Nuova Simonelli MCF Doser Grinder

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Who Should Buy The Nuova Simonelli MCF Grinder? 

Home User

Searching for a pro espresso grinder without the hefty price tag? 

The Nuova Simonelli MCF grinder is a semi-professional doser model that unlocks the door to cafe-style espresso.

Designed to grind larger amounts of coffee, the MCF is ideal for a houseful of espresso enthusiasts.

Sleek and modern, the look of the MCF blends well with contemporary and minimalist decor. An all-around winner.

Small Office

Where there’s work to be done, there should also be great coffee.

If you’re looking for a grinder to provide a small staff with all the espresso they need, the MCF is the optimal solution.

Built with stainless steel burrs and a die-cast aluminum body, the MCF is long-lasting and supplies consistent results you can rely on. 

It’s also incredibly easy to use, creating optimal efficiency. All in all, it’s an ideal investment for a productive office.

Small Cafe

When small cafes get busy, they depend on their equipment to help them serve their customers at a fast pace.

A doser grinder like the MCF accommodates the rushes by allowing baristas to grind coffee for multiple drinks at once.

Many cafes choose the MCF as their dedicated decaf grinder. It’s a robust, affordable option that can keep up with a line of decaf espresso orders with ease. 

Durability, accuracy, and speed are the MCF’s strengths that coffee shops can utilize to their advantage.

Small Restaurant

Offering your patrons lattes and cappuccinos is a great way to augment the dining experience.

But many grinders are difficult to use for restaurant staff who don’t have barista training.

This is easily fixed by the MCF. With a simplified, user-friendly design, the MCF allows all users to make great coffee in no time.


Make outstanding espresso easy with the MCF.

Unlike many grinders, the Nuova Simonelli MCF grinder makes premium espresso widely accessible by keeping it simple.

This is the secret behind the MCF’s versatility. It’s a go-anywhere espresso grinder that anyone can operate.

The MCF nurtures quality and productivity.

Micrometric grind adjustment and a speedy doser make the MCF a marriage of precision and speed, supplying exceptional results for busy individuals.

Constructed with a die-cast aluminum housing a high-power motor, the MCF is built for reliability, quality, and consistency.

It’s the grinder for anyone who is passionate about great coffee. 

Nuova Simonelli stands for excellence.

Making any Nuova Simonelli model part of your coffee setup will allow you to master your craft.

The MCF aims for nothing short of excellence, like all Nuova Simonelli equipment.

Key Features and What They Mean

Micrometric Grind Adjustment

Adjust the grind fineness to the most accurate settings possible. Micrometric grind adjustment empowers the user to determine the perfect grind and create the best espresso.

50mm Stainless Steel Burrs

Capable of grinding up to 1,000 pounds of coffee before requiring replacement, the 50mm stainless steel burrs and sturdy, sharp, and resistant to wear and tear.

Portafilter Rest

The portafilter rest holds the portafilter while you grind, making it easier to operate the MCF and streamline your process.

Die-Cast Aluminum Body

Durable and heavy-duty, the MCF is built with a hardened aluminum body to maximize its longevity.

8 Ounce Transparent Bean Hopper

The compact bean hopper holds 8 ounces of coffee, an ideal capacity for the home, office, or low-volume location.

Warranty Options

Standard Gold

-2-year Parts Warranty

-No Labor Warranty

-Single Point of Contact for all Service Needs

-Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage

-Bench Test Machine

-Installation Coordination of Facilities

-Water Quality/Clarity Test-Professional Installation*

-Equipment Maintenance Training-24 Hour Business Day Response

-Automatic Warranty Claim Processing

-Free Installation of Water Softening System

-Guaranteed No Freight Damage

-Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers

-1 Year Labor Warranty

-1 Courtesy/Nuisance Call

**Grinders, Oscar, Musica PO & Venus Family -
Installation and setup services are not included; Parts & Labor Offsite


Machine Height 13"
Machine Depth 8"
Machine Width 4"
Machine Weight 13 lbs.
Volts 110V
Watts 150
Amp Draw 2
Power Input Nema 5-15

Common Questions and Answers

Q: What is micrometric grind adjustment and how does it work in the MCF?

A: Micrometric grind adjustment can be found in stepless grinders, or grinders that don’t come with adjustment presets that narrow your fineness options.

What micrometric grind adjustment offers is the ability to make the smallest changes to the grind with precise results.

Precision is important for coffee, and especially for espresso. Even slight changes can significantly alter the espresso.

With a highly accurate and controllable system like micrometric grind adjustment, the user can tweak settings to make them 100 percent optimal.

Instead of finding a near-perfect grind setting, you can find the perfect grind setting and achieve the kind of results you want.

Q: Who might need a doser grinder like the MCF?

A: The great thing about doser grinders is that they’re super efficient for multiple espresso shots.

You just fill the doser chamber with ground coffee and portion it out for each shot. 

Dosing just for single and double shots is also easy with the Nuova Simonelli MCF grinder—it’s not an either/or grinder.

But if what you need is a grinder that serve in an environment where drink after drink is being made, a doser grinder is a great option.

Q: How does burr size affect the coffee?

A: There is a vital relationship between your coffee grinder and the espresso you make with the coffee produced by it.

Burr size is one factor that determines how quickly a grinder doses. Smaller burrs will take longer to grind a dose of coffee while large burrs will be much faster.

How does this affect the coffee? 

A major byproduct of grinding is heat production. More heat is bad for the coffee as it diminishes the flavor and can even make the espresso taste burned.

Larger burrs need to spin fewer times to grind the coffee, thus limiting the heat and friction produced.

The MCF is considered a large burr grinder, which means that it’s effective at limiting heat production in low-volume settings due to the burr size.

In other words, it will maintain cooler grinding and help to preserve the rich flavor you expect.

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