Franke A200 MS EC Superautomatic Coffee Machine

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Who Should Buy The Franke A200 MS EC? 

Small Coffee Shop

There’s no faster way to train baristas than on a super-automatic espresso machine like the Franke A200 MS EC.

As a super-automatic coffee machine, the A200 MS EC prepares the entire drink from start to finish when the user selects it from the touchscreen menu. High employee turnover won’t pose major issues for cafe owners with this user-friendly system. 

From coffee to cappuccinos, the A200 MS EC gives baristas the opportunity to multitask in more efficient ways. That means that if you want to expand your shop’s menu or services, this machine is the right tool for the job.


A busy restaurant requires a certain minimum of efficiency for success. Streamlining processes is a key element that translates to faster service and happy customers.

The A200 MS EC prepares not just coffee and espresso drinks, but also steamed milk and hot water for tea so that servers can keep multitasking while the machine makes the drinks.

Speed and quality of service are increased, creating a better dining experience for your patrons. 

Small Office

Time-consuming coffee equipment slows down productivity in an office environment. As a one-touch system, the A200 MS EC masters the art of efficiency.

Office employees don’t need to know how to work a coffee maker or espresso machine to use the A200 MS EC. All they need to do is pick a drink from the menu, and like magic, the machine prepares it instantly.

An EasyClean system makes the A200 MS EC low-maintenance, a must for office staff. At the end of the workday, just add cleaner and the machine will clean itself.

Cafeteria or Self-Service Location

The A200 MS EC is recommended for self-service and makes a great addition to a corporate cafeteria or an event space.

It’s like having a barista onsite at all times serving great coffee, just at the touch of a button. 

Serving up warm milk, hot coffee, and espresso beverages of coffee shop quality, the A200 MS EC can easily expand your drink offerings.


Provide your hotel guests with a great cup of coffee at breakfast or when they arrive and get settled in for a memorable stay. 

Adding the A200 MS EC to your establishment is a great way to give your customers access to coffee, tea, and espresso at any time of the day or night.

Place it anywhere that’s water line accessible, whether in the dining room or a lounge area for your guests to use at their leisure. 

Convenience Store

It’s common to find self-service coffee machines in convenience stores, but the quality and versatility of the A200 MS EC make it a unique option.

With a diverse drink menu and three different brewing temperatures, this model has something that will entice every customer. 

The user-friendly touchscreen guides your customers with an easy picture menu. They’ll love feeling like baristas without needing any training whatsoever.

Other Business Types

Many businesses in retail and various service industries offer coffee as a way of elevating customer experience.

You can set up the A200 MS EC where customers make their own drinks, or your employees can make drinks for your clientele without taking valuable time away from other services.

Making excellent coffee is what good baristas do. Now it’s something your employees can do, too.


Take the guesswork out of premium coffee with the A200 MS EC. 

The super-automatic Franke A200 MS EC prepares high-quality coffee and espresso beverages—all by itself. 

Featuring advanced Swiss technology and pre-infusion, the A200 MS EC allows anyone to make outstanding coffee and espresso drinks just by selecting them from an easy-to-use touchscreen. No training necessary.

It’s so self-sufficient that it will even clean itself with an EasyClean program. The user-friendliness of this model is unbeatable.

The A200 MS EC transforms self-service coffee.

Designed with an anthracite front and a black casing, the A200 MS EC is an attractive machine, as professional in appearance as it is in performance.

It crafts up to 80 delicious beverages a day, increasing productivity and efficiency that will translate to better value for your customers and your business.

The A200 MS EC is designed by Franke, a team of coffee lovers.

Each Franke coffee machine is designed for and by coffee enthusiasts. Like the Franke team, the A200 MS EC is serious about great coffee. 

Key Features and What They Mean

4.3 Inch Touchscreen

With an intuitive operation mode, the programmable touchscreen gives users an easy-to-follow visual menu. Tap the drink and wait for the machine to deliver.

2 Bean Hoppers with Separate Ceramic Grinders

Equip the A200 MS EC’s two separate bean hoppers with different types of coffee, or load up for less frequent refilling throughout the day. Multiple hoppers mean that you can select combinations of regular, decaf, and specialty coffee options for machine users. 


Pre-infusion guarantees that every coffee will be richly flavored. Let the machine focus on ensuring quality while your staff provides superior customer service.

Milk System

The A200 MS EC’s smart Milk System steams milk for lattes and cappuccinos to the perfect temperature. It creates fine microfoam for hot drinks just like baristas at high-end coffee shops. 

Optional Brewed Coffee

This multipurpose machine can make fine espresso beverages as well as brewed coffee. The option of brewing one cup of premium coffee at a time eliminates those wasted pots during the quieter business hours.

Removable Brew Unit

The brew unit is removable for cleaning and maintenance without the aid of specialized tools. No complicated product maps and directions.

EasyClean System with Automatic Cleaning and Rinsing

Employees can follow the simple step-by-step guide on the screen to use the automatic cleaning and rinsing program. Aligning with strict HACCP hygiene standards, the EasyClean automatic milk cleaning system requires you to add the cleaner—the machine takes care of the rest.

3 Individual Brewing Temperatures

Choose one of three brewing temperatures to make the best cup of coffee for every customer.

Machine Options

Refrigeration Options

Opt for the 1 Gallon Milk Side Fridge if you need a compact milk storage area to place near the Franke A200 MS EC.

The milk fridge provides convenient access for milk replenishing so that your business isn’t slowed down by distant refrigerators.

Cup Warmer

The Cup Warmer keeps up to 120 cups preheated for hot drinks. 

Warm cups keep hot drinks hot so that customers don’t have to rush through them before they turn cold.

A200 MS EC Features & Specifications

    Beverage Creations

    Brewed coffee Optional
    Cappuccino Yes
    Steam yes
    Espresso Yes
    Flavour shots (sirups) No
    Hot water Yes
    Coffee Yes
    Cold milk No
    Cold milk foam No
    Latte Macchiato Yes
    Milk coffee Yes
    Chocolate Optional
    Warm milk Yes
    Warm milk foam Yes


    Recommended daily output (cups)

    80 per day
    Recommended yearly output (cups) 20000


    Height (mm) 604.00 mm
    Width (mm) 340.00 mm
    Depth (mm) 560.00 mm
    Weight (mm) 25.00 kg

    Milk System

    Foammaster No
    Second type of fresh milk No
    Auto Steam Pro, Programmable milk foam consistency No
    Auto Steam, Fully automated milk heating No
    Milk powder No
    Capacity fresh milk stockage 4.00 l
    Milk (fill level) No
    Fresh milk temperature adjustable No

    Bean Hopper

    Number bean hoppers 2
    Bean hopper lockable Optional
    Capacity bean hopper standard 600.00 g
    Capacity bean hopper extra large (optional) No g

    Water Supply

    Fix water connection Optional
    Water tank (integrated) Yes
    Water tank (external) No

    Features & Miscellaneous

    Cleaning EasyClean
    Double coffee dispenser Yes
    Double milk dispenser Yes
    Special outlet for jug No
    Number of available brewing units 1
    Diameter piston 45.00 mm
    Capacity (depending on brewing unit) 7-14 g
    Cup recognition No
    Steam Wand Yes
    Seperated hot water dispenser Yes
    Coffee dispenser height 70-180 mm
    Coffee dispenser adjustable manual
    Capacity grounds container 40
    Automatic on/off timer Yes
    Noise < 70db


    Electrical Requirements

    Amps 15
    Volts 100 - 120 V
    Wattage 1,450 W



    Common Questions and Answers

    Q: What is the difference between a super-automatic machine like the A200 MS EC and an automatic espresso machine?

    A: Like the Franke A200 MS EC, an automatic espresso machine provides espresso and steamed milk. But the super-automatic A200 MS EC reimagines what a coffee machine is capable of. 

    A standard automatic espresso machine offers programmed espresso shots, but the user does everything else. That includes grinding the coffee, steaming the milk, and adding the ingredients together.

    The A200 MS EC does it all. It grinds the coffee, pulls the espresso shot, steams the milk (a manual steam wand is also available), and makes the whole drink right in the cup.

    Brewed coffee is optional with the A200 MS EC, and not with a traditional automatic espresso machine.

    Basically, the A200 MS EC does more, and it does it by itself, making it an ideal self-service machine.

    Q: What kinds of drinks does the A200 MS EC make?

    A:  The A200 MS EC is capable of supplying a pretty extensive drink list. 

    It can make espresso, cappuccinos, regular coffee, macchiatos, and other coffee-based drinks. It supports chocolate options to turn a latte into a mocha or make hot chocolate, but it will also make plain warm milk, coffee-free.

    It also provides hot water, which means that you can make teas with this machine. 

    What it doesn’t offer is cold milk, cold milk foam, flavored syrups, and optional second milk types. If you’re interested in these, check out Franke’s other models like the A800 FM EC and the A600 FM CM.

    Q: What is pre-infusion in the A200 MS EC and what does it do for the coffee?

    A: Pre-infusion is part of the extraction process in many high-quality machines.

    During pre-infusion, the coffee is fully saturated to draw out all the flavors in a balanced way.

    What you get is a more flavorful cup of coffee with the subtle tasting notes enhanced.

    The A200 MS EC adds pre-infusion to the machine’s comprehensive system to give you consistency in every cup as well as superior flavor.

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