heat exchange boiler supplies a ton of steam power (you can brew and steam at the same time on the Musica). A natural heat conductor, copper increases the boiler’s energy efficiency along with the insulation. Naturally antimicrobial, copper also increases the sanitation of the unit.

Pre-Infusion System

Pre-infusion allows all of the noble substances in the coffee to be fully extracted. Immersing the coffee puck in hot water before the full pressure of water hits it, pre-infusion also prevents channeling and settles the coffee. This means that improper tamping is far less likely to affect extraction.

Programmable Hot Water Nozzle

The independent hot water nozzle makes it possible to prepare Americanos, teas, and other hot beverages in seconds. Programming the hot water wand for set doses of water allows baristas to take multitasking to greater heights.

Push Pull Steam Lever

The ergonomic design of the push-pull steam lever ensures more comfortable steaming for those with sensitive wrists. There are no knobs to twist and turn.  A gentle push of the steam trigger into the on and off positions is all that’s needed.

Articulating Steam Wand

The steam wand will move in any direction you need it to, allowing you to find the optimal angle for the milk pitcher. This guarantees greater success in creating the smoothest microfoam.

LED Edges

A feature of the “Lux” version of the Musica, the illuminated edges from tiny LEDs with low-power inputs give the Musica a special mystique and refinement. They also provide better visibility of the barista’s detailed work in low-light settings.

Boiler Pressure Gauge

A visible pressure gauge lets baristas check the pressure in the boiler tank. This will guide users in operating the machine, indicating when the Musica is ready to brew and steam.

Reverse Mirror

The Musica’s backplate acts as a mirror, showing the operator all the angles of the espresso as it pours from the group head. Baristas can better monitor the espresso for signs of quality while the shots are pouring and ensure that only the best shots are used.


Lux (LED-Illuminated Edges)

The Lux configuration of the Nuova Simonelli Musica comes with LED-lit edges, creating a futuristic and captivating look.

Doubling as a unique design element and a light source in low-light conditions, the LED edges allow baristas to see what they’re doing no matter how dark the room (or outdoor environment) is.

*Available in Direct-Connect and Pour-Over versions.

Black (No LED-Illuminated Edges)

This configuration of the Musica comes with black edges instead of LED lights.

The black edges give a more traditionally sophisticated appearance to the Musica.

*Available in Direct-Connect and Pour-Over versions.


Providing a direct hookup to a water line, the Direct-Connect Musica is the solution for businesses and individuals in need of an easy-maintenance espresso machine.

The direct connection to the water supply means that the machine is getting a continuous water feed. You won’t need to stop and refill a depleting reservoir.

Especially for cafes, this means more customers served, faster. Stopping the coffee line to perform minor, yet time-consuming tasks like refilling a water tank can take a big chunk of time out of productivity.


For mobile businesses, the Pour-Over Musica is the right configuration.

This version of the Musica comes with a manually refillable water tank (it won’t plumb into a water line).

This makes it portable—you can use the Pour-Over Musica anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Musica Specification Chart

Standard Features Available
T3 System - 3-4 copper boilers working together allowing the barista to independently set the temperature for each group head. X
Volumetric Dosing - Allows the barista or operator to program the dosage. Often allowing for different dosages on different group heads. This means that the barista can start the brewing process knowing the machine will end it automatically at the pre programmed dosage.
Manual Dosing - A single button that begins and ends the brewing process.
LCD Display - Controls doses, boiler pressure, pre-infustion, and even energy savings settings. X
Raised Group Heads - Allows for larger cups to be placed directly below the group head. X
Cool Touch Wands - This technology significantly reduces the temperature of the wands during the steaming process. This reduces the time it takes to clean the wand and eliminates a safety hazard for baristas. X
Surface Leds - Barista can always see what they're doing with LEDs positioned strategically around the machine.
Push Pull Steam - An ergonomic and more user-friendly upgrade to the turning steam wands.
Soft Infusion System - Reduces the need for proper tamping and leads to more consistent espresso. Eliminates human error.
Automated Cleanings - Machines comes with an automated cleaning process. Barista can use the digital display to select the desired group or groups to be cleaned. X
Power Saving Options - T3 technology plus software makes this machine extremely energy efficient. X
Reverse Mirror - Back plate acts like a mirror allowing the barista to monitor every aspect of the brewing process.
Bar Pump Gauge - Makes it easier than ever to check pressure profiles.
Water Level Indicator - Easily monitor boiler water levels. X

Specs 1 Group
Machine Depth 16"
Machine Height 17"
Machine Width 13"
Machine Weight 45 lbs.
Boiler Size - In multiboiler systems, this is the total boiler capacity when they are added together. 2 lt
Volts 110v
Watts 1200
Amp Draw 10
Power Input Nema 5-15
Water Connection Required - Drain hoses and water hookup lines are provided with all direct connect machines. Direct-connect
Drain Required - Open gravity drain of 1.25 inch I.D. Built-in
AutoSteam Capable - Machine supports some version of autosteam. A system that simplifies the milk steaming process.

Pod Kit Adapter

This machine supports a standard pod kit adapter. We will install these left to right, unless a particular head is specified in the comment section while checking out. They can also be moved by the user with a screw driver.

musica colors

Warranty Info

All of our espresso machines come standard with our 2-year manufacturer warranty.

We also sell additional dealer warranties which can be found above.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommended to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends on the water and quantity of drinks being made (see estimating calculator).

View Water Calculator

Common Questions and Answers

Q: How do I choose between the Pour-Over and Direct-Connect Musica?

A: You may not be in a situation where you absolutely must choose one configuration of the Nuova Simonelli Musica over the other.

First, let’s quickly recap who really needs one or the other.

Who needs the Pour-Over Musica?

  • Mobile units
  • Outdoor vendors
  • Anyone who needs a machine to work in any location, regardless of proximity to a water line

    Who needs a Direct-Connect Musica?

    • Small coffee shops
    • Restaurants
    • Home owners who aren’t big on continuous maintenance
    • Busy offices where the water tank will be depleted frequently and employees won’t have time to refill it

      If you have the option to choose the Pour-Over or Direct-Connect Musica based on preference rather than need, consider the following factors:

      • How much regular maintenance you want to do
      • You budget
      • Whether portability is a true advantage

        A direct-connect machine makes maintenance easy. 

        You can install a water softener to cut down on scale build-up, reducing the number of descaling events in prolonging the life of the machine (but do consider adding a water filter or softener tablet to the Pour-Over Musica, too).

        You don’t have to refill a water tank, ever. The machine is always ready to go, saving time and energy that won’t come out of your busy schedule.

        On the other hand, the Pour-Over Musica saves some money if your budget is pretty tight.

        Whether it’s the Lux or Black model, the Pour-Over Musica is also the only portable version of this machine.

        Remember that an espresso machine is heavy. At 45 pounds, the Musica isn’t the heaviest, but it’s probably not a piece of equipment you’ll want to lug around on a day trip (not to mention all the other supplies you’ll need to take with you).

        If you’re planning a move to a location without a water source or thinking about starting a mobile coffee truck, the Pour-Over Musica is definitely the way to go.

        Ultimately, thinking about how much convenience you want in an espresso machine will help you decide between the Pour-Over and Direct-Connect Musicas, whether that’s convenience in daily operation and maintenance or portability.

        Q: What does the Musica’s thermo-compensated group do for the coffee?

        A: The Musica’s thermo-compensated group stabilizes the group temperature. This makes brewing consistent espresso shots much more attainable.

        Temperature is a vital aspect of espresso brewing. Slight variations can change the flavor and quality of the espresso, so what you want is a consistent temperature.

        In espresso machines, temperature fluctuations are natural. What’s important is how the machine compensates for them.

        With a thermo-compensated group, the Musica gives baristas a more reliable brewing mechanism for perfect espresso shots.

        Q: What is the difference between volumetric and manual dosing in the Musica?

        A: Volumetric dosing means that the Musica will automatically end the brew cycle at the correct espresso volume when the user selects the dosage.

        The manual brew button, on the other hand, will need to be pressed twice: once to start the brew cycle and again to end it.

        The reason manual dosing requires more experience is that the barista will need to know exactly when the brew cycle should end. The barista will be looking for the correct volume, timing, color changes, and other indications of a good, fully developed shot.

        However, manual dosing gives baristas the opportunity to pull any kind of shot on the fly. A ristretto shot or a long shot pulled for 40 seconds doesn’t need to be programmed into the system.

        So while the volumetric controls are easy to use and provide instant consistency, the manual button lets the machine operator get creative or meet the customer’s special espresso requests on demand.

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