M&V Vesuvius Dual Boiler Espresso Machine VESUVIUS-SST

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Plumbing: Reservoir

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M&V Vesuvius Dual Boiler Espresso Machine VESUVIUS-SST


The Vesuvius is a beautiful pressure profiling home espresso machine. It's high polish stainless steel exterior immediately catches your eye. Along with the stainless steel exterior, it comes by default, with beautiful wood-accented accessories and accents. These accessories even include a stainless steel tamper and a bottomless or naked portafilter, for free! The Vesuvius will become the centerpiece of your kitchen, not only for its looks but for its abilities. A built-in seven-day timer gets your espresso machine ready for your next excellent beverage! You won't have to call in the electrician either - the Vesuvius plugs right into any normal US 15-amp outlet in your kitchen.


Internally, the Vesuvius has insulated dual boilers made of stainless steel. The stainless steel dual boilers have easy-access boiler drains for service and storage. The stainless steel dual boilers aren't the only thing that will last you a lifetime. All stainless steel internal tubing is a major plus! Not only will the stainless steel tubing prevent scale, but also condensation. Dry steam (lack of condensation) will help you make beautiful latte art with perfect micro-foam!


There are 5 pre-set pressure profiles, controlled by the touchscreen located above the hot water wand. Each profile has seven steps where you can set pressure at that point in your shot. A major plus to pressure profiling is full control over pre-infusion. Pre-infusion is the act of applying lower pressure, usually at the beginning of pulling your espresso and under 4-bar. This pre-infusion can help reduce fines migration and channeling. If you're buying quality coffee - pressure profiling will help you get the best out of your coffees! One more thing we like to try is longer shots, at lower pressures, to see what effect it has on our coffees. Experimenting with pressure and flow is much easier on a pressure profiling machine!


Switch between direct plumb or the reservoir with one switch. You're never stuck with one water source! The three-liter tank, located on the left side of the machine is much easier to fill. Most home espresso machine fills from the rear - making it a little difficult when under your cabinets. The Vesuvius is also equipped with a low-water alarm so you'll always know when to fill the reservoir.


It's super easy to use the Vesuvius espresso machine. Pressure profiling might give you ultimate control over your espresso, but what about steam? The Vesuvius has smooth joystick controls accented by beautiful wood. They aren't just for looks! The no-burn steam arm, as well as hot water wand, make it super easy to get high-power steam in an instance!


  • Adjustable feet
  • 3 Hole Steam Tip
  • Three Portafilters
    1. Single Spouted Portafilter
    2. Double Spouted Portafilter
    3. Bottomless/Naked Portafilter
  • Blank for backflushing
  • Braided waterline
  • Drain hose
  • Group brush
  • Extra group gasket
  • 58mm metal tamper



Model Vesuvius
Manufacturer M&V
Best Use Small Restaurant \ Office \ Home
Automation EE \ Semi-Automatic
Boiler Stainless Steel Boilers (1.5 liter capacity, 1400 watt heating element) \ Group Boiler (0.8 liter capacity, 1000 watt heating element)
Cup Size Traditional Cup
Groups 1 Group
Output Capacity
PID Temperature Controller PID controls through the touch display
Plumbing Reservoir (3 liter), able to be plumbed in
Pump FG304 gear pump and speed-controllable motor unit
Convenience / Functionality
Display Dot matrix touch display
Drain Tray Large 1.7 liter pull-out drip tray with option to direct drain
Hot Water Spigot 1 no burn hot water spigot
Controls E61 Lever action with 5 programmable pressure profiles
Steam Arms 1 no burn steam arm.
Height 16.33 inches \ 41.5 centimeters
Width 14.50 inches \ 36.8 centimeters
Depth 20 inches \ 51 centimeters
Weight 53 pounds \ 24 kilograms
Amps \ Volts 15 Amps \ 110 Volts
Watts 1400 Watt steam boiler \ 1000 Watt group boiler
Colors \ Options
Colors Stainless Steel
Features Low water alarm
Includes Two portafilters (A single and a double), blank for backflushing, braided waterline, drain hose, Bottomless portafilter, Tamper.



The new Vesuvius-SST that is in production now will have all new stainless steel tubing. The last shipment introduced the stainless steel tubing. They are no longer using fittings and elbows to make the bend, but are now having them professionally produced for the Vesuvius. This will allow for beautifully polished, perfect bends of the tubing and the assembly of the machines is much faster! The water level sensor has also been upgraded.

 Letter from the Owner of M&V

"For 3 generations we have designed and manufactured equipment for Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Business sector.

My grandfather, Umberto Cortese, started the company in the early 50's by repairing and selling coffee machines, with the cooperation of his 3 sons; Letterio, Salvatore and Guiseppe. In 1962 after years of research and development the first ice beverage machine was realized, revolutionizing the production of slush in the world. A hot chocolate copper machine was added to the range of machine products.

Our research and developing equipment work brought in 1983 to a change in the slush world market: the first horizontal developing slush. The new method permitted to reach the best slushes production in half the time. A system adopted by all manufactures until today.

In a multifaceted and evolving market, we went back to the basics by introducing in our production a series of models of coffee machines with unique features in terms of technology and design, pressure profiling, dual boiler lever machine and more.

Everything we produce is made in Italy, and the components used are the result of ongoing research and selection of the best that the European scene can offer.

In memory of my father,
Paolo Cortese

Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


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