To many, coffee is more than just a drink. It's a ritual. 

That cherished morning cup of coffee has the ability to settle us in, boost us up, and get us through whatever the day brings (maybe with a few more cups later on). 

If the daily brew is a cherished moment in your life, then it deserves the royal treatment.

Majesty Coffee founders, Nunzio and Mike Ross, were raised by their father Vincent. During their teenage years before school, their father would always make french pressed coffee freshly ground from the finest beans. 

This nostalgic tradition was carried through Ross family for years, even the morning before Mike's wedding, and inspired the brothers to create Majesty Coffee.

Majesty Coffee was created to bring amazing coffee into your life, whether you're at home or your local coffee shop. You deserve a daily experience bursting with depth and rich in flavor. One you can look back on and remember.

It is our pride to provide the absolute lowest prices (see our Price Match Guarantee) for top of the line espresso machines for commercial use and home use. We also aim to provide high quality and trustworthy content so you will know which product best suits your needs.

Customer service is our top priority. You can instantly chat with any of our representatives who are experts and lovers of coffee, just like yourself. 

Our customer service offices are located in Bridgewater, NJ.

We only carry the finest brands with solid warranties,easy repair services, and products that can satisfy any serious caffeine connoisseur.

Now you no longer need to be a king or queen to enjoy the finer moments of life. We're here to help you create the utmost best brew that makes you feel how you were truly meant to feel: Majestic.

Mailing Address

Majesty Coffee
29 Chimney Rock Road,
Bridgewater, New Jersey, 08807

*Please contact us prior to a product return as we do send products around the country to different warehouses.

Meet the Team

Nunzio Ross - Founder and CEO



Original founder of Majesty Coffee, Nunzio is still involved in the day to day operations. Whether it's new product acquisition, logistics, or even taste testing, he makes sure it's all running smoothly. 

Colin Palfrey - Chief Marketing Officer


Collin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Majesty Coffee. He's in charge of everything involving finding new & happy customers! This includes advertising, media relations and outreach.

Mandy Tucker - Barista & Content Writer


As an experienced barista and seasoned content writer, Mandy joined the Majesty Coffee team in 2019 as head of content creation. She creates all of our helpful buyer's guides and assists our customers in finding the perfect espresso equipment for their needs.